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A Guide on How to Easily Organize Toddler Clothes

Toddlers are so curious and active. It is not a surprise that parents need to change their little investigators quite often. This leads to the necessity to buy a lot of outfits. Aside from necessity, being completely honest, parents enjoy buying all these cute toddler girl clothes or stylish gentleman outfits. As a result, there are piles of attires, especially if there is more than one child, and parents are looking for toddler’s clothes closet organization ideas. The Trendy Toddlers have prepared a guide with useful organizing tips for your kid’s outfits. Forget about a messy wardrobe — sort, organize toddler clothes and store them conveniently.

organize baby clothes

1. Find out What is in the Drawers

One of the first closet organization steps, when you need to easily organize toddler clothes, is to know precisely what you have got there. Take every item out of the closets and drawers, place them on the bed, sofa, or floor in the living room. It is up to you. Then you will have to check every single outfit, sort, and proceed to closet organization. The next question is how to sort the clothes of your toddler better. So, let’s move to the next step.

2. Sort out Toddler Outfits

You may work out your sorting approach. However, we suggest you arrange several piles with outfits:

  • to wear now,
  • to wear in the next season,
  • to save for younger siblings, if any,
  • to donate or give someone with younger kids,
  • to discard.

Let us describe this approach in a bit more detail.

What to Place in a Pile to Wear Now?

When you need to organize toddler clothes in drawers, the main task is to have quick access to outfits your baby currently wears. That is why the first group should contain clothes of the right size appropriate for the season. These items should be in good condition. If some of them are still okay but require some amendments, put them separately, not to forget about this.

The Next-season Pile

One useful outcome of organizing kids’ clothes is that you will undoubtedly find outfits you have recently acquired on sale for the next seasons. Who can withstand ordering one more batch of cute toddler boy clothes or elegant dresses for a toddler girl?

Also, it is worth checking out the sizes so that you do not miss out on the possibility of wearing clothes you have acquired for the future. If some of them are too big, make another pile. These will be items you can store deep in the clothing storage for at least a year.

A Pile for a Younger Sibling

It is necessary only if you have got two or more kids. Select clothes that are small for your baby and are in a good condition, and prepare them for clothing storage until a younger child grows up to wear them.

A Pile to Donate or Give away

If you have one baby, then clothes that are too small should not create a mess in your closet. Proper closet organization requires some space. So, select outfits that are not too worn out or spoiled and find out the possibilities to donate them. There can be some non-profit charity organizations in the area or even volunteers among your neighbors. Unfortunately, there are a lot of families that require even this kind of support.

Clothes to Discard

Torn, faded, ripped, and worn outfits should be tossed. Find out how to do this correctly without leaving a negative ecological footprint. If you have doubts, ask a manufacturer for recommendations on how to utilize outfits.

So, the first and most complicated step to organizing toddler clothes is over. As soon as you have all the outfits sorted, let us proceed further.

Sort and Easily Organize Toddler Clothes

After you have sorted all the clothes, start with discarding and donation piles. Pack these items and take them away to the clothing storage or prepare to send them out right away. Here is one of the additional organization ideas: if you plan to arrange outfits for your kid, prepare a couple of boxes in advance so that you have the package for clothes to be discarded and donated.

The next pile is the one you will keep for a younger sibling. Take a box or a storage vacuum bag. Pack all of these outfits and take them to the place where you will store them. Here are some useful organization ideas:

  • Try sorting these outfits according to sizes. The biggest items should be placed at the bottom of the box or storage bag.
  • Write down on a box or attach a note with info about what clothes and of which sizes are inside. In this way, you will be able to quickly find outfits you will need for a younger baby when the time to wear them comes.

Then, you should proceed to the pile with items of your toddler for the upcoming seasons. One of the organizing tips you should follow is to sort the clothes further. Here are the approaches that will save you a lot of time in the future when you need to find a particular outfit.

Sort and Organize Toddler Clothes by Season

It is one of the most logical ways of sorting outfits. Place all the winter gear separately from T-shirts and shorts. Thus, when you need to quickly prepare your little one in the morning when the weather changes unexpectedly, it will not take too much time.

Organizing Kids Clothes by Type

If your little fashionista has too many clothes, you can sort them by type:

  • jackets,
  • sweaters,
  • pants,
  • tees,
  • long-sleeves,
  • winter overalls, and more.

Do not forget to leave some notes to navigate among the boxes or storage bags quickly. It is one of the most useful organizing tips regardless of the approach you opt for. The more labels you manage to add now, the faster you will be able to find the clothes you need in the future. Add some additional details like colors, prints, materials, etc. It is an effective way to organize toddler clothes, as well as your wardrobe.

Then, Organize Toddler Clothes in Drawers

As soon as you take all the outfits your little one does not need currently from the living room, you need to take care of the last pile — the one with items for the season and of the right size. Before you proceed to organize toddler clothes in drawers, read the below organization ideas that will come in handy:

  • Fold items and store them vertically in drawers. In this way, you will quickly find a favorite SpongeBob long-sleeve when your little one has a protest against outfits you have pre-selected. Order dividers or make them on your own with the help of cardboard or any other material. There are plenty of creative ways to effectively and easily organize toddler clothes in drawers.
  • Buy storage bins that will help get rid of the mess with accessories and small items like socks, underwear, stockings, etc.
  • Make use of the door. With the help of the hanging organizer, it is possible to store a lot of clothes you need most often. Alternatively, it is possible to use hooks and hang accessories of the most frequently worn clothes on them.
  • Store clothes for home separately. If you usually buy not so fancy outfits for wearing at home, place them in a separate drawer.

So, it looks like you are ready. Before taking all the clothes out of the drawers and closets, make sure you have already thought about an effective way to organize them. Otherwise, you will end up with a pile of clothes and no idea how to store them.

Let Arranging Toddler Clothes Be a Fun Activity

No one likes it when there is a necessity to organize clothes. That is why choose a day when you are not in a hurry and are in a good mood. It can be a nice idea to sort and organize outfits after shopping or receiving a parcel with new arrivals you have just acquired.

Another recommendation is to engage your toddler in the process. Most likely, your little one will enjoy it when you need to take all the clothes out of drawers and closets. Let this endless energy be directed to useful activity. While folding outfits, you can repeat colors with your little one, count how many items you have got, and find out which of these clothes are the most favorite ones and why.

If you follow the above recommendations, you will need to organize clothes again not earlier than next season unless you are an overactive shopper.

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