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When Do Babies Stop Wearing Onesies

Convenience and safety are considered the main criteria for clothes for newborns. And the thing that would ideally combine these two characteristics is a onesie. Unlike other outfits, onesies fit snugly to the baby's body, are securely fixed with several fasteners, and do not expose the baby's back and stomach during active movements. This garment is a good alternative to a separate undershirt/shirt and shorts/panties.

baby wearing green onesie

When Can Your Kid Stop Wearing Onesies?

Onesies are comfortable and practical, therefore they often serve as a daily outfit. These things are integral elements of a children's wardrobe in the first year of their life. Thanks to buttons, you can easily unfasten and quickly change the diaper. In addition, these clothes can be warm or thin and are suitable for different seasons. Onesies are versatile clothing that can be combined with a skirt, shorts, trousers, and other things.

There is no universal answer to the question of ‘When do babies stop wearing onesies?’ After a year, children become more active, learn to walk independently, use the toilet, and generally spend their time much more active. Therefore, in a bodysuit, it may not be so convenient for them to move and be active. However, the range of these clothes includes models for older children and even adults! Therefore, everyone in a family has the opportunity to wear a bodysuit!

Why Do Parents Choose Onesies So Often?

It is not for nothing that things of this type are very popular among newborns:

  • they are practical;
  • they are convenient and easy to put on and take off;
  • presented in a large assortment for different seasons;
  • the material does not require special care and it is simple to wash baby clothes;
  • the fabrics from which they are sewn are safe and hypoallergenic.

In that way, babies wear onesies so often.

Materials from which bodysuits are sewn for children

The range of these things includes models for summer and winter periods. For warm weather, onesies are made mainly of supreme and cotton. These models look like open tops with a wide neckline and shorts. In them, babies feel comfortable even at high temperatures.

Bodysuits for cool periods are sewn from interlock, fleece, terry, velour, and other materials. Warm models have long sleeves and a closed neckline. These items are perfect for layering and are the best option for winter outfits. Choosing such universal items will help you create numerous outfits and this is also the best way to organize baby clothes.

Is There a Difference Between a Onesie for Boys and for Girls?

These things for newborns of different genders may differ only in color. For boys, bodysuits are most often chosen in a blue palette, for girls, there are pink models. Both boy and girl onesies are often adorned with beautiful appliqués, embroidery, and colorful prints.

How long do babies wear onesies? Everything depends on your preference and whether your child feels comfortable. Usually, babies stop wearing onesies at 12-18 months of age but this is not a strict rule.

How to Switch from Onesies to Shirts?

Before deciding on the future replenishment of your child's wardrobe, you should consider several nuances, namely:

  • the quality of material, its practicality, and strength;
  • the quality of seams (it is best if they are on the outside and do not directly touch the baby's skin);
  • the presence and reliability of fasteners.

Shirts for little ones have fasteners in front along the entire length and sometimes even on the shoulders.

There is no need to throw away all your onesies and start wearing shirts right away. Start with adding shirts to your everyday wardrobe several times a week and when your child feels comfortable in them, you can abandon onesies at all.

Clothes to Choose Instead of a Onesie

Here are some of the options we have selected for you to try dressing your kid in:

1. Solid Ribbed Pajama Set

Solid Ribbed Pajama Set

This pajama set is perfect not only for sleeping but also for wearing at home or for short walks outside. It is warm and comfortable - what else would your child possibly need?

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2. Blessed Camouflage Set

Blessed Camouflage Set

This set is not only comfortable and made of natural fabrics, but it is also stylish and suitable for numerous occasions. Your little one will definitely like it!

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3. Polka Dot Vintage Jumpsuit

Polka Dot Vintage Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is just a hit! Stylish and beautiful - just perfect for special occasions as well as an everyday outfit.

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4. Brown Pleated Set

Brown Pleated Set

Warm colors are perfect for cold days. The set is simple but details make it attractive and unique. This is another item that will be suitable every day and on special occasions.

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5. White Denim Set

White Denim Set

The best thing about this set is that it looks like adult clothes. And children wearing such items look adorable. It is perfect for a photo session as well as for your special dates and holidays.

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6. Denim Striped Set

Denim Striped Set

Simple and fun - this is what makes this stylish set so attractive. It is suitable both for boys and girls, don’t put bounds on your child’s preferences.

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7. Plaid Denim Jeans Set

Plaid Denim Jeans Set

This set differs from the other ones - bright and original, just as your little one! A perfect option for every day, it will be the favorite thing of your trendy kid.

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8. Floral Ribbed Pajama Set

Floral Ribbed Pajama Set

You can use this set not only as pajamas but also combine it with other pants or hoodies. The bright print will perfectly mix with numerous colors - from black to pink.

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9. Rainbow Pants Pajama Set

Rainbow Pants Pajama Set

Cozy and tender - these are the first words appearing on your mind when you see this set. Many children like bright colors but it is also necessary to show them how they can combine them with calmer ones.

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10. Solid Ears Hoodie Set

Solid Ears Hoodie Set

This set looks quite strict so you can wear it whenever you want. Natural materials and comfortable cut will make it your favorite option.

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