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What Is a Baby Shower: Understanding the Meaning and Intention

The parents who are waiting for their already beloved baby to arrive have heard about a baby shower party tradition. To understand how to throw this so-called party, it is better to start with a baby shower meaning. Literally, the concept of this event is hidden behind these words. Thus, the word baby implies that this is a celebration of a newborn who is about to arrive. While shower stands for the tradition to shower parents-to-be with gifts. Hence, understanding a baby shower definition helps understand the idea and concept of this celebration.

Parents-to-be are not the only people who are looking forward to meeting a new family member. Relatives and close friends are waiting for a child to arrive. Hence, a baby shower is a great way to celebrate the upcoming birth of a child. Besides, understanding why it is called a baby shower, this is also a perfect occasion to bring presents to happy parents waiting for their newborn. Thus, to answer the question “What is a baby shower?”, it is possible to say that this is a family celebration of a newborn soon arrival to this world combined with care and wish to help parents-to-be with an endless list of baby gear needed for a little one.

baby shower party

Tips on How to Plan a Baby Shower: Perfect Holiday for the Sweetest Day

Just like a bachelor party or a bridal shower, it is customary that planning a baby shower is not carried out by parents themselves. However, on the contrary to the pre-marriage parties, future mom and dad may actively participate in the process of preparation. After all, they care for a baby to arrive most of all. Probably, they have already got some first birthday party ideas so, if you are a relative who is planning to throw a baby shower for them, begin with talking to them. To plan a baby shower that will bring joy to future parents and all the other participants, it is necessary to reply to the list of questions that will help in the arrangement.

What Is a Perfect Baby Shower Time?

That is one of the first questions to be answered as this is the basics of all the preparations. A party can be arranged by a close friend, relative, a future parent or altogether by everyone who wants to be involved. Though, it is still recommended to let a mom-to-be stay away from all the routines so that to enjoy the upcoming motherhood instead of rushing to shops to find baby shower background decorations.

In general, a shower is thrown 4-6 weeks before the expected date of birth. There are certain reasons for this:
  • This is among the best periods of pregnancy as a future mom is still active enough without possible discomfort that can appear during the last weeks before the birth of a child.
  • Parents have already had the possibility to buy necessary stuff for their child, hence, they know pretty well which baby shower things are needed.
  • The gender is already known, thus, the style and shower background, as well as presents and places to hold a baby shower can be selected depending on this. Though, in this respect, it is better to ask parents if they opt to have items that are gender-based or neutral ones.

What Is the Gender of a Child?

Here, it is necessary to know who you are waiting for. If parents have opted not to know the gender or not to reveal it to people around (this may also happen), be sure to respect this right. After all, it is always necessary to come up with baby shower planning ideas to parents. Only if you are 100% sure and know what the preferences of future mom and dad are, then it is possible to plan a surprise shower and not to involve them in the ideas on how to plan a baby shower.

How Many People Will Attend The Shower?

Depending on the number of people, you will be able to decide if to throw a baby shower at home or to find another location. When you have got lots of friends and relatives, it is necessary not only to plan where to arrange the shower but also how to entertain all of the guests. Think of an engaging and quick baby shower game or other activities for all the people who will arrive to celebrate.

During Which Season Will This Shower Happen?

That is a regular question for planning every event. In the summertime, the choice of baby shower places is wide – from a park to a cozy cafe. The latter is almost the only option among the places to do a baby shower in winter.

Perfect Baby Shower Background, Gifts, and Other Ideas

Having replied to the above questions, baby shower planners already know what parents would like and how to throw a fantastic event. Most parents-to-be expect to have a classy baby shower that is the most adorable way to show how close people around are ready to support them in the approaching parenthood.

In relation to baby shower background, you may opt for the style based on the gender of a baby-to-arrive. It is generally accustomed that girl baby shower background is pink or violet with flowers and butterflies decorations. Though, these rules are not strict to follow. Nowadays, contemporary parents may choose not to base on the gender of a child. Thus, waiting for a son, they may not want blue and car-decorated boy baby shower backgrounds.

The same refers to presents. It is always worth asking if parents would like to have them neutral or regular pink or blue choice. It is worth creating a list of the gifts that are needed for a future child. Probably, they need something from the category of accessories for moms or baby care items. Therefore, it is always better to ask than to bring an unnecessary remotely-controlled helicopter. Besides, it is also possible to keep a register so that to avoid bringing the same thing twice. That is why a surprise shower may sometimes be not the best idea. Quite probably, parents-to-be have already got something on their minds in relation to places for baby shower, backgrounds, gifts, etc.

baby shower in summer

Places to Have a Baby Shower and Invitations

Planning a perfect event for future parents, it is necessary to bear in mind who they would like to invite and share this day with. The possible places to have a baby shower, as well as the list of guests, are interrelated. Before looking for an ideal venue, it is necessary to know who is going to attend.

Generally, these people are already known. Future grandparents, aunts, and uncles, as well as the closest friends, are those who will come to a baby shower. However, ask someone of relatives or parents-to-be if there is someone who lives far and should be invited. The baby shower is a perfect occasion to gather all the family and sometimes even reunite people who have ceased communication for some reason. The birth of a new family member is something exciting for everyone.

Depending on the season and the list of guests, the places to throw a baby shower may be:
  • The house of future parents or dwelling of anyone else having enough space to accommodate all the guests.
  • Cozy cafe or restaurant if the list of attendees is quite long, besides, this will facilitate the preparation of snacks and drinks.
  • The park in summer, especially if guests have children who need more space for entertainment.

More Ideas on Throwing a Perfect Event

  • Invitations

    Send cute invitations to guests. This will be a very nice gesture, besides, these cards can be stored in albums for years letting people remember what a fantastic day they have spent celebrating the future birth of a child.

  • Co-arrangement

    Everyone is quite busy these days, especially when a baby is about to arrive. Thus, it is possible to share the functions while arranging a baby shower. Let someone be responsible for a place, background, and decorations. While another person may take care of the lists with guests and presents they are going to bring. Several more people may be responsible for bringing food and drinks. In such a way, everyone who wants may get involved in the process, plus, one person will not be overloaded with all these arrangements.

  • Photographer

    Do not forget to invite a professional photographer who will take pics that will be the best memories of this wonderful day. Besides, ask every guest to share the photos he/she has taken during the shower.

  • Games

    If a lot of people will come, this is especially important. There are plenty of entertainments that will keep guests involved and won’t let them be bored. It is no less important to think about how to entertain kids if any are about to come. Otherwise, active toddlers and schoolers may destroy everything around them.

  • Generally speaking, a baby shower is an occasion for everyone to celebrate a new life that is going to come to this world soon. Of course, this day is about joy, happiness, and excitement. Thus, if some of your ideas (or of future parents) are a bit different from what people usually do, forget about all the rules. Let this day become a joyful memory when all the family and friends have come together to celebrate and, support parents-to-be, as well as to shower them with gifts that will be helpful when a baby arrives. Enjoy the process of preparation no less than the shower itself!

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