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Coming Home Baby Outfit: Perfect Items for the First Day

Are you waiting for your baby to arrive in the next few weeks? Have you already gathered your bag for the hospital? It is the right time to think about baby homecoming outfit. Every parent has got a different attitude toward the choice of kids’ clothes. However, every mom and dad will agree that the day you take your newborn home from the hospital is one of the most memorable. That is why a newborn baby coming home outfit will be remembered for many years. First of all, due to the emotions and feelings of parents on this day. Also, due to plenty of pictures you make. Some parents do not pay attention to the question of the selection of coming-home clothes but regret later. That is why do not waste your time, check the collections of newborn baby girl dresses and boy trendy suits to dress your baby for the first trip from the hospital.

What to take to the hospital? That is a logic question of every mom-to-be. All the medicine and related items will be prescribed and/or provided in the hospital. This aspect is already covered. A future mom should take the items that will ensure her comfort, as well as the comfort of her child. A couple of onesies and/or bodysuits, as well as baby homecoming outfit, should be provisioned and taken with.

coming home outfits for newborn

Baby Coming Home Outfits: What to Pay Attention to

It is not easy for parents-to-be to consider all the aspects when shopping for a child they expect. For this reason, find below the factors that should be taken into account while selecting a baby homecoming outfit.

  1. Season & weather: the latter is even more important than the season. The main rule of dressing a baby is to check the weather outside, not to follow the rules prescribed for a certain season. Hence, it is essential to check the possible weather forecast for the week when the birth is expected. If it is spring or autumn when the atmospheric conditions change fast, foresee a couple of coming home baby outfit options. We may recommend you choose one of the cute girl or boy rompers that can be put on separately in summer or dressed under an overall in the colder season.
  2. Comfort for a baby: that is the most important aspect. An outfit should not be an obstacle for movements or irritate a newborn. Remember that birth itself is a huge stress for this tiny child. Now, it is the responsibility of parents to make sure that a child is in comfort.
  3. Safety: it is of no less importance than the comfort is. Why should parents pay particular attention to this factor? In cold times, it is important to remember that overalls or jackets cannot be put on in a child’s seat. They should be taken off as safety belts should be tightly fastened. It means that you should envisage that a baby homecoming outfit is warm enough so that you can put your baby in the seat, fasten the belts, and cover it with a blanket, for instance.
  4. The convenience of mom: sometimes, coming home outfit for baby girl or boy is the first outfit a mom puts on her little baby after diapers and swaddling sheets. That is why the outfits with buttons and snaps can be chosen. Of course, it is not an easy task to dress your baby for the first time. This process should not be burdened with multiple ribbons, strings, and accessories.
  5. Baby’s gender: this can be taken into account contingent on your attitude to gender-biased clothes. Some parents would never buy coming home outfit for baby boy or girl as they prefer neutral unisex outfits. If you already know the gender of a baby you are expecting, then, it is a nice idea to acquire a dress or a nice gentleman set.

Baby Boy Coming Home Outfit: the Variety of Options for Gentlemen

When all the aspects of safety and comfort are taken into account, it is time to choose the design. The day of taking your son home is the day when lots of chores and routines are done for the first time. Your child gets acquainted with its room, gets to know relatives who may arrive to congratulate you. For the first time, parents will be left alone with their child without doctors and nurses in the hospital. That is, indeed, the day to be remembered forever.

When selecting a baby boy coming home from the hospital outfit, it is better to consider the plans for this day. Are you going to arrange a photoshoot? Do you plan to invite your parents home to get acquainted with their grandson? In these cases, it is reasonable to give preference to a festive design of a baby boy take me home outfit.

In the case of shooting, you can foresee special decorations at home and choose clothes accordingly. The pictures of newborns are so adorable. Besides, take into account that during the first days, your child will be calm and will sleep almost all the time. That is a perfect opportunity to take pictures. That is why a baby boy going home outfit can be the part of outfits for shooting. It is better if you get in touch with a photographer who is experienced in newborn photoshoots and will give you recommendations on take home outfit for baby boy or girl.

