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The Best of Unique Boy Names 2021

A group of scientists at the University of California conducted a study where they interviewed more than 450 students with both original and common names to understand whether the name choice affected the fate of a person. The owners of strange and funny names were four times more likely to suffer from neurosis and complexes. This is especially true for boys. Therefore, choosing the right name for your son is very important and even fateful. So, what principles should be followed for a son to grow up happy and successful?

unique boy names

Common Rules

From ancient times, the choice of a boy’s name was approached with special attention. After all, he had to grow up as a brave, dexterous man, capable to protect his family. Therefore, the name should help to create positive character traits. However, this is only a theory and all you need to think about are practical tips of unique boy baby names selection. So, please pay your attention to the following:

  1. The combination of first and last names;
  2. Think about the sound;
  3. Avoid female-male names;
  4. Be careful with super popular and rare names;
  5. Consider other factors that are important for you (Zodiac sign, date of birth, family traditions, etc.).

Now let’s proceed to the selection of the unique but strong boy names.

How to Choose Unique but Strong Boy Names

Some unique boy names give their owners courage and strength from birth. Parents always need to remember this rule, since they can set a real male core in their tiny little toddler. These names will help you make a strong man from your baby:


Leonard comes from the Old German name, formed from two parts “Leo” (“lion”) and “hart, hard” (“firm, persistent, courageous”). Therefore, the name Leonard is translated as “a brave lion.” So, if you want your boy to be as strong and successful as Leonardo da Vinci or Leonardo DiCaprio — this is the best option for you.


Martin comes from the Roman personal or tribal nickname Martinus, which means “belonging to Mars”, the Roman God of War. This is truly one of the most powerful and really cool boy names that belonged to many influential politicians, churchmen, and superstars. Martin Luther King, Martin Scorsese, Martin Freeman are vivid examples of people with a good reputation and considerable heritage.


This name comes from ancient times and has a meaning “defender”. The owner of the name Alexander is a very confident, sociable and cheerful man. His slight frivolity makes him a handsome person, who knows that he has a big heart, a good soul, and a certain charisma. He is an extremely adaptable person, therefore Alexander can quickly get comfortable everywhere, wherever he goes. Moreover, this name is adaptable to any culture and has many variations like Alex, Sandro, Alec, Oleksandr, and even Iskander. Alexander the Great, Alexander Hamilton, Alexander Graham Bell were among the most popular owners of it.


Aaron is usually a courageous man who can be harsh in his speeches, show an authoritative attitude, but all these hides his rather sensitive character. Physical activity, movement, mobility, and changes are an integral part of his lifestyle. Aaron is a master of his life, so he will want to gain power in adulthood. Some sources indicate that this is one of the unique biblical boy names, meaning the “lion-warrior”. That is why so many sportsmen have this name: Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Telitz, Aaron Tshibola, and others.


Ethan is empowered with a certain magnetism. He is brave, assertive and alert. This name has Hebrew roots, so it is translated as “solid”, “strong” or “powerful”. The successful owner of this name is a confident man. His energy, efficiency, realistic and practical approach are extremely valuable assets! At the same time, Ethan has a keen sense of justice. Ethan Hawke, Ethan Meixsell, Ethan Cutkosky are the well-known owners of this name.

These are just some common suggestions of powerful unique boy names 2021. However, the world becomes more international and this is the reason why many international names come into our lives. If you want to follow this trend, here are some interesting options for you.

