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6 Important Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Clothes

Buying baby clothes is every parent’s responsibility, but some overlook essential features that contribute to the child’s comfort. It’s not uncommon to find babies in uncomfortable garments, all in the name of fashion. Stories of parents who had to cut their kids out of garments or others who suffered injuries due to the wrong selection of clothes.

And yes, we agree that children must look stylish, but overlooking safety and comfort isn’t acceptable. From picking the suitable fabric to selecting a fitting size, or even picking garments that won’t prove hazardous to the child’s safety, all are essential.

tween baby outfits

So, before you clear your cart and send your payment, you should read this post and find out what you should consider when buying the best baby clothes and where to buy cute baby clothes.

A Guide To Buying Baby Clothes: Factors To Consider When Buying Children’s Clothes

Children are sensitive beings, and even the smallest thing can be the beginning of a tedious battle with a skin rash or never-ending allergies. Therefore, we can’t underemphasize the importance of choosing their garments with the utmost care. After all, your precious little human should get the best quality clothes. When choosing unique newborn clothing, you should consider the following.

1. The Fabric

Young children's skin is incredibly delicate. Therefore, parents should choose their baby's first outfit carefully. When shopping, keep in mind that the clothing should be made of soft, skin-friendly materials. The best fabric for baby clothes that you should pick include the following:

  • Cotton;
  • Soy azlon;
  • Bamboo rayon.

These fabrics offer good qualities that make them suitable for infant clothing and are made from natural materials. Garments made from silk, satin, and other non-absorbent materials should be avoided until the child is old enough to start wearing baby sleepwear.

Such materials leave the baby soaked in sweat when they perspire and compromise quality. Bright colors should also be avoided because they may contain fluorescent substances that are harmful to sensitive skin.

2. Practicality

Your baby’s first outfits should be practical, especially during the first few months. Newborns, for example, nap a lot, so getting your newborn cute outfits that allow easy movement, are breathable, and are comfortable should be your priority.

pregnant mom looking at baby clothes

Considering that diaper changes are also multiple, you should consider picking items that are easy to undo and put back on. The same applies to washing. Diaper accidents are bound to happen every so often. Consequently, you should find washable items and avoid lengthy laundry sessions.

Most importantly, it is best to consider purchasing clothing that can be worn all year. Whether it’s winter, summer, autumn, or fall, the baby clothes types you pick should be appropriate for the season. This works in your favor to keep the baby comfortable throughout the year and avoids making trips to the hospital to treat health conditions related to the wrong choice of outfits throughout the year.

3. Size

When buying clothes for your baby, it is vital to look at the appropriate size to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Getting clothes that fit snuggly is cute, especially since it makes your child look even more adorable and neat. However, this can be constraining, especially if the baby loves moving around.

If you struggle to know what size clothing to buy for newborn babies, consider comfort the primary feature. Your child will feel quite comfortable and be able to move about quickly in the right size, preferably bigger than what they currently are. And because babies proliferate, it's essential to consider their growth rate before purchasing.

4. The Cost

It’s surprising how much it costs to get decent children's clothes in this era. With designers flooding the market with super cute newborn clothes, it can be challenging to pick between one item and the other, especially if you are a fashion-oriented person.

If you have a limited budget, choosing options with affordable prices is a better idea, considering you will save a lot. It also allows you to select several picks, unlike what you would end up with if you opted for designer clothes.

baby girl jumpsuit

Remember that kids grow at an alarming rate, which means you will have to spend more money on their wardrobe every so often. So, if you do not have enough money to sustain a high-end lifestyle, choosing regular clothes for the child is a better idea.

5. Safety

Although you might assume that all baby garments are secure for the infant, the reverse is true. Baby clothing from some brands may have buttons or other readily ingestible objects, like glittering eyes, added to the front. When teething begins, which can begin as early as three months of age, your baby will inevitably start placing objects in their mouth.

To protect babies from burns, choose baby sleepwear made of flame-resistant textiles. Given that babies are at their most mobile between the ages of 9 and 14 months, this is especially true for infant sleepwear. Make sure the baby sleeps safe and sound while wearing the clothes.

6. Seasons

With the four seasons overlapping every few months, buying an ideal outfit for each period is critical. Some parents make the mistake of buying things three seasons ahead of time, which can be expensive.

In most cases, the children have either outgrown the dresses by the time they are needed or are too big to be used at the intended time. Even if there is a flash sale, avoid getting clothes that won’t be used within the next six months to curb wastage.

When To Start Buying Baby Clothes

Raising a child isn’t easy, especially since they sprout faster than weeds in the field. And, because buying clothes for them can be costly, you're better off looking for specific seasons when purchasing baby clothes to reduce costs and maximize discounts.

After Baby Showers

Most parents are usually excited to have children, which leads to early shopping. The problem with this approach is that you may receive plenty of gifts for the unborn baby, leaving you with piles of pieces that the child may never get to wear. If your family and friends are planning a baby shower for you, it would be best to buy clothes for babies after that to supplement what you won’t have.

During End-of-Season Sales

Buying winter clothes during the winter or summer vests when the sun is scorching hot is the worst idea for any parent. Getting children’s clothes during these times means you will pay more than you would have if you’d bought them at a different time. Take advantage of end-of-the-season sales for buying baby clothes in advance needed during the next few months or the incoming seasons.

Holiday Seasons

Most companies are always in a giving spirit during the holiday season, making it the perfect time to buy almost anything. Whether you want onesies, jackets, two-piece suits, or dresses for your girls and boys, you will get nearly anything at discounted prices. Find out which retailers have these promotions and buy your child’s clothes there.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It’s common knowledge that Black Friday always has super deals on everything, including clothes. But don't forget about its digital counterpart, Cyber Monday, which offers equally enticing discounts, especially for online shoppers. Check out popular newborn baby clothes online and see who offers the most lucrative bargain before settling for one or two options. Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are excellent times to stock up on essentials for your little one without breaking the bank.

Examples Of Children’s Clothing

Sourcing for unique baby clothing ideas shouldn’t be challenging; however, finding the perfect, functional, safe, and stylish inspiration still is. But if you want to update your kids' wardrobes or pick out your baby's first outfit, we can give you ideas and links to places where you can buy cute newborn clothes.

Yellow Floral Dress

yellow floral toddler dress

Achieve both style and comfort with this floral dress. The short sleeve top has an ergonomic design, making it easy to wear and take off. The press studs at the bottom make diaper changes a breeze. And you can mix and match these clothes with other neutral colors in your wardrobe. Get this item and other baby girl clothes at a discounted price.

Solid Waffle Hooded Jumpsuit

hooded baby jumpsuit

Dress your little minion in stylish baby clothes that are warm this holiday season. This item is unisex and comes in four colors. Winter nights do not have to be cold for the child if you swaddle them in this garment, among other warm accessories. This holiday season, look for exciting deals on this and other baby boy clothes.

Solid Linen Wrap Baby Bodysuit

Linen Wrap Baby Onesie

Bodysuits are great for claiming the baby, staying cool, and being functional all at the same time. This particular one offers unmatched comfort and top quality thanks to its soft fabric. The design allows quick slipping in and out during dressing time, and the easily undone press studs are perfect for diaper changes.

Final Word

Before purchasing the best baby clothes for your child, you should consider if they serve all functions and are safe to use. Remember to stay within your budget and avoid stuffing your house with items the child may never wear. With these tips, you won’t struggle to find out how much clothes to buy for newborn babies.

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