More Practical Approach to Welcome Home Outfit for Baby Girl or Boy

On the other hand, some parents give preference to convenient clothes. Hence, a newborn girl or baby boy coming home outfit should be practical and put on later. In such cases, it is possible to find a cute onesie, set or bodysuit of a 0 size. It can be daily worn until your child grows out of it. Besides, practical does not mean coarse. There are plenty of outfits that are quick to be put on and, at the same time, adorable.

When it comes to practicability, it is wise to think about the size, especially if you already know the expected weight and height. If these are more than average, a 0 size can be too small. Then, it is recommended to choose a going home outfit for baby boy and girl of 3-6 months. It can be slightly big when you take your child home. However, it will not be noticed. While the clothes can be worn for several weeks.

Following the same approach, parents should remember that all the accessories will be needed only to take pictures. That is why the newborn girl and baby boy homecoming outfit should not be abundant in additional details that will only make it hard to dress your child and put it in a car seat. Lots of parents have made one common mistake while choosing a going home outfit for baby girl or boy: inconvenient clothes that require too much effort to put them on. Finding easy-to-dress items does not require sacrificing their adorable looks. The prints and patterns of PJ’s, onesies, and bodysuits make it possible to create any look — a stylish frock or enchanting dress. Hence, the comfort does not exclude cuteness.

Baby Girl Bringing Home Outfit

Newborn Boy and Baby Girl Coming Home Outfit: Seasonal Approach

Depending on the season, the set of required clothes for a newborn is, undoubtedly, different. When you need to buy a girl or baby boy coming home outfit summer season foresees, this is one of the simplest tasks. You can opt for a bodysuit with any design or print that you like. The look can be complemented with pants, skirts or shorts, as well as cute and soft booties. These booties are just an accessory that your newborn child, most probably, will drop or lose. However, that is hard to resist buying them as they are so tiny and cute.

In summer, you can also purchase a jumpsuit or a nice dress as an outfit to take a baby girl home from the hospital. These days, these items can be embroidered, laced, and decorated so stylishly that an everyday piece of clothes becomes festive. As a newborn boy and baby girl coming home outfit summer requires to complement it with a hat to protect your child from the sun. Protection from the sun is one of the most essential rules of dressing a newborn in summer. Even, on the day of releasing from the hospital, it should not be disregarded.

Cold Seasons: Perfect Newborn Boy and Baby Girl Bringing Home Outfit

For colder seasons, it is necessary to take a blanket. It will be needed to put it on your baby when it is placed in the car seat. Besides, if the weather changes too often, a blanket can save from unexpected wind if your child is wrapped in it above a take home outfit for baby girl or boy.

What to choose as a newborn baby girl coming home outfit for cold seasons? Indeed, that is too hard to dress a tiny girl in leggings, dress, jacket. Consider a cute onesie with footies as a basic baby girl coming home from the hospital outfit. Besides, a onesie is a good choice for a newborn boy as well. It is not only adorable and easy-to-put-on but also practical and will be worn daily.

Then, it is possible to buy a fleece or cotton overall to be put on a basic newborn boy and baby girl coming home outfit. It is better to avoid buying warm clothes in a 0 size. Remember that your child will grow out of it too quickly. In cold seasons, do not forget about buying a hat that will match an overall.

Newborn Girl or Baby Boy Take Home Outfit in Winter

It is quite hard to get ready and dress a newborn in winter. Most infants, indeed, dislike being dressed. For this reason, if you are going to deliver your baby in winter, give preference to convenient items with zippers and snaps. That is the recommendation not only for choosing a boy or newborn baby girl take home outfit. That is a general piece of advice.

As for an overall for winter, choose a one-piece with a zipper. It is can be filled with a goose quill, Holofiber or other filling material. Hence, you will have no worries if your newborn is cold on the way home from the hospital, as well as during all the further strolls outside.

While selecting clothes for a newborn and his/her first trip home, there are lots of factors to be considered, both objective and subjective. Even if it seems that this dress will never be put on, but you want to buy it for your newborn daughter, then, it is better to indulge yourself and add it to the cart.

Choosing outfits for a newborn is the process beloved by many parents. Those who are going to have their first child tend to make many emotional purchases that are not practical. For this reason, it is wise to consider all the above aspects so that to avoid buying outfits that will be worn only once or even never.

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