Unique Irish Boy Names

Irish names reflect the traditions of this culture. The Irish are descendants of the ancient Celtic tribes who settled on the island in the IV century BC. By the 17th century under the influence of England, the original Celtic names almost disappeared. Even though many names have been used for centuries, many of them do not have a clear meaning or a specific origin. Some of them are very old and date back to pre-Christian times. Others are Irish versions of famous English names. In recent years, in Ireland, there has been a definite trend towards international names and the departure from the old unique Irish boy names. Currently, the most popular names are:


Literally translated from Celtic and English as “strong desire”, in Scottish it means “handsome”, in Irish — “beloved”. This name is associated with fidelity and determination, and perfectly reflects the qualities of perhaps the most famous contemporary bearer of this name - Conor McGregor.

irish boy names


From Irish, it is translated as “fire” in the name of Áed (or from Aodhán - “small fire”), which in the past was used by the ancient Celts. Life qualities that are inherent to the name: curiosity, great sociability, brightness, honesty. It is important for Aidan to feel his necessity; he will not tolerate neglect of himself.


In Irish, the name means “winner”. This is a person with idealistic inclinations, a bearer of such qualities as affection, amorousness, the desire to see the «standard» in everything that catches your eye. Such a person sincerely believes that if an “absolute” exists, then everyone simply has to achieve it. Therefore, Neil is usually a perfectionist.

Unique Spanish Boy Names 2021

Spaniards rarely brake traditions, so almost all modern Spanish names have a Catholic origin. Among the unique Spanish boy names, west-side Americans prefer using the following:


The name Diego symbolizes a continuous movement. He practically does not change with age: he likes changing places and doesn’t appreciate stability. His lifestyle implies mandatory freedom, which is the only way of being for such a person. Diego Rivera, Diego Maradona, Diego Costa are the happy owners of this name.


The name Carlos has several versions of origin. According to the most common one, the name has ancient German roots and comes from “Karl”, meaning “man.” Initially, the name came from the Old Norse language, where “Karl” had the meaning of “free man.” This name was used by many kings of European dynasties. Today, many celebrities have this name: Carlos Diego Ferreira, Carlos Castaneda, Carlos Santana, and others.


Mario is a cool name of Latin origin meaning “marine”. Since many Spaniards respect the Catholic saints, this is also a Spanish masculine form of the biblical name Maria “the virgin”, “mother of Jesus.” However, this name became a world-known thanks to the Super Mario Brothers — funny characters of the same-named PC game. Besides, Mario is a nice boy middle name which is popular in Latin countries.

Short Boy Names Unique for Americans

The list of Spanish names can be as long as the number of their middle names. This tradition is also typical for Americans that give a short version of the unique Spanish boy names to their children. The reduction of personal names is an integral part of the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Sometimes the abbreviated name is very similar to the full name and is easily detected. This refers to such names as Soledad — Sol, Antonio — Toni, Alejandro — Sandro.

But, sometimes it is much more difficult to identify, which full name the abbreviation refers to. This happens in the following cases:

  • José — Pepe,
  • Francisco — Paco,
  • Salvador — Chicho,
  • Ángeles — Chelo, and others.

If you are looking for the short and uncommon boy names, then you could find them in the Japanese culture.

Unique Japanese Boy Names

The beginning of the 21st century made Japanese names more popular in the world thanks to the popularity of Anime, Manga, online games and of course high technologies. That is why, in the search of uncommon boy names, people started considering those that came from Japan. Here are just a few of them:


This name is given to the Emperor of Japan meaning “bright and friendly.” By the way, there were two emperor name-bearers in the Japanese history of this name. Despite this Akihito has an oriole of greatness and majesty, there are some people whom this name has brought a success: Akihito Yamada, Akihito Yoshitomi, Akihito Tsukushi, and others.


This name is traditionally given to the fifth son in the family. Go means “five”, while “ro” stands for “son”. Goro is a person with idealistic views, whose desire is to see the “perfection” in everything around him. Such a person truly believes in the existence of absolute and everyone must exercise to gain it.


Ken is a short Japanese name, which has become extremely popular in the US with the appearance of the same-named doll. In Japan, Ken means “strong” and “healthy”. This is exactly what we imagine when thinking about a smiley boyfriend of Barbie. Anyway, this is one of those unique Japanese boy names, which is simple and powerful at the same time.

