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Baby Essentials That Won’t Hoard Your Closets

Is your baby going to soon appear? As responsible parents, you know that this is time to get ready for its arrival so that to feel no discomfort when you will have to adapt to the new lifestyle as mom and dad. Luckily, nowadays, there is no problem of finding necessary baby gear, as well as baby boy and baby girl clothing. Everything is available in online and offline stores in abundance. However, how not to buy everything that pleasing shop assistants are suggesting to you? We have got this covered. Our tips for new parents, as well as the lists of must-haves we have prepared for you, will come in handy.

Undeniably, you have already checked what stores offer to the future parents. There are so many useful accessories and items for newborn baby care that are intended to facilitate your life. However, the cost of all these items is impressive. So, how to find the golden mean and not to buy stuff that will only pile up in your closets? We have divided the items into categories (furniture, linens, feeding, baby care, clothing, and toys) and will explain what should be purchased and what can be left in the store. Let’s get down to the matter.

Nursery Furniture: What Will You Really Need?

Preparing for the arrival of a newborn, it is crucial to ensure that it will live in a comfortable environment. That is why it is necessary to define which furniture to buy. The choice in stores is not limited by cribs only, there are various rocking and feeding chairs, playpens and gliders, dressing tables and chest of drawers. But before deciding what to buy, reply honestly if you plan to co-sleep with your baby. If it is hard to decide now, pay attention to cribs that can be transformed and attached to your bed and used as a separate newborn crib. This way, you won’t worry when your child is asleep in your bed.

If you plan that your newborn will sleep in its own bedroom, then buying nursery furniture cannot be avoided. Here is what you will definitely need:

  • a crib with a mattress;
  • chest of drawers to keep all the clothing;
  • dressing table (it can be combined with a chest of drawers that is a good solution for limited space);
  • feeding chair for mom (or dad).

Complement the nursery with a thermometer and hygrometer to check the temperature and humidity of the air. That’s it. Of course, the stores can offer you much more diverse accessories. Make your decision based on the budget you are ready to spend.

Baby Seat for a Newborn: Safety Cannot Be Compromised

This does not belong to the furniture category, however, the question of a safe and secure car seat cannot be omitted. The first travel in it will happen before your baby will sleep in its crib. That is why purchasing a reliable baby seat should begin with checking crash tests. This is where compromising quality is unacceptable.

Nowadays, there are plenty of possible choices and variations. For a newborn, you will need a seat with category 0. There are transformer options that can be used later when your child grows up, usually, until 24 months. Ensure the safety of your newborn during its first and all the next travels by car.

Baby Stroller: Only Budget Can Limit You

Thinking of newborn baby essentials, we could have not omitted a stroller. Luckily, there are so many manufacturers and models. Estimate the budget you are ready to spend, read reviews and feedback on the Internet, and decide. We would suggest paying attention to the season when your baby will be born so that a stroller ensures protection against cold temperatures, hot sun, spring winds, or autumn rains.

Newborn Baby Soothing Items: Will They Help?

Newborns feel a lot of discomfort after their birth. Colics and strange environment are the first reasons for that. Later, teething can cause sleepless nights and disturbing days. For soothing a baby, there are lots of accessories, however, they often turn out to be ineffective. Among gliders and diverse rocking chairs, we would suggest you find an option that can be later transformed into a feeding chair. Look for options with soothing music and attached toys, they will distract and entertain your baby later.

The list of baby soothing items can be complemented with pacifiers. However, in most cases, the most effective tool is the warmth of mummy. Why not buying a sling that will keep your newborn near, while you will have your hands free for some routines or strolls. So, we may label as necessities:

  • 2-in-1 rocking & feeding chair;
  • sling;
  • pacifiers (have them just in case).

Baby Linens: the Quality Always Matters

The choice is obvious and easy. You will need a couple of bed sheets and sleeping sacks for your newborn. The most crucial aspect is the quality of fabrics. Only natural textiles and no seams that may irritate the tender and soft newborn skin. The variety of colors and prints of baby linens is so diverse and abundant. Choose whatever you like and what will match the design of the nursery.

It is worth mentioning the matter of pillowcases, bumpers, and sleep positioners. The pillow is not recommended until the age of 2 or even 3 years. Using it increases the risk of SIDS. Bumpers and positioners intended to provide additional comfort for a newborn during sleep and protect against hitting hard crib walls are also not recommended by pediatricians because of the SIDS risk. It is up to you to decide.

