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Gender Neutral Colors for Baby Clothes

Traditionally, blue is chosen for boys and pink for girls. However, it is not at all necessary to adhere to such a strict color match in your child's wardrobe. Blue or pink can be diluted with gender-neutral colors, which we will talk about today. Moreover, you should consider the preferences of your little one - toddlers are already interested in colors and shapes of clothes they are wearing and can participate in shopping.

Neutral Colors for Baby Clothing

If you don’t want to use common colors like blue and pink for your baby’s clothes, then a good idea would be to pay attention to neutral colors for baby clothes. They can be combined with the aforementioned pink and blue or become a basis for the whole wardrobe.


Yellow is a universally recognized gender-neutral color. If parents still do not know the gender of their child, they often buy yellow things for a future family member. This color is suitable for babies of any gender and goes well with other neutral colors such as brown, green, and white. In a child's wardrobe, it is recommended to use muted color or soft pale yellow shades since bright yellow can wear out quickly.

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Green, like yellow, is also a traditional neutral color. For example, manufacturers of baby overalls often use neutral tones of green combined with pale yellow or white accents in models for both boys and girls. Various shades of green are harmoniously combined with each other. In addition, green can rightly be called a useful color because it calms the nervous system and makes a person feel more balanced.

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Almost all orange shades are suitable for both boys and girls. Orange is a warm, caring color that immediately catches the eye without being irritating, especially when paired with white or even light gray, which is a less official combination. Orange can be combined with brown which looks stylish, bright, and calm at the same time. Try out this combination!

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The color of innocence and purity can also be called asexual. Its only downside is that it becomes dirty too easily. White is really not a practical color for children's clothing, so it is better to choose cream items or opt for ivory-colored wardrobe elements.

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Chocolate brown is also a popular gender-neutral color as it is quite difficult to pair with both blue and pink. It works best with the right shades of orange, yellow, green, gray, and even red. Brands often use it in unisex baby clothes as it looks stylish for both girls and boys. In addition, brown is so rich that different shades of brown can create a beautiful color scheme on their own.

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It is one of the most used unisex baby colors as it can become a basis of any look and can be easily combined with literally any other color. Moreover, it is quite practical for baby clothes. The only disadvantage is that children usually prefer bright colors and ignore black. However, the right combinations will allow you to include black in your child’s wardrobe.

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There are numerous opinions on whether boys should wear blue colors and avoid pink ones while girls should wear only the latter ones. Same as there are discussions about whether shoes are necessary and when should babies start wearing shoes. However, the choice is all yours - opt for the colors you like, try to engage your kid in choosing new items and both of you will definitely like such a wardrobe!

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