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Babies First Clothes: The Most Essential to Consider

These days, the abundance of outfits for newborns is impressive. In online and offline stores, parents can find almost everything they can only imagine. The first clothes are so cute and adorable. Undoubtedly, every parent wants all the best for the baby that is about to arrive in this world. Ensuring that it has all the necessary first baby clothes, as well as their quality, are among the top issues to be considered.

The first aspect to consider while preparing the wardrobe for your newborn is the season. Undoubtedly, there is no need for a warm winter overall if your baby is expected in April. Also, babies first clothes should fit the height and weight of your little angel. It is hard to exactly predict what size of clothes will be needed. Even the results of the sonogram can vary. That is why there is a general recommendation: do not buy too many items of the smallest 0-3 size. In any case, your child will outgrow the first baby clothes very quickly.

Baby's First Outfit: What to Include on the List

Indeed, it is recommended not to buy too many items for a newborn. But there is one alternative solution. It is possible to buy and not to wash them before your child is born. Those outfits that turn out to be small or unnecessary can be returned to the store.

Making up a list of essentials, remember to include newborn onesies boy and girl will definitely need, despite the season. These are the basic items, around seven to ten pieces can be needed. The quantity, of course, depends on how often you plan to do the laundry. In any case, take into account that you will have to change your newborn for five or even more times per day.

Outfits for Sleeping in the First Months

Opting for a newborn girl first outfit or the one for your baby boy, make sure that you have enough onesies for sleeping. They must be quickly put on and fastened. No one will be pleased to spend 15 minutes at night to change a diaper. Besides, newborns first outfit may have snaps at the bottom, hence, there is no need to take clothes off to change a diaper.

The sleeping sack made of cotton or fleece is a must-have for sleep. No blankets or quilts. They are dangerous for newborns as they increase the risk of SIDS. Choose the material depending on the season. It is recommended to have two sacks.

Baby First Clothes for Going Out

Looking for a baby's first outfit, make sure to include basic items on the list. Bodysuits are among the essentials. Five to seven pieces will be needed in the smallest size. Pants with built-in feet on the same size will be needed in the same quantity. For babies born in spring, remember to buy a couple of fleece onesies or overalls for going out. Besides, a blanket will be needed for a stroller.

If you expect your little angel in summer, baby first clothes should include several rompers and a light linen blanket. Besides, it is important to foresee the protection against the sun, i.e., a couple of hats, as well as the shield of a stroller should be of ample size to completely cover your baby from direct sun rays.

Baby Onesies for Each Month: Must-haves for Your Baby

The most convenient first baby clothing is a onesie. It is a one-piece outfit that is snapped or zipped in front. Onesies are perfect for sleeping, everyday routines, and going out. They can replace all the outfits in warm weather or become basic wardrobe in cold seasons. That is why it is reasonable to foresee a couple of baby onesies for each month.

Depending on the season, parents can choose the material — cotton and linen for warm seasons, and the fleece is for cold weather. For the first baby months onesies are the best choice. Hence, add at least five pieces of 0-3 size that are 1 month old onesies, as well as five items of 3-6 size. These will be irreplaceable outfits for your newborn.

1 Month Baby Clothes: Other Necessities

For cold weather, the wardrobe for your newborn should also include warm clothes. There is a wide range of sweaters and jackets even for the youngest ones. However, remember that most children hate it when clothes are put on over the head. That is why these items should have buttons in front.

As an alternative, 1 month baby clothes for winter should include a warm one-piece item with built-in feet. In such a way, the need to put on a couple of socks is eliminated. Besides, it will not be necessary to check if the back is covered or if the sweater has rolled beneath.

Looking for 1 month old baby clothes, it is of paramount importance to remember about their safety. All the materials should be soft. Those fabrics that are in contact with the skin have to be 100% natural. Besides, the seams and labels should in no way create discomfort or irritate the skin.

2 Month Baby Clothes: Anything Else?

After the first 30 days, your newborn may gain more than two pounds. Hence, 0-3 size clothes can become small. That is why for a 2 month baby clothes have to be bought again. Well, gaining weight is a good sign. Besides, after the first month with your baby, you will already know which items are not needed for the comfort of your precious child.

While looking for newborn outfits, do not rely on the experience of your parents or friends. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to listen to their pieces of advice. Though, remember that every child is different and may have different needs. Listen to your intuition and even if you want to buy that super-cute romper for your baby expected on Christmas eve, buy it. At least you will have the most adorable pictures of your little angel in nice outfits you like.

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