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How to Sew Baby Clothes

Do you want your child to be dressed fashionably, beautifully, and comfortably? When it’s time to buy something new, we take the child and go to the store. And with all the abundance of children's clothes, having tried all sorts of dresses, blouses, skirts, and shorts, you return home empty-handed, tired, angry, and with a crying baby. What's the problem? Neither you nor your child liked what you saw. So, it is often a better idea to use free sewing patterns and create something by yourself!

sew baby clothes

Sewing Children's Clothes Using Free Sewing Patterns

Sometimes it is cheaper and easier to buy clothes for yourself than for your child. So, what can you do? Is there a way out? You can try and sew baby clothes with your own hands.

It is not difficult to find free sewing patterns for children, they can be downloaded from the Internet. You can become a personal designer and dressmaker for your child even if you are not very good at sewing, but you want your toddler to wear clothes that are different from what you saw in shops. Forget about insecurity and just try to do it. But, before we get into patterns and sewing, let’s prepare everything you need for this.

Your Working Box

It is better to keep all the accessories necessary for cutting and sewing in a workbox and always have it at hand. Among the required tools for your sewing projects are:

  • A set of needles - from the largest size to the smallest one. They are selected according to the thickness of the thread.
  • Thimble (should be picked up individually: so that it fits snugly but does not squeeze the finger).
  • Pins are needed when cutting and for chipping parts before they are sewn.
  • Tape measure.
  • A well-sharpened tailor's chalk to outline the pattern.
  • A toothed wheel is used to mark the fabric along the pattern lines.
  • Large tailor's scissors.
  • Small scissors.
  • A small magnet. If you suddenly happen to sprinkle pins or needles, it will be easy to collect them with it.

The Sewing Machine

It is the main tool for your sewing projects! Just remember the rules for working with it and how to take care of it so that it is always in order and does not let you down at the most crucial moment. The sewing machine should always be clean and well oiled. Always remember that the needles and threads must match the fabric you are currently working with while making baby clothes.

If you don't have a sewing machine yet, that's okay. Our great-grandmothers did without her. The main thing is desire, patience, and accuracy. Any item of baby clothes can be sewn with a needle and thread. So, go for it!

sew clothes for baby

Sewing Newborn Baby Clothes

Your baby cannot tell you anything about his or her desires yet. But you don’t need it now. You yourself are making, one might say, the first steps in a new area. With every year of your child's life, everything will change. But now you are a chief designer of the future model. You can learn to sew newborn baby clothes starting with simple things. And what could be simpler than crawlers!

  • The most comfortable and simple way that any novice seamstress can handle is to take the old crawlers of your baby and unseam them. And this will be your ready baby sewing pattern!
  • When preparing to sew your first gift for a baby, be sure to choose the right fabric. It should be cotton as it is soft and easy to wash.
  • Similarly, you can design other items of newborn baby clothes.
  • You can find free sewing patterns in various sewing magazines. Choose the option you like and use the ready-made patterns.

Sewing Baby Clothes - Working With Patterns

In fashion magazines, you can find cuts and patterns for different clothes for children. In addition, there are many websites on which you will always find models of baby clothes and patterns for them, which will greatly facilitate your work. And useful advice from experienced craftswomen will save you from unnecessary mistakes.

Taking Measurements and Defining the Size

If you chose the model you’d like to create, take your child’s measurements. The sizes of baby clothes are marked with only two measurements, of which the first is the height and the second is the chest width. Use a measuring tape to define them.

Having received these figures, in the future, working with a sheet of ready-made patterns, we can easily find the material we need.

How to Copy a Pattern

Before copying a finished pattern of baby clothes, be sure to read the instructions, determine which line shows the details of this model on the pattern sheet.

  • To copy the baby sewing pattern, use transparent paper and pencil. After finding the part number in the desired square, place the paper over the pattern sheet and trace the part with a pencil. While doing this, do not forget to mark the line thread, the location of the pockets, folds, and all additional details of the model.
  • You can also copy the pattern with a cutter. In this case, thick paper is placed under the sheet and the contour of each part of baby clothes is underlined with a cutter. The lines formed from a puncture with a cutter on the paper are outlined with a pencil.
  • Cut out the copied details.

The pattern is ready. Now, think about accessories and additional decorations for your future item.

baby clothes

Finishing Your Product

You are holding a self-made item for the first time. It is possible that not everything worked out perfectly for you. But there are many tricks that will help you improve your product. What is this? Of course, different types of trimmings.

  • Decorative machine stitch in several rows on a single-color fabric made with threads of contrasting color at equal distances. It can be a spectacular and easily accomplished option for your piece of clothes.
  • Applique - monograms or curly cutouts from various materials can also serve as a decoration for children's clothing. There are now many tutorials online on making them.
  • Embroidery. Pick up an interesting pattern, thread, or beads. Use your imagination! And get a unique outfit for your child.

Sewing clothes for children will help you become an experienced seamstress in the future. It will definitely give you pleasure! Your child will be proud of you, showing others their new items.

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