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Best Toys for 1-Year-Old: Finding the Best Options

It is only natural that each parent wants the best for their child: the best clothes, food, and essentials as a bed and a bath. Toys are not an exception. There is no doubt that toys for a one-year-old baby need to be chosen carefully after thorough research. To make this job easier for you, we prepared the list of important criteria while choosing the best toys for 1-year-olds.

  1. Go for versatile toys

    The first advice for finding perfect toys for one-year-old is making sure that they can be used in different ways. Pick something that you will be able to use in a variety of games. That way you will not have to buy new items each time.

  2. Buy toys that will serve for several years

    We recommend picking up toys that can last for several years. It will save you money for new ones, and your child will also learn how to appreciate them.

  3. Choose safe toys

    All the parents agree, that safety always comes first with children. While picking up toys for 1-year-olds, make sure they are made out of good and safe materials. It is also better to stay away from fake toys: you can never know for sure what they are made of. For parents, it is crucially important to know all the basic safe rules before the baby is born. There are lots of dangers adults could have never known about.

  4. Make sure that the toy is age-appropriate

    For your child to find the toy interesting, it should be age-appropriate. Complicated toys with multiple details will not work for your one-year-old baby. Moreover, you should stay away from toys with a lot of small details. A one-year-old can easily swallow it.

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Toys for 1-year-olds: Boys vs Girls

When it comes to buying toys for one-year-old boys and girls, parents need to understand that most of the options will work for both little ladies and gentlemen. All the toys at this stage of a child’s life are aimed at the development of motor and brain functions. Children of this age enjoy pushing and pulling, putting things together and taking them apart, and also moving things in and out of the boxes. Experts agree that the best type of toys at this age are open-ended ones. In this perspective, we prepared the lists of good toys for girls and boys. However, it does not mean that the divide is strict. We recommend observing your own baby to see what works for him or her specifically.

Toys for 1-year-old boys: the Variety of Options

Are you in search of birthday party ideas for a baby and would like to buy some toys? Are you looking for a good toy for a one-year-old baby boy? Too many options on the market and you cannot decide what to buy? Not to worry! Here is the list of best toys for a 1-year-old boy that will solve your problems.

  1. Pound & tap bench W/ slide-out xylophone, musical pounding toy

    This is a great option and can easily be called one of the best toys for a 1-year-old boy. Why is it so good? First of all, it inspires music recognition and creativity. A child can make his own music using this toy. Moreover, it also contributes to the development of motor functions by holding a stick and pounding on the buttons. And there is also a nice bonus for parents: this toy is usually very durable and it will serve for several years easily. Your child will not lose interest in this item as well.

  2. Laugh & learn storybook rhymes

    When it comes to the best toys for 1-year-old boys, storybook rhymes are a great option. It will not only be interesting for your little gentleman but will also stimulate his development. The book has several pages with different rhymes on each one. Your child will be introduced to first words, counting, shapes, colors, and letters while playing. It is a great way to stimulate your child’s visual and auditory senses.

  3. Inflatable duck bathtub

    Another option of toys for a one-year-old boy is an inflatable duck bathtub. We recommend it for several reasons. First of all, it will make the process of bathing your child much easier as he will be playing with his baby duck. Moreover, it is completely safe due to the temperature indicator. You can also take this duck with you on the trips as it is travel-friendly.

  4. Balance child’s bicycle

    A balance bicycle will be one of the best toys for a 1-year-old boy. We all know how men like to ride motorcycles and automobiles, and it all begins in childhood. This toy is appropriate starting from 6 months. It is a great way of teaching your little man balance and confidence. You do not have to worry about injuries: this item is very safe. Many parents find that this bike is one of the top toys for a 1-year-old boy as it is a great way of playing outdoors and preparing for a real bike. Also, such a bicycle will help your active baby spend enough energy and sleep well at night. Active pastimes always contribute to the improvement of the baby’s sleep schedule.

  5. Ride-on push car

    A ride-on push car is a great option for toys for a 1-year-old boy. It all comes down to boys loving to ride a car. Do you want to know the best part? A parent actually pushes a car and directs it. Consequently, there is almost zero chance for your little man to fall and hurt himself. The push-on car will help your child improve motor skills and learn directions bu turning the wheel.

  6. Spin & learn color flashlight

    Last, but not list the option of toys for a 1-year-old boy is a flashlight that will help your little one learn colors. This will be a great start on the road of teaching your child to identify colors. Moreover, the flashlight plays the sounds of different animals. That feature definitely fascinates little gentlemen.

Toys for 1 year old girl: Great Options to Choose From

As we have already mentioned, most of the toys for 1-year-olds will work for both girls and boys. A push-on car and a balance bike can easily be the best toys for a 1-year-old girl. Nevertheless, here are some other possible alternatives to toys for 1-year-old girls.

  1. A learning purse

    As men love their cars, women love their purses. That is why it will be a great option for toys for a 1-year-old baby girl. Your baby will definitely feel like a real lady carrying her own purse with little items inside. This toy will also introduce your young woman to numbers and letters. It is a great accessory as well.

  2. Developmental baby doll

    There is no doubt that most of the little ladies love to play with dolls. This toy will not only become your daughter’s best friend but will also serve as a development tool. The doll is made of different types of fabric. That way it will stimulate your child’s finger dexterity. Moreover, this item is very durable and can be washed in a washing machine. Considering this, it is one of the best toys for 1-year-old girls.

  3. Magical musical mirror

    Are you looking for toddler girl toys? Then the magical musical mirror will be a good choice. This toy is very popular because it creates a very engaging game for children. Not only it introduces numbers, letters, and colors, it is also a great way of stimulating a creative outlet. The musical mirror can play up to 15 tunes when opened and closed. In this perspective, a magical musical mirror is a great option for toys for a one-year-old girl.

  4. Musical dancing toy

    A musical dancing toy is one of the top toddler girl toys on the market. It comes in different shapes of animals. The most popular is a penguin. What does it do? It is a toy that dances and plays different tunes for your child. Baby girls love dancing to the songs with this toy. Moreover, it will also tell children to touch their hands, fingers, and other parts of the body. It is not only a fun item but also educational.

  5. Musical table

    Last, but not least option of 1-year-old girl toys is a musical table. The table can have up to 40 different melodies. However, it will not only play tunes, but it will also give your baby girl directions to roll, spin, tap and slide the different keys and buttons to play different melodies. This toy can keep a child entertained for hours, and it is also educational. To conclude, choosing the right toys for your one-year-olds is a responsible mission. Despite the market is overflowing with offers, use our recommendations and make a thoughtful decision. Moreover, we would advise listening to your child’s needs. Most of the toys for this age are versatile and can be used by both little ladies and gentlemen.

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