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Winter Snowsuits for Babies: General Info

Wintertime is the season of strolls in the fresh chilly air, playing active games, skiing, and much other fun. Despite the age, when it comes to dressing a baby for winter, there are two most essential rules:

  1. Natural fabrics of basic clothes that should fit the body of your child;
  2. High quality of a baby snowsuit that you put above.

Following the basic recommendations on how to dress a baby in winter and selecting an overall to match your expectations are key for spending time actively in winter. Clearly, under a snowsuit baby should be dressed so that your child does not feel overpacked with clothes. You can consider a cotton onesie and a fleece overall, for instance. On top of that, a baby snowsuit should be put on.

Essential Requirements to the Best Baby Snowsuit

No matter which brand or design of snowsuits for babies you choose, this winter outfit must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. It has to keep your baby warm: undoubtedly, that is of paramount importance. Though, your child should not feel hot. If a snowsuit turns out to be too warm, reduce the number of layers under it. The temperature difference is dangerous and can lead to illness. If you have already purchased warm boy or girl sweaters for your baby, make sure that an overall won’t be too warm either to prevent overheating that is surprisingly more often in winter.
  2. It does not have to prevent your child from moving: even in a stroller, a snowsuit for baby boy or girl cannot interfere with the moves of hands and legs. For an active toddler, an inconvenient overall may lead to traumas or injuries. All the clothes have to be safe, that is one of the rules of the kids’ wardrobe selection.
  3. It cannot make your baby sweat: check again the first point. Humidity inside an overall will lead to hypothermia that is dangerous for the health of your child. Hence, in the first days of wearing a new snowsuit for baby girl and boy, check the neck and, if possible, the back of your child.
  4. It should be waterproof: first of all, to protect against the impact of precipitation. Also, be ready to play snowballs or to make a snowman, as well as for a variety of winter games that will lead to falling into the snow. Hence, toddler boys snowsuits, as well as those for girls, have to withstand a lot in winter. An additional tip: there is a difference between waterproof and water-resistant overalls. The latter will only repel water, however, to a certain extent. When the amount of moisture becomes too high, it can let you down. While a waterproof overall will let your kid stay dry even during the rain.
  5. It has to be convenient to put on: it sometimes requires a lot of skills to prepare your child for a winter stroll. A snowsuit toddler girl or boy has to be put on at the very last moment. Your child will not stop moving while you get ready yourself. Hence, the quicker you can fasten an overall, the better it is. For this reason, a snowsuit with a zipper is a perfect solution.
  6. It has to fit your baby: the size should be selected according to the age, height, and weight of your baby. Buying snowsuits for baby boys and girls that they will grow in is not the best option. When an overall is too long, it will prevent your child from safe moves. Hence, trying to save may lead to injuries. That is not worth it.

These are the basic features of a high-quality baby snowsuit. All of them foresee keeping your child warm and safe, both a newborn cuddled in a stroller and an actively-running toddler. The difference in dressing kids of different ages is in one layer: a moving child should be dressed like parents, while choosing clothes for an infant in a stroller, it is necessary to follow the rule of plus one layer.

baby snowsuit

Toddler and Newborn Baby Snowsuits: Which Type to Choose

Outfits for winter can be generally subdivided into one-piece and two-piece overalls. One-piece snowsuits are mostly chosen for the infants that spend their time in the stroller. First of all, they are convenient to be put on, as well as are comfortable for a child. As a newborn baby snowsuit, parents may also consider buying a sleeping sack that is transformed into an overall.

A warm transforming sleeping sack may become a budget-friendly solution. At first, it is used for a newborn in a stroller. Later, thanks to the system of zippers, it is transformed into an overall that your child can wear the next winter. However, this plan cannot work if the next winter, your kid reaches 18 or more months.

Two-piece snowsuits are predominantly selected for toddlers. Thanks to braces on pants, it is easy to adjust the length of the latter. Toddlers grow so fast, thus, one snowsuit can be worn for a whole winter. Besides, for a kid that attends kindergarten, a two-piece snowsuit is a good option as he/she can easier put it on by oneself.

In most cases, the choice between one- or two-piece snowsuits for boys and girls is subjective. Both of these options are comfy. It can be compared to the choice between boy hoodies + pants or suits and one-piece cotton or fleece overalls. It is hard to compare them without trying.