Unique French Boy Names

French names are one of the most harmonious in the world. They have evolved over the centuries and reflected all the political and military events taking place on the territory of the country. Old names and surnames were formed due to the distinctive features of appearance, occupation, circumstances of birth (Pons — «sailor», Eugen — «well-born»). Traditionally, names were designed to endow the owner with the qualities necessary for a man (Astor — “hawk”, Leon — “like a lion”, Yvon — “yew tree”, etc.). A separate group of names is the names-wishes of a happy and successful life (Otes — “rich”, Makar — “blessed”). Unique French boy names often reminded that a newborn is a future warrior: Marcelon is a «little warrior», Clovis is a «famous warrior», Guillaume is a «helmet». Among the most popular names are the following:


This is the French version of the name Ludwig. Most often, men with this name are extroverts, they have a developed sense of beauty, generosity, and peace. Louis loves everything new and is happy to undertake the implementation of any large-scale projects. He is sensitive and knows how to understand another person. Therefore, representatives of this name attract people to themselves, which is very important both in friendship and in work.


French knights returning from the Crusades to the Holy Land probably took their name in honor of Saint Jacques (James the Greater), one of the twelve apostles — disciples of Jesus Christ, and is considered the first apostle to have suffered martyrdom. At that time, giving this name was considered a great honor, and the Church likely allowed it because of the actions taking place during the Crusades. The name Jacques later began to be given to men of noble birth. This is a bright, non-trivial type of personality, a person who is always looking for either to utilize or expand his abilities.


The name came from an ancient people who lived next to the Scythians. Men with the name Alain are capable people who are distinguished by their fine mental organization and at the same time great internal strength and conviction. The circle of their interests is great, and such a person can express his talent in different areas. People with this name can be found among musicians, journalists, jewelers, artists, doctors. In any profession, they are specialists in their field.

Unique Korean Boy Names

Koreans have two-part names for boys: they consist of two characters. The variability of the combination of hieroglyphs is enormous, so you can easily create a harmonious, beautiful and meaningful name for a newborn. In some names, Koreans also encoded the importance of the boy for the family, the time of his birth, correlated it with a certain natural phenomenon or the time of year:

  • Kingshan — the “festival of excellence”;
  • Ki — “unprecedented”;
  • Kiu — “autumn”;
  • Xiahauen — “filial duty”;
  • Xin — “new”;
  • Xiaosheng — “born little”;
  • Kuan — “spring”;
  • Kun — “mountain range”.

Other names reflect the mythology of Koreans, their beliefs and the connection of the child’s appearance or behavior with natural phenomena: Lei — “thunder”, Lin — “jade”, Lee — “black”, Liu — “water current”. “F” is an ideal character for the unique Korean boy names: Fang — “decent”, Fa — “talented”, Fu — “rich”, Fuhua — “prosperous”. It will not be superfluous to find out what the most famous Korean names mean.


This name means “safe road”, which reflects the wish of having a calm and successful life for a child. It has a strong energy that can affect the character, fate, and traits of a man named in this way.


It can be defined as “great” or “noble”. The name can indicate a huge number of good qualities, among which are calmness, politeness, sensitivity, susceptibility, love, kindness, and cheerfulness. And even though all this is only a theory, this is most often confirmed in practice.


This name signifies nobility. According to researchers, in most cases, the meaning of the name Juwon can reward the bearer with unpredictable and at the same time creative nature. He will always seek respect and love in the eyes of others. Moreover, he will do his best to gain authority by all means.

Unique Mexican Boy Names in 2021

Mexican male names reflect the history of the nation. Therefore, the modern names of Mexicans have very different roots. Today, the basis of the male naming in Mexico is classic Hispanic names, but they are still different from the Spanish ones.

