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Dressing Your Baby for Winter: Baby Winter Clothes

Winter is one of the favorite seasons for kids. Winter walks with children is an exam for parents, for which they need to prepare in advance. Cool, frosty air is beneficial if baby winter clothes reliably protect the kid from cold, wind, dirt, and moisture. Careful attention to the winter wardrobe will allow you to get the most out of the season.

baby winter jumpsuit

Winter Clothes for Children: 5 Selection Rules

Before visiting the store and buying baby girl sweaters, you need to carefully read the following rules for clothes selection:

  1. Whatever you buy, purchase the things exactly in size, and not for growth. Loose baby winter coat will not fulfill its main function — protection from the cold;
  2. The weather can be changeable, so we recommend thinking about multi-layer sets and choosing things that are easily combined in style, texture, and color.
  3. In the winter wardrobe, there are things of various densities. As a rule, parents wear three layers of clothing on a kid: underwear, regular clothing, and outerwear (baby winter jacket and trousers).
  4. Do not buy too expensive clothes: give preference to quality, and do not overpay for brands. Children can easily stain or tear clothes on the playground. Let your toddler feel free when playing.
  5. It is also worth saying that the simpler your toddler’s clothes are, the faster he or she will learn to dress without the help of adults.

Now, let’s pay more attention to the particular items that the winter wardrobe should contain.

Basic Winter Wardrobe for Your Kid

When buying nice fall baby dresses, think about where she will go in this outfit and whether she already has similar things. It happens that a spontaneous purchase at a sale is not the most necessary item. So, if you need to purchase clothes for kindergarten or school, casual or special occasions, we recommend you focus on the following:

Kindergarten Clothing Kit

In kindergarten, children are not yet constrained by the dress code rules, so comfort and a neat look are perhaps the only criteria in choosing clothes. At the toddler age, kids can experiment with colors and prints in clothes. Khaki pants will look great with a bright yellow or burgundy sweatshirt. Combine a plaid or striped skirt with a warm sweater. Here is a basic cold season kit for kids in the kindergarten:

  • 1 turtleneck;
  • 2 baby boy hoodies/sweatshirts;
  • 1 vest;
  • 2 pairs of pants for boys;
  • 2 skirts + a pair of pants for girls;
  • pantyhose;
  • 1-2 warm baby jackets for winter;
  • warm boots or high boots;
  • rubber boots.

Casual outfit for kids

Baby girl winter clothes created for walking with parents, going to the cinema, and playing with friends, of course, should be comfortable and bright. The casual style is ideal for such purposes. These things need to be chosen under the rule “You don't have to try hard to look good.” Therefore, for the cold season we recommend paying attention to the following items:

  • 2 sweatshirts for girls;
  • 1 turtleneck;
  • 1 pair of jeans/warm pants;
  • 1 jumpsuit (for walking in winter);
  • 1 woolen skirt for girls;
  • 1 woolen dress for girls;
  • a pair of warm boots.

We should also emphasize the importance of baby coats. They are referred to as the main basic things in the winter wardrobe. The choice of outerwear determines how warm and comfortable the child will feel, and it also forms the overall impression of the set. Undoubtedly, the infant girl winter coat should be of high quality and purchased for more than one season. For the autumn-winter period, you will need a coat, preferably a woolen one, and a warm jacket with high-quality insulation.

Festive Occasions

On festive occasions, all children want to look beautiful and cute. And this is easy to do by choosing for a little lady an aristocratic velvet dress, an organza tutu skirt, or a dress with a fluffy skirt. A young gentleman in a velvet suit will also look perfectly. When shaping your child’s wardrobe, do not forget that the style of the baby’s clothes must match the style of the parents. You can also use the same colors in your kits. It always looks stylish and attracts attention. For instance, you can select the same-style winter onesie baby. It always looks fun and attractive.

How to Save Money on Buying Winter Clothes

Whenever the cold weather comes, we recall that our kids need warm outerwear, boots, and underwear, without which it is simply impossible to do in the winter cold. We are unable to reduce the cost of buying winter clothes to the minimum, although it is quite possible to get a 10-50% discount. How to do it?

Spring sales

Probably, the first thing that comes to mind is buying winter clothes at the spring sales. The demand for these items is already low, and stores are trying to clear the shelves for new spring collections. Accordingly, the prices will be completely different from those at the beginning of the season. However, it is also difficult to predict what size will be suitable for your kid the next season.

Make the wish-list

Allocate a certain budget for the purchase of kid’s winter clothing. Make a shopping list and carry it with you all the time. Such planning usually works and does not allow you to buy anything else just because you loved it.

Buy online

Online shopping is often cheaper. Discounts and free shipping are often offered when ordering multiple items. It is also a kind of way not to buy too much. Sometimes, you can find winter outerwear cheaper in online stores than in shopping centers.

Finally, the main trend of the current winter season is coziness, comfort, and natural fabrics. Focus on these items when making your kid’s winter wardrobe, and try not to make emotional purchases. In this way, you will save money and buy high-quality things for your baby. Good luck!

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