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When do Babies Grow out of Newborn Clothes

In contemporary stores with baby clothes, you can find thousands of cute suits for newborn babies. Should you buy a lot of them? How many outfits does a newborn need, and how long can babies wear newborn clothes? Let us try to dwell on the topic to find out the answer.

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on several factors:

  • How big your child is and how fast he (she) is growing,
  • What is the weight and height of your baby on the day of birth,
  • What brand of children's clothing you prefer,
  • What kind of clothes you acquire for your baby.

How Long Can Babies Wear 0-3 Month Clothes?

It is not worth buying a lot of newborn clothes. The size of newborn outfits is 50-56 cm, for many babies, these clothes become small literally in the very first weeks of life (that is, at a time when there is nowhere to appear in outfits because you spend the majority of time at home).

Another nuance is that each manufacturer of newborn clothing determines the size in its own way, you can find both small and large sizes. It happens that clothes intended for newborns are too big for a baby at 1-2 months.

You should also consider whether you are buying a one-piece jumpsuit or a jersey and pants separately. It's just that pants are worn longer and wear out more, because, unlike overalls, they do not limit you so much in length, and your baby can wear them much longer.

If you really want to buy a lot of newborn clothes, it is essential to find a store with reasonable prices so that you do not have to spend a fortune on outfits that, in any case, will not be worn for too long.

How many clothes and what size does a newborn really need? In fact, you don't need too many newborn clothes, and the size will largely depend on how big your newborn is predicted by doctors.

The first eight weeks of a child's life require only a few key items of clothing, namely:

  • bodysuit,
  • jumpsuit,
  • hat,
  • bonnet,
  • several suits,
  • a pair of undershirts and pants,
  • socks,
  • warm overall (depending on the season).

Children grow up so quickly that it is not worth spending a fortune on newborn clothing that they will only wear for a few weeks.

By the way, if you adore any of your baby's clothing sets and do not want to part with them when the child has grown, put these clothes aside. A few years later, when the child grows up (especially if you have a girl), you can buy a big baby doll. Too many dolls can be dressed in clothes for newborns, so you can get your favorite outfits out of the closet again!

Undeniably, it is up to parents to decide how many newborn clothes to acquire. But the general recommendation is not to get too many because kids grow out of this size the fastest.

newborn clothes

How Can I Know If My Baby Needs New Clothing?

When buying baby clothes in an online store, it is extremely important to correctly determine the size without a tag. Otherwise, the clothes will be small or large. Length, height, waist circumference may not match due to different size charts and standards of different manufacturers. Before ordering and paying for a purchase, you need to figure out which one the producer uses.

Even if babies wear newborn clothes, it is still necessary to think about the next size in advance. Sometimes, babies grow out of newborn clothes overnight. Here is some useful information to take into account.

  • In some cases, the waist or hip circumference of the child does not correspond to the average data, therefore, when buying clothes, it is essential to know not only the height of a girl or a boy. The dress should fit well on the shoulders, the waist should be in place. The sleeve must be of the correct length. Often girls with custom sizes have to buy dresses of the next size. When choosing trousers, be sure to pay attention to the waist circumference and the length of the crotch.
  • The sellers are no less interested than the buyer that things fit. That is why clothing descriptions are often accompanied by additional characteristics. The sleeve length, shoulder width, back length, waist circumference, crotch seam are indicated. All this makes it easy to buy dresses, pants, and other clothing of the right size. To find out which thing to buy, you just need to take a measuring tape and make the necessary measurements. If additional information is absent, feel free to inquire about it.

In What Size of Clothes Babies Stay the Longest?

It is a common question among parents who are trying to get ready for the arrival of their newborn in advance. As you have already understood, every baby is unique, while every manufacturer of the toddler and newborn clothes has its own standards of sizes. If you are still eager to get ready, we recommend following some below pieces of advice:

  • Do not buy too many clothes of the same size: Get three pieces of bodysuits (jumpsuits, pants, onesies, etc.) for newborns, three pieces of the size 3-6 months, three pieces of the size 9-12 months. In this way, you will know if this particular size is the right fit, while there will be several outfits to use while you are waiting for your order from a store.
  • Even though every baby has a unique height and size, newborn clothes are statistically worn less than the other sizes. There is no need to spend too much money on them. Besides, in the first weeks, your little one will sleep a lot, so there will be no time to dirt numerous outfits.
  • If you are going to have a party before or after the birth create a gift list so that your guests know if you need baby clothes of a newborn or bigger size. In this way, you will avoid having too many clothes of a size for a newborn.

Where Can I Buy Newborn Clothes for a Baby

Nowadays, there are numerous online stores where you can acquire baby boy and baby girl clothes of various sizes. Usually, if a brand has outfits for kids, they have something to offer for newborns. If you are looking for a reliable store to buy baby boy clothes or outfits for your newborn, it is worth paying attention to the following factors:

Exchange and return policies

Of course, you are entitled to exchange the majority of goods, however, some stores may have restrictions. Therefore, before deciding to acquire baby clothes in a particular shop, make sure you are satisfied with the terms and conditions of returning and exchanging outfits.

Reputation in the market

There are a lot of worldwide-known brands that sell clothes for newborns and toddlers, however, their designs are easily recognizable. If you are hunting for something unique and unusual, there are plenty of other shops that create their own designs of baby clothes for little fashionistas. Make sure you have read reviews and feedback before making a purchase.

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6 Requirements for Newborn Clothes

Here is what you need to take into consideration while choosing newborn clothing:

  • Natural fabrics. For a newborn, you should choose things only from natural textiles. Even an adult is uncomfortable wearing a sweater made of artificial materials, what can we say about a baby with extremely delicate skin.
  • Gentle colors. Too bright colorful things are not the best choice for a baby. After all, this indicates the presence of dyes. In addition, modern psychologists and pediatricians assure that it is not at all useful for the vision and psyche of young children to consider unnaturally bright things.
  • Seams out. For newborns, it is recommended to buy the first clothes with seams outward, so that a rough seam does not rub the delicate skin.
  • Wide necks or buttons. For young mothers who are expecting their first baby, clothes with a wide neckline or with buttons are the real salvation in the first days and weeks. After all, the baby still does not know how to keep one’s head, and the mother does not yet have so much practice and confidence in her actions.
  • Buttons, not a zipper. To change a diaper, you do not need to unbutton all the clothes, you can only open the bottom. It is not only a more comfortable option but also a safer decision.
  • Comfort. Newborn clothing should be selected in size so that it is not too small and does not hinder the movements of the baby. However, too loose things are also not the best choice.

Even if you still hesitate, there are plenty of blogs with useful articles and friends who have already got kids. Look for available sources of information and have no worries. Parenthood should bring only joy and positive emotions!

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