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How to Dry Clothes Quickly Without a Dryer: Energy-efficient Tips

Every parent understands that babies require a lot of clothes. Aside from the necessity to buy numerous outfits for your baby boy or girl, you also need to wash and dry them often. Thus, the question about how to dry baby clothes quickly arises.

The first and most obvious response is to make use of modern appliances. There are two options. You either get a washing machine with the function of drying or get a separate dryer in addition to your washing machine. The second option is more effective in terms of speed. A separate dryer will dry clothes quickly. Also, having this appliance will let enjoy the following benefits:

  • A dryer helps to get rid of dust from textiles when you dry your clothes — any owner of this appliance will confirm that they remove a lot of dust from a separate compartment.
  • You will get dry clothes that do not require ironing.
  • The use of a dryer saves a lot of time, which is especially crucial for parents of newborns and toddlers.

Having a washing machine with a drying function is also useful. However, the possibilities are limited. In any case, the fastest way to dry your clothes and outfits of your baby is to use appliances.

However, there is also a reverse side. Nowadays, the number of gadgets and appliances we use every day in households is impressive. It seems that they are designed to improve and facilitate our lives, e.g., the possibility to dry clothes fast sounds really attractive. However, an electricity bill of a family with a small child or two does not look so appealing.

A regular family of four people, the two of which are kids, does laundry at least once per day. Therefore, the annual electricity consumption increases. As a result, you have to pay more to offset your attempts to reduce your ecological footprint. Are there ways to dry clothes quickly without a dryer? We have prepared several tips that will help you avoid the use of a dryer or at least to reduce the necessity to use to a minimum.

How to Dry Baby Clothes: All-season Tips

The wind and sun are free. Thus, there are plenty of ways to save money by reducing monthly electricity bills, as well as to dry baby clothes without using appliances. First and foremost, it is crucial to prepare:

  1. Check the labels of clothes to find out if they can be drained in a machine.
  2. Choose clothes, wash and rinse them in a machine without draining.
  3. Select outfits that cannot be drained and take them away.
  4. Make a setting on your washing machine, increasing the rpm of draining clothes left in it. In this way, you will get rid of excess water after laundry.
  5. Those outfits that cannot be drained in a machine should be squeezed out by twisting manually.

Additional tip: If you dislike the process of ironing after you dry your clothes and those of your baby girl (boy), it is recommended to carefully fold and leave them on an ironing board for a couple of hours. In this way, the wrinkles on outfits will be gone. Just make sure that you hang them carefully.

How to Dry Clothes in Summer

What can be better than taking fresh outfits from a drying rack standing outside? Summer is undeniably the best time to dry clothes fast. First of all, the materials are usually light and natural. Thus, wet clothes will become dry really quickly if exposed to the sun and wind.

dry baby clothes fast

However, before taking a drying rack outside, mind the colors of clothes. If these are bright, the sun can fade them. Thus, make sure that you place a rack where outfits will not be exposed to direct sunlight.

If you live in an apartment and cannot hang outfits outside, make use of a balcony or space near the window. If you manage to get rid of excess water and place a rack near an open window, clothes will dry really quickly. Another possibility is to use an ironing board and clothes’ hangers. Thus, outfits will not be wrinkled.

Dry Baby Clothes in Winter

In cold seasons, there are two options. If the temperature drops down and the air is dry, be sure that wet clothes will dry outside. When it is humid outdoors, it is better not to expose outfits to additional humidity; otherwise, they will not smell well, and you will have to wash your clothes again or even discard them.

In humid weather, when you need to dry clothes fast, make use of heating radiators (or other sources) you have got at home. Just place a drying rack near the heating source. Mind the relative humidity in the room where you place the rack with wet clothes. If it is over 60%, it may lead to such unpleasant consequences as mold and fungi.

Autumn and Spring

These two seasons are known for changeable weather. Decide on how to dry baby clothes depending on the environmental conditions. On rainy days, when the humidity inside increases, it is worth using a dryer so that to avoid problems with the smell of textiles. Of course, sunny and windy days are great for drying clothes outside.

More Options

As you can see, there are plenty of options to dry baby clothes, as well as yours, without resorting to a dryer. However, some weather conditions make it almost impossible. What to do in such situations if you have not got such an appliance? Or you do not want to spend money on a dryer you will use a dozen times per year? Here are a couple of solutions:

  1. To dry wet clothes, one may use an electric rack that is designed to fulfill this task quite quickly. While electricity consumption is considerably lower if compared with a dryer. Also, the cost of this appliance is way less than that of a full-size dryer. Some options have customizing features making it possible to adjust this rack to the laundry you are going to hang on it.
  2. A ceiling-mounted drying system that utilizes the physical characteristics of warm air is another option. Besides, you will dry clothes without making use of the space of your rooms. Such a system may come with various accessories to make use of. Hang wet clothes, lift them up, and forget about them for several hours.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, there are appliances for almost any function you may need. However, if you are focused on the sustainability of your home, as well as want to decrease the total amount you pay monthly for electricity, make use of all the available options. Regardless of what you opt for, a ceiling-mounted drying system, an ironing board with several hangers, or a drying rack placed outside, these solutions can help you eliminate the necessity to use a dryer every single day.

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