So, you will undeniably need:

  • at least 4-5 crib sheets to change;
  • sleeping sacks (the blanket is not recommended);
  • several swaddling clothes.

Baby Feeding Bottle

Useful Baby Feeding Items and Accessories

We may assume that you intend to breastfeed your baby. Even if not, it is better not to stock baby formula in advance. Your child can be allergic to even the most expensive one. That is why, in the category of feeding, it is better to stick to the list of necessities, while all the remaining items will be purchased as soon as you require them. Undeniable must-haves are:

  • Breastfeeding bras and pads for mom;
  • A couple of bottles with newborn nipples;
  • A sterilizer, thermo-bottle, and carrier (for formula feeding).

In this category, it is also worth mentioning a breast pump that is not a must-have, however, many moms find it convenient to use, especially if you plan to work and leave your baby for several hours. Also, there is a wide choice of breastfeeding clothes. The contemporary collections make it possible for moms to look trendy and feel no discomfort during breastfeeding. These baby feeding items are optional and it is up to you to decide if they are needed.

Newborn Baby Care Essentials: Choose the Minimum

When it comes to taking care of the newborn skin, rule number one is not to harm it. It implies that it is unnecessary to use creams, balms, powders, oils, etc. when there is no need for this. Make sure that you have moisturized the skin in dry areas and have dried it with powder wherever the skin is moist. However, consultation with the pediatrician is a must before applying anything. You will need:

  • newborn baby oil;
  • baby powder.

Carefully check the content and make sure that they are natural and hypoallergenic. As for the cream applied under diapers, this is optional and depends on the reaction of your baby to diapers. The fewer cosmetics you apply, the better it is. The skin will adapt to the new environment quicker and your child will experience fewer irritations and skin problems.

Baby Grooming Kit

So, the fewer care manipulations you do, the better it is. Newborn baby grooming items are not many. We suggest you buying only necessities (even you need something not mentioned below, you will always have enough time to shop for them):

  • special scissors to cut nails;
  • cotton balls and swabs;
  • special shampoo or foam (though, it is better not to use too often).

Newborn Baby Bathing Items You Will Need

Bathing is among the top beloved rituals and activities for newborns and toddlers alike. When you have already got products for washing and grooming, there are only a few items we may suggest adding on the list of must-haves:

  • towels;
  • sponge;
  • water thermometer.

We have not included a bathtub on the list of newborn baby bathing necessities. Many parents find it too small and inconvenient and use the tub in their bathroom. Therefore, the tub is optional. Toys and a bath seat won’t be necessary until your baby reaches 6 months or learns to sit.

baby clothing

Newborn Baby Clothing: Wardrobe for Your Future Fashionista

Contemporary collections of baby & toddler clothing are so adorable that it is hard to stop yourself from buying baby girl or baby boy clothing for your future daughter or son. We won’t ask you to stop as it is such a pleasure to dress your newborn in cute outfits and take millions of pictures. We will just provide the list of must-have first baby clothes that will be complemented with everything you have spontaneously decided to add to the cart.

  • Bodysuits (5-7) with long and short sleeves;
  • Pants or shorts (5-7);
  • Socks and anti-scratch mittens;
  • Onesies for the night sleep;
  • Warm overall if your baby will be born in winter;
  • Blanket and warm sack for outside strolls;
  • Hats and accessories against the sun in summer…

This is up to you what to add to this newborn baby clothing list. You can refer to a newborn clothes guide or simply buy items and accessories that you like.

Baby First Toys: How to Develop and Entertain Your Kid

When it comes to the matter of toys, it is important not to underestimate their importance. Newborn baby’s first toys are designed to develop the eyesight of your baby, as well as to motive it to turn its head and handle objects in hands.

Here, the choice is easy. Buy:

  • a couple of bright rattles,
  • some crackling books or toys, and that’s it.

Just like with outfits, the choice depends on what you like and the budget you are ready to spend. It is crucial to follow the age recommendations so that not to endanger your newborn.

Budget-Friendly List for Baby Gear

In every category, we have provided the list of items you should purchase before the birth of your baby. What we would recommend also is to automize as many routines and chores as possible so that to have enough free time for cuddles and hugs with your newborn, as well as for having rest.

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