The list of unique Mexican boy names was replenished by a huge number of Spanish Catholic names of the most diverse roots: Jewish, Latin, Greek, Old German, English, etc. So, Alejandro was formed from the Greek name Alexander, Manuel — from the Jewish Emmanuel, Leonardo — from the German Leonard, Osvaldo — from the old English Oswald, Sergio — from Latin Sergey.

Since Mexicans mostly profess Catholicism and name children according to the holy calendar, the most popular are traditional Spanish Catholic names:

  • Francisco — “Frenchman”,
  • Mateo — “God’s gift”,
  • Santiago — “Saint James”,
  • Pedro — “Stone”,
  • Miguel — “Similar to God.”

Unique Indian Boy Names in 2021

The population of India speaks many languages and almost all religions of the world exist there. Therefore, Indians from different regions give various names to their children, based on their rules, language, and religion. However, most modern Indians or immigrants from this country prefer to name their children in a modern way. That is why the following options may attract your attention:


This is one of the most romantic names coming from India because of its meaning. Pranay means “love” or “romance”. Pranay is a real leader in life, but a gentle and romantic man in a family. This name has brought luck to Pranay Chulet, Pranay Manchanda, Pranay Bahuguna and many others.


This birth name is given to future leaders because the name itself means the “leader”. The Arabic alternative gives another meaning to it — “sea coast”. Anyway, Sahil is a strong and modern Indian name with a good reputation. Such men as Sahil Khan, Sahil Sangha, and Sahil Khattar are the most popular bearers of it.


Lakshay means the “goal” or “target”. This man usually knows exactly what he wants to achieve in his life. He has a clear mind and strong feelings towards his fatherland. Just try to remind Lakshay Sheoran and everything will become clear.

We should notice that traditional Indian names are commemorated to Indian Gods. So, the interest in Hinduism makes unique Indian boy names attractive to American citizens.

Unique Boy Middle Names in the US

Giving a middle name is a tradition in many countries of the world. In the US, there was a tradition among wealthy plantation families of Virginia to give children a baptismal middle name. The maiden name of mother or grandmother was also used as the middle name for a baby. That is why so many unique boy middle names appeared in the 18-19 centuries.

However, in the 1830-1840s, the US population sharply increased due to unprecedented immigration from Europe, so the tradition of the middle name spread with it. Perhaps, practical reasons played a key role in this process. There were too many people with the same names and surnames, and the middle name served as a means of additional identification.

Unlike the previous period, children were given middle names in honor of famous political, religious, public figures of the past. For example, George Washington, the first President of the United States, or John Wesley, one of the founders of Methodism.

You may have many reasons to give your baby the middle name. For example, you can do it in honor of your close relative or to express your religious values. Whatever the reason is, you can find appropriate options below and find out what makes these short boy names unique. For example, pay your attention to the following ones:


This is one of the cool boy names with a British origin, meaning “God’s blessing”. Such a boy will not talk heart-to-heart with a friend or distant relative. In adulthood, he will become a responsible and hardworking person. Jack is usually conscientious, reliable and predictable. He will be the favorite man of his “boss”. There are many world-known celebrities and noblemen with such a name: Jack Black, Jack Nicholson, Jackie Chan, Jack London, and many others.


Ian is an intelligent and educated man. He is usually a conservative person, guided by logic. He is an optimist with an excellent sense of humor. Ian is very independent, which sometimes interferes with his life. He strives for leadership, and he is always ready to start his life from scratch. It’s almost impossible to convince this man because Ian’s logical thinking allows him to make the right decisions. Ian Somerhalder, Ian Gillan, and Ian McKellen are good examples of this description.


Luis is an analog of the name Ludwig. The name Ludwig comes from the ancient German name Hludwig, which consists of two parts — “hlud” and “wig”, meaning “glorious fighter”. Luis Fonsi, Luis Suarez, Luis Castro and of course Louis Armstrong have shown by their own example what makes these old-fashioned boy names unique.

