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Trendy Baby Girl Shoes For Newborns And Infants

Every girl loves nice shoes, even if she is 1 year old. The Trendy Toddlers online store has a variety of amazing newborn baby girl shoes. You will find something special for your beauty as our collection is designed for a different age.

Girls should always look pretty and it means also having cute little girl shoes. If you do not have the time or you cannot find the right baby girl pink shoes or the right girl christening shoes, we can help you. We know how precious your time as a parent is. The Trendy Toddlers has newborn shoes for numerous occasions, including new year, birthday, baptizing, wedding, etc.

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How to Choose Shoes for Newborns

If you buy shoes for newborns fitting true to size, the baby will very soon become cramped and will have to tighten their toes. If you choose newborn baby girl shoes with a large margin, even high-quality ones will seem heavy and uncomfortable to the child. The leg will slide and dangle, which will lead to sprains, as well as an increased likelihood of falls and other possible types of injuries.

To choose the right size of newborn baby girl shoes, you should remember the general rule: the margin for growth should not exceed 1.5 centimeters of foot length. For winter shoes +0.5 centimeters – based on a warm sock. To find out the exact size of the foot, it can be measured with a string from thumb to heel. Attach the string to a ruler and measure the length.

Be attentive to the material. Children's shoes should be made only of natural materials that have thermoregulatory properties. For summer and warm-weather footwear, it can be natural or from eco-leather, suede, nubuck, cotton, linen, and other textile adaptive materials. For winter, natural sheepskin, wool, felt, polyester, and holofiber are good.

How to Choose Shoes for Infants

Correctly selected infant baby girl shoes affect not only the well-being, comfort, and mood of the child, but also form the arch of the foot, establish posture, gait, coordination, balance, and healthy development of the body. Wearing infant baby girl shoes with uncomfortable last can lead to flat feet and scoliosis, and poor-quality rough materials can cause abrasions, corns, fungal diseases, rash, and other dermatological problems.

Pay attention to ergonomics. A feature of the baby's foot is the combination of a narrow heel with a wide toe and fan-shaped toes. Squeezing can lead to poor circulation. It is essential that the forefoot is not tight and the child can move their toes freely. Since the width of the legs is often different by kids, you should pay attention to the presence of buckles, Velcro, and laces that allow you to adjust the volume.

The sole must be flexible and pliable, and also have cushioning properties that provide a comfortable transition from heel to toe. Bend the product in your hands, applying some effort: the sole should form a boat with a play of 5-10 degrees. For winter shoes, you will definitely need an anti-slip coating. It will protect your kid from accidental falls and injuries.

The heel counter should be firm enough to hold the heel securely in place, preventing the foot from twisting and swinging from side to side as the child walks.

How to Order Cute Little Girl Shoes

All orders should be placed online. We have a user-friendly online store, where you can select and order stunning shoes for your girl. All you need to do is to register a personal account and provide your contact information. In case you have any difficulty placing the order, do not worry. Contact customer support team of the shop via email or Messenger. The team provides qualified assistance 24/7.

Once you have placed the order, be patient. It will arrive in 10 working days. Customers can track their orders directly in their accounts. We take care of our clients and provide free worldwide shipping! If you live far away but you want to order walking shoes for baby girl from our shop, feel free to order.

It is important to note that the shop provides only secure payment options. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express as well as Paypal. You are free to choose the most convenient option.

Perfect outfit for numerous occasions

Our stunning newborn baby girl shoes are a perfect choice for numerous occasions. Baby girl black shoes will be a perfect match for a pretty black dress. If you prefer light colors, we also have baby girl white dress shoes. They will be a perfect match for colored and bright summer dresses. More glamorous ladies will definitely fall in love with baby girl silver shoes and amazing yellow baby girl shoes. If you are looking for more unique shoes for your little princess, have a look at baby girl hard bottom shoes, bow sandals or faux fur sandals. No matter what you choose, all baby girl shoes newborn look incredible.

All shoes are available in different sizes. Before ordering a particular pair, check size guide to make sure that the size will fit your girl. Some of the shoe models are available in different colors. You might even purchase two models but in different colors.

We guarantee the quality and safety of our products. It is important for us to be sure that our customers are protected and happy. All shoes are manufactured from allergy-free materials and are totally safe for babies.

Nice discounts and gifts

We really love our customers – you and your little ladies. That is why we provide discounts for selected pairs of shoes. There is no need to wait for season sale. Check newborn baby girl shoes and sale section. You will find a huge number of shoes that are on sale with a considerable discount. Moreover, we grant a 20% discount for order over 75 dollars. Sounds like an incredible offer!

If you want to make a gift but uncertain about the size, get our gift card. The Trendy Toddlers shop has gift cards from 10 to 500 dollars. These cards have no expiration date and easily transferable. It is a perfect gift for the first birthday of a sweet princess!

If you need our help with placing the order or you have some questions, feel free to contact us at any time. The Trendy Toddlers online store has an amazing customer support team, which is here to help you 24/7. One of the most efficient ways to contact us to use Messenger. Become our customer and discover many other benefits of online shopping.