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How to Get out the Baby Poop From Clothes: Useful Tips

Parenthood is the best time for every person. All the cuddles and every new achievement of a baby make them adore a little child. However, let’s face it, being a parent means that you will deal with not only feeding a baby and regularly going out. There are such things as removing baby poop stains and washing off spots from spitting up, which is not only unpleasant but also a complicated task. If you have experienced complications with dealing with poop stains, first of all, do not be frustrated. Diaper blowouts are inevitable. Thus, every family has experienced the same situation. Therefore, there are useful tips that will help you get the baby poop out of clothes.

get baby poop out of clothes

Dealing With Baby Poop: General Tips

It is reasonable that you do not want to throw away outfits and shits because of poop stains you cannot remove. Here are some general recommendations for removing baby poop stains:

  1. Deal with poop stains as soon as possible. Of course, it is not always possible because you need to soothe your little stain-creator before getting to the matter of stained baby clothes or shits. Just like any other type of stains, you will have much more chances to remove poop stains if they are not already dry. Besides, no one will admire this unpleasantly smelling onesie in a laundry basket.
  2. To understand how to handle poop stains, it is necessary to get their nature better: they fall under the category of protein-based stains. Thus, to remove them, you need an enzyme cleaner. This type of detergent will also be effective for stains from breast milk and spit-ups because they are also protein-based. So, when you choose a safe detergent for your baby, opt for a stain remover that includes protease enzymes.
  3. Heat is your main enemy. This means that you should not put stained baby clothes in a dryer or iron them before you make sure that a poop stain is completely removed. Otherwise, it may stay there forever. It is even not recommended to wash off baby poop with warm water.
  4. Check labels of baby clothes for laundry rules. In the majority of cases, there should be no specific rules. However, it is better to be safe than sorry, especially if you manage to get rid of poop stains but will have to throw away an outfit because it is spoiled. Mind that a stain remover with protease enzymes should not be used for silk and wool.

Washing Baby Clothes From Poop Stains: Several Steps

If you want to save outfits from baby poop, remember that time and heat are your enemies. Of course, you will hardly forget about stinky baby clothes in the laundry:

  • Remove as much solid baby poop as possible. Use a paper towel or wipes for this. However, avoid rubbing poop stains because it will be harder to remove them from fabrics.
  • Next, open a tap with cold water and rinse an outfit. Flushing poop stains with running is effective if the water flows from the clean side of the textile. It is like a mechanical removal of proteins from the material.
  • Pretreat poop stains with a special stain remover. As already mentioned, the enzymatic formula is effective when dealing with protein-based spots that include baby poop. Luckily, numerous stain removers can help cope with such troubles. For example, Zout, Shout Advanced Gel, Spray 'N Wash, or Biz. These are the top choices of mothers on different thematic blogs. It does not matter which stain remover you opt for: make sure you have read the use instructions to apply it properly.
  • Wash an outfit. After you have finished with pretreatment, launder a piece of the wardrobe with cold water, as you usually do. It is better to use the washing mode with a lower temperature because warm water can prevent you from washing poop stains completely.
  • Rinse clothes twice. As you have used more detergents than usual, make sure none of it will remain in the textiles by adding a rinsing cycle.
  • Check if poop stains are removed. Before you put clothes in a dryer or let them dry in the sun, make sure they are clean. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the laundry again. Remember to use cold water.

Quite likely, after the second cycle of washing, an outfit will be clean. Unfortunately, some poop stains are too hard to remove. Of course, you can try another detergent and wash it several types more. However, these attempts to save a favorite onesie can cost as much as a new garment. Sometimes, giving up is a better idea than wasting money and effort on saving some stained baby clothes.

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