Boy Names with Cool Meanings

Every name is special, however, some of them have an unusual sense. For example, Adam is a Hebrew name, meaning “created from red clay.” Later, “Adam” became a household name and began to mean the “man.” This very special name was born with the very first man created by God from clay. Another one is Eric — the name comes from the Scandinavian Eirikr, which consists of two parts: “eternal” and “king.”

Today, children in the United States and Britain are rather willingly given superlative names. For example, such uncommon British boy names as Legend or King. Would you like them? This is when even Will Smith would be jealous.

World-known celebrities are also on the list of fashionable names for babies. These days, calling your child Lennon, Monroe or Hendrix, you can storm the whole world! We believe that this trend should be followed. Why? Well, because a tribute to legendary stars can inspire your child to become the coolest man in the world!

When mommies are looking for the best combination of cool twin boy names, its meaning is not the main criterion. Trying to maintain the similarity of children, it is necessary to emphasize their differences. Here are a few rules that you can follow when choosing names for twins:

  1. Equal number of syllables (Larry and Harry, Donald and Ronald);
  2. Reverse names (Darien and Adrien);
  3. The same meaning (Daniel and David).

Listen to your intuition and inner feelings. If you want to emphasize the individuality of the twins, feel free to call them different names because they will inevitably grow up and go their own ways.

What Are the Uncommon Boy Names the US?

In opposite to the cute uncommon boy names, there is an interesting trend that shows the number one name in different states of the US. If you want to follow these statistics, here is it:

  1. Noah — California, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, Michigan, West Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island;
  2. William — Utah, Montana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee;
  3. Liam — Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Vermont, Maine, Florida, New Jersey;
  4. Oliver — Washington, Wisconsin;
  5. Henry — Nebraska, Minnesota;
  6. Mason — Pennsylvania, Delaware;
  7. Jackson — New Hampshire;
  8. Benjamin — Massachusetts;
  9. Elijah — Oklahoma.

While some uncommon baby names boy come and go, those that we have indicated below, may not be №1 for today, but they will never disappear:

  • Everett means «brave as a wild boar»;
  • Charlie signifies a «free man»;
  • Edwin as a «rich friend»;
  • Sam signifies «told by God»;
  • Marshall as «the keeper of horses»;
  • Calvin meaning a «bald boy»;
  • Edgar as a «great spearman».

Popularity changes over time, and there were completely other favorites in the last century. One hundred years ago in the US, Charles, David, Richard or Joseph enjoyed much more popularity than today. Nowadays, the popularity of the series “Game of Thrones” has created a galaxy of new names in the real world. The new fashion also touched the American boys: devoted fans of Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow have given the names of their favorite characters to their baby-boys. For all seasons of the series, 3,500 parents in the United States named their children in honor of one of the main characters.

Common Mistakes

When a small person is born, there is always a question of what name to give him. If you also faced the problem of choosing a name for your baby, you need to carefully study this issue, since a poorly chosen name can cause psychological trauma.

It happens that parents blinded by love chose unfortunate names that can simply spoil all the future life. To avoid such situations, check the list of tips that young parents should follow:

  1. Be responsible: a child is not a thing. He will have his own life, feelings, experience, and the poorly chosen name should not be among them.
  2. Be careful with non-standard names: remember that the more unusual the name is, the more it attracts the attention of others. It can cause serious stress.
  3. Do not try to express all your love in the baby’s name: you should not focus on your attitude when choosing a name. Remember that the name of the child serves for his communication with the outside world, and this world is often more indifferent than we would like it to be.
  4. Don’t chase the fashion: if you want your child’s name to always sound modern, then you should not focus on fashion.

If you use these simple tips when choosing a name for your baby boy, you and your child will benefit from such a decision. Remember that the name you choose will largely determine the nature of your child and his future life, which means that parents should be guided by the rule: “Do no harm”. Anyway, we hope that the boy names with cool meanings given above will help you to make the right choice! Good luck!

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