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Dressing a Newborn

Every mom-to-be, as well as a parent of a baby that has just arrived, have so many questions. The question of how to dress a newborn arises most often. For the first time, every parent thinks about newborn babies outfits in the shops before it is born. Looking at all these adorable suits and dresses, the imagination draws the picture of a little baby in these outfits. Probably, even some of these clothes for newborn have been bought.

Now you are wondering what to dress a newborn in so that your little angel is safe and protected. How to determine if a baby is sufficiently dressed? Isn’t it too cold outside for a stroll? Read on and find responses to these and other questions.

What Should Newborns Wear

Before you begin browsing top baby clothes brands in search of perfect outfits for your baby, it is necessary to identify which items you will need. The first and the most essential rule of dressing newborns is: in the same way as an adult plus one layer of clothes. What does it mean? Let’s take an autumn stroll in the park. A mom will put a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and a cardigan. A baby should have two + one layers of clothes. A diaper, bodysuit, pants with built-in feet, a cotton onesie, and a blanket. The last one will serve as a necessary plus-one layer.

Despite the season when you expect your baby, bodysuits should be bought in a sufficient amount. There are short- and long-sleeved ones. Onesies are among the top convenient newborn babies' clothing, especially those that are snapped in front. There will be no need to put them on over the tiny head of your baby. Mostly, they dislike this process. Swaddling clothes can be needed or not. This is contingent on a baby and the approach in the care you choose as a parent.

Pants with built-in socks will eliminate the problem of permanent search of the latter. Babies are moving a lot and are very capable of taking them off. There are options with socks buttoned to pants. Check these footies as a solution to the search-of-socks chase.

The list should be complemented with newborn babies wear suitable for the season. Overalls, sweaters, leg warmers, and other clothes will be needed in autumn and winter. In any case, two blankets will be needed for strolls. Cotton and thin for summer, as well as warm and thick for cold seasons. Fresh air is the best prevention of possible problems with health. That is why even in winter, pediatricians recommend going out regularly.

how to dress a newborn

Dress a Newborn for Every Day and Sleep

Your precious angel is not accustomed to being dressed. That is why it is so important to choose only natural materials. Check the seams, stitches, and labels. They should not cause discomfort to your baby. Buy a special washing liquid for newborns. It is also recommended using the function of extra rinsing after washing.

Newborn baby outfits for every day should be convenient to change. In the first months, changing diapers and clothes will happen very often. That is why it is better to use simple items with zippers and snappers at the bottom. They enable changing a diaper without taking a piece of clothing off. In the first weeks, avoid additional accessories as they will only take your time and patience. Going out to parties and photoshoots make exceptions. For these occasions, there are plenty of the cutest adorable outfits and accessories for your newborn. Just have a look at the collections of baby girl clothing and select the most adorable ones, even if they are inconvenient to wear. These cute photoshoot pictures will become a great memory for the whole life.

Getting Ready to a Trouble-Free Night

While preparing clothes for sleep, remember that the temperature in the nursery should be within 68 – 72 degrees F. Blankets should not be used because of the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). That is why clothes should be warm to make sure that your little one is comfortably sleeping.

To dress a newborn for sleep, put a onesie on a diaper and a warm sleeper or sleeping sack. The latter can be used until your baby learns to turn. It is not only warm, but it also eliminates the need to use swaddling clothes. It is convenient to use a sleeping sack if your baby wakes itself up with hands.

Safety Comes First

Thinking of how to dress newborn, it is important to remember that newborn clothes sizes should be selected according to the actual height and weight. Clothes should fit, not to be too loose or too tight. While buying outfits in advance, remember that in the first months, the growth of your child will be extremely quick. That is why do not buy a lot of newborn baby size items. In six weeks, they will be too small. If you cannot refuse yourself in buying these adorable baby girl or baby boy clothing you have fallen in love with, it is better to choose bigger sizes, i.e., 0-3 or even 3-6. But mind the seasons so that not to waste your money.

Another important aspect to consider is dressing before driving. In a car seat, a baby should not be dressed in voluminous coats and overalls. Several thin layers of clothes are allowed. Above the belts, cover your baby with a blanket. Hat, mittens, and socks can be put on in winter times. These are the precautions in case of an accident. Disregarding them may cost a life.

Best Clothes for Newborn

1. Mustard Romper for Baby Girl

A nice romper for warm weather. It will look stylish, and you can choose it for any occasion. Light colors are also perfect for a special event. This item is perfect for layering — you can put on a sweater or a jacket if it becomes colder.

2. Blue Polka Dot Romper for Baby Girl

A nice romper with a matching set will become your favorite piece. You can combine it with pants or a skirt or wear it as a separate piece on warmer days. It is great for playing on a beach as well as wearing at home.

3. Pink Ruffles Romper

A pink romper will be a perfect choice for a vacation. Your girl will look stylish and trendy everywhere. You can combine this romper with furry sandals and be sure that your baby is the sweetest in the area!

4. Hello World Set for Newborn

This set is a great choice for a baby as they need a lot of clothes. Its pieces can be combined with other clothes creating numerous sets for every occasion. Add a sweatshirt for cooler weather or wear shorts if it is warm.

5. Unisex Baby Long Sleeve Zipper Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is a great option for both girls and boys. You can wear it at home or outside combined with jackets and trousers. This will be comfortable for the smallest babies as it has a long zipper making it easier to change.

6. Unisex Baby Long Sleeve Star Jumpsuit

Chic jumpsuit for every occasion. Choose it for wearing at home or as pajamas. It is comfy and stylish and your little one will look adorable in it. It is a nice piece as you don’t need any other clothes to wear. Let your little star shine bright!

7. Unisex Baby Solid Ribbed Foot Pants

Cozy and warm pants with socks are convenient if you are going outside. You can wear pants or just put on a sweatshirt and the set is ready! Purchase several pairs to change when needed and never care about what to wear anymore.

8. Unisex Baby ‘My Mom Is In Charge’ Bodysuit

A cure bodysuit with a fun inscription is a good option for sunny days. Just imagine how adorable the baby will look in this piece. Moreover, a bodysuit is probably the most comfortable thing in a baby’s wardrobe.

9. Baby Short Sleeve Avocado Bodysuit

A perfect piece for all avocado toast lovers. Simple and fun, this bodysuit is an option for every day. White color makes it perfect for sunny weather so that your child wouldn’t overheat. Natural fabrics make it even more comfortable.

10. Baby Girl Solid Knitted Hooded Cardigan

A nice and cozy cardigan for coll summer evenings or early autumn days. It is nice to combine it with dresses or pants as it fits everything! A nice color is not too bright, but your little one will definitely like it and feel like a real princess.

11. Unisex Baby Solid Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is one of the best options if you are looking for nightwear and don’t want to swaddle a baby. This is an option for older ones, but it is still extremely comfortable, cozy, and warm. Your child will definitely sleep well.

12. Baby Girl Bow Knot Beanie

A trendy beanie will fit any set and style. It will be perfect with dresses and sweet onesies. Try it on with more classic looks or with jeans and sweatshirts — it will always attract the attention of other people. Moreover, it will protect your child from sun and wind.

13. 3 Pairs of Cute Sock for Newborn Girl

A great choice for a newborn — a set of cute socks decorated with a mushroom, rabbit, and a pine tree. Nice colors and soft, natural material will make it absolutely comfortable for your baby. A pro tip: choose several sets to never be in search of fresh socks.

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