Newborn & Toddler Boys Snowsuits & Girls’ Overalls: Overview of Brands

An overall for a newborn has to meet fewer requirements than the one for toddlers. Here is the selection of the most beloved brands of newborn snowsuit boy and girl will enjoy the wintertime in.

  1. Leveret offers a quilted one-piece overall for your baby. It has built-in feet, hence, you do not have to foresee booties that are unnecessary for a child in a stroller. It is presented in four colors and three sizes. For easy and quick dressing and diaper changing, there are buttons all the length down. For your baby to feel comfy, the lining inside is made of fleece that is not only soft but also very warm.
  2. Pink Platinum is a newborn snowsuit girl will look so adorable in. This one-piece overall has a magic combination of plum and lilac colors. Mittens and booties can be folded over or off. That is a two-in-one solution that is especially needed for the kids of 12-18 months. This is the age when your child can love not only playing actively but also to sleep in the stroller. With this snowsuit, you may have no worries in both cases.
  3. IXtreme infant boy snowsuits provide the same possibility as the previous brand due to booties and mittens that can be folded over for the comfort of your son in the stroller. These overalls are mostly chosen for boys due to the combination of colors: navy and yellow, blue and orange. Inside, it is lined with polar fleece making it possible to stay out as long as your little boy wants.
  4. OceanKids is an option for the parents looking for a designer winter overall. This boys’ and girls’ snowsuit is designed in Italy. The booties and mittens are removable but fastened. Hence, they can be washed more often than overall, besides, they will not be lost. The materials and dyes are safe for the environment. That is the choice of those who prefer organic materials.

Options of a Snowsuit for Toddler Girl and Boy

There are plenty of one- and two-piece overalls for winter. Here are just a few brands that are most beloved by parents and their kids for many advantages they have got.

  1. Columbia’s two-piece is a fantastic choice for both girls and boys as they are offered in six diverse colors. Thanks to straps, the sleeves and pants can be prolonged. This snowsuit for baby boys and girls will be worn for a whole winter or even for a half in the next year. Besides, there is extra padding in the area of knees, hence, additional protection is ensured for your active toddler.
  2. OshKosh is a two-piece snowsuit for baby girls and boys. This one is offered in a variety of colors. Many parents give preference to it for a budget-saving price, convenient zipper on a jacket and bib, as well as deep pockets where mittens or even toys can be put. The length of the pants can be adjusted.
  3. IXtreme snowmobile coverall is one of the snowsuits for a baby girl that will not require too much spending. This berry-colored overall has a high quality of materials that will last for the time your child wears it. It is fastened by a zipper. Besides, additional zippers on the legs are helpful for those parents who have to struggle to put booties on.
  4. IXtreme insulated two-piece toddler boys snowsuit. That is one more product of the same brand that is widely chosen for the most active boys. Planning a winter vacation? This one will be a perfect choice for skiing. The pants are high and cover the chest, they have a zipper, just like the jacket. It is waterproof and will keep your baby dry and warm while he masters the skills of skiing.

Choosing Snowsuits for Baby Girls and Boys: Extra Tips

Aside from waterproof suits, there is a variety of fleece overalls that will not replace the suits but complement the wardrobe. They are warm enough and perfectly suitable for autumn or spring. Besides, when it gets too cold, they can be put under snowsuits for baby boy and girl.

In any case, the choice of a perfect overall is completely up to your preferences, budget, and needs. It is essential to purchase it in advance so that there is no surprise if it suddenly gets too cold in October.

Snowsuits for baby girls and boys are intended to keep your child warm and safe in winter while outside. However, they may become dangerous when your kid is in a car seat. The belts will be improperly fastened if over an overall. For this reason, it is better to take it off, especially if you are going to drive for a long time. This is an obligatory rule for newborns, as well as a strict recommendation for toddlers. For this reason, be sure that a snowsuit you choose can be quickly taken off before accommodating your child in the seat.

It is essential to check the recommendations of washing & cleaning for a snowsuit so that not to spoil the materials. Otherwise, it may lose its qualities. Complement an overall with mittens, booties, a hat, as well as scarf, and do not forget to buy a snowsuit for yourself. Enjoy wintertime and spend it actively with your kid!

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