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Find Out What Is the Difference Between 24 Month and 2T On the Label

There is a stereotype that shopping for women’s clothes is a challenge, to say the least. Well, have you tried buying clothes for newborns and toddlers? All the rest fades in comparison. Not only the variety of items is huge making it impossible to choose, but picking out the right size is also very difficult. You cannot make a small child of 1 to 3 years old try out options as adults do. Consequently, choosing the right size so that the baby is comfortable falls into the hands of the parents.

As life indicates, people have the most trouble choosing clothes for babies of 1,5 to 3 years old. When it comes to small children, even a couple of months in age can seriously influence the sizing. Here you will learn how to choose clothes for a baby of 1-3 years. You will also find out the difference between 2t and 24 months.

24 months 2t difference

Leaning the Basics: What Size Is 2t

If you shopped for children’s clothes, you have probably seen 2t size written on the label. For some, the meaning of it is quite confusing. In reality, the answer is quite simple: size 2t indicates that a piece of clothing was designed for a toddler. Nevertheless, we know that toddlers are children from 12 to 36 months. There is no way that the clothes will be of the same size, right? Of course. Besides, the size 2t for boys can vary from the same size for girls. To understand the basics of the clothes for toddlers, let’s review the 2t size chart.

The first thing that a parent should know that although the toddler’s age lasts from 12 to 36 month, it does not work the same with the sizing of clothes. Children grom very fast and even a couple of month can make a difference. That is why there can be no single size for all toddlers. Although 2t means size for toddlers, it really indicates a size for children of 2 years old only. In this perspective, when you buy clothing items for toddlers, the 2t size age is 2 years old. Now we can determine what does 2t mean: ‘2’ describes an age of a child, while ‘t’ stands for a toddler.

But does it mean that 2t clothes will be suitable for all 2-year-olds? The answer is no. Each child is different. 2-year-olds will have different weight and height. In this perspective, you need to know the parameters of a baby to determine whether the 2t clothes will fit him or her. As for the sizing chart, it looks like this: 33.5 - 35" 85 - 89 cm in height for items labeled with 2t. That is why if you want to buy toddler suits 2t for boys or dresses for girls, consider the individual measurements of the child.

2t Size Chart: Brand Differences

As we have already established, 2t size was designed for children of 2 years. Nevertheless, are the parameters such as height and width always the same? The answer is no. The sizing chart can vary with different brands. Usually, brands make 2 separate lines of clothing: 24 months and 2t. Before buying anything, we recommend to measure your child’s height and weight and buy fitting items. Nevertheless, if you do not know the exact parameters, you can try holding up clothes to your baby and see if they fit. In this perspective, you should only be oriented on your child’s parameters. Different brands use different sizing systems. With one brand your baby can fit perfectly into 2t clothes, while with others it is better to buy items with 24 months label. That is why before ordering a whole batch of summer toddler girl clothes size 2t, get one and check if it fits your daughter. If it turns out to be big, you may need to try size 24 months for baby girls.

Difference Between 24 Months and 2t: What to Pay Attention To

You are already familiar with the 2t size that will generally fit 2-year children. At the same time, there is also a size called ‘24 months’. It seems from the name that is was also designed for babies of 2 years. So where lies the difference between 2t and 24 months? Is 2t and 24 months the same thing? Do not worry, we will explain everything.

Firstly, it may seem that these sizes are the same based on their names. However, it is actually not the case. Most of the kids clothing lines offer both sizes. The parameters of 2t and 24 months clothes are actually different. Some brands have even different boys’ clothes 24 months’ size and the same size for girls. That is why knowing the peculiars of a certain manufacturer will help you choose outfits of a fitting size.

2t vs 24 Months: Specifics

The main difference between 2t and 24 months is the fact that the former was designed for toddlers, while the latter usually fit kids of a younger age. It means, that even if your child is 2 or almost 2, it is better to buy 24 months clothes. 2t size will be great for toddlers of 2 years and several months. Now we can answer the question “Are 2t and 24 months the same size?” No, they are not. Generally, the former size is bigger, while the latter is smaller. Here are some specifics that will make ie easier to distinguish these two sizes while buying clothes for a baby:

  1. Diaper

    One of the main difference between kid size 2t and 24 months is the shape. As a rule, 24-months clothes are usually made rounder. The reasoning behind this is simple: it is designed this way to leave space for a diaper. We have already established that 24-months label works for babies, not toddlers. Some may still wear diaper, and that is why clothes are rounder. Toddler onesies 2t will not have snaps between the legs, while 24-months jumpsuits will.

  2. Lenght

    The length will not be the same for these two sizes. 24-months clothes tend to be shorter in length compared with size 2t measurements. It works for both bottoms and tops. A shorter length allows a baby to crawl comfortably without getting tangled in fabric. Considering toddlers do not crawl, the 2t clothes will be longer.

  3. Width

    There is also a difference in width for 24 months and 2t. Generally, clothes with 2t label will be slimmer. Toddlers are able to walk well and they do not have to crawl at all. That is why the do not need the additional width in their clothes. As a result, the sleeves and pant legs will be longer for 2t size.

  4. Styling

    Last, but not least: 2t clothes usually look as a smaller version of adults’ clothes. 24-months, on the other hand, still look like a baby’s clothes. As before, it is based on the toddler’s ability to walk freely by themselves. It gives room for fashion. For babies who still crawl and use diapers, the main thing is comfort. That is why so will see much more variety in 2t clothing.

24 months vs 2t

2t vs 24 Months: Choosing the Right Size

We have already answered the question “Is 2t the same as 24 months?”. But it can still be difficult to shop for a child of 1.5-2.5 years. We prepared a list of tips and advice that will make the process less stressful:

  1. Know your child’s parameters

    The best way of buying fitting clothes is to know your kid’s weight and height. These two factors are the most important. A sales assistant will be able to recommend options for you based on this information. If you are buying baby clothes as a gift for someone’s child, it is still better to ask the size or measurements.

  2. Consider the ability to walk

    One of the main differences between 2t and 24 months is the fact that the former will fit children who stopped crawling. Even if your child is 2 years old, but he or she still crawls a lot, it is better to buy 24-months clothes.

  3. Diaper

    The same goes for diapers. If your child still requires diapers, 2t clothes will not be for him. It will be much more difficult to change it and will only bring discomfort for both the baby and parents.

  4. Hold clothes up to the child

    If you do not know your kid’s exact weight and height, you should hold up clothes to him or her. This method does not give a 100% guarantee, but it is better than buying blindly.

To conclude, it may seem that there is no difference between 24 months and 2t. However, with a closer look, they are easier to distinguish. For example, the size 2t age is toddler, while 24 months is for babies. Moreover, there are some distinctions in width, length, and styling. Remember: all children are different. You need to consider your own kid, his or her measurements and needs before buying clothes.

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    Kethy (Admin)

    Hi Renata,

    Sizing can always be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to trying to find clothes online as every kid is so unique in how they are built.

    Clothing that is marked with a T should have extra room in the rear for a diaper. Most pajamas are designed to hug the body a bit tighter so it might be a good idea to go up a size from what you would normally put her in.

    Have a lovely day!

  2. avatar

    My daughetr is 23 motnhs old, still wearing diapers and she does not fit a 24 month size anymore. Her shirts are 3T already. I am struggling to find pajamas and pants that fit her, with room for a diaper, any tips to work around that?

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