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Cute & Creative Baby Announcement Ideas

Have you recently discovered that you are pregnant? Congratulations. This is the beginning of a completely new stage of your and your partner’s life. There are so many things to take care of before your child arrives, especially if this is the first baby you are expecting. Aside from signing the contract with the clinic, announcing the huge news is among the first things happy expecting parents are thinking about.

Indeed, announcing the pregnancy is an event-to-remember for you, your relatives, and close friends. When you have got a lot of people you would like to notify about the changes in your life, we have made the list of funny and cute ways to announce pregnancy online and offline. The ideas on how to creatively announce the birth and baby shower are also included. So, let’s get started!

Cute Ways to Announce Pregnancy Online: Creative Pictures to Share

If you are planning to somehow let your remote friends and relatives know about your joyous news, one of the best baby announcement ideas is to make a funny picture and share it with them in any way you find convenient. Taking a photo on your own or using the services of a professional photographer, this is up to you to decide. If you know how to utilize Photoshop, then everything can be done without the need to involve someone else in this happy family moment. Therefore, here are DIY ideas of pictures to announce the pregnancy.

1. Eating & Drinking for Two

It is clear who of the parents will have the role of eater or drinker. There are two possible ways: either find a picture from a common vacation where you both are drinking cocktails and add the text where you make it clear that alcohol will be forbidden for a mom-to-be. Alternatively, take a picture in which a husband has got a double portion of drinks, while a future mother enjoys a generous serving of food. While a man is going to help his wife with glasses, hopefully, he will handle diapers’ changing with the same high motivation.

2. Picture as a Movie Poster

Have you got a favorite comedy about becoming parents? Are you fond of Knocked Up? This is a good time to watch the movie you like again and make use of its poster. Take a picture, in the same style, select the style, fonts, and add all the information you would like to share with your friends and relatives. Think of accessories you can use. For example, a book on pregnancy and food of unusual combinations. Rehearse in front of the mirror so that your faces look hilarious and surprised. This is a comedy, isn’t it?

3. Pregnancy Announcement with Gender Swap

If you are searching for ideas on how to make a baby announcement that is unexpected and funny, resorting to gender swap will have the desired effect. Find a dress your hubby will fit in and don’t forget about making a bump with a ball or clothes. With such a change of roles, there is no need to add to many words. Let the poster just say that you are waiting for the big change in your life, that’s it.

4. Make Fun of Pregnancy Nausea

This is not too original, however, still an idea that many couples choose. While a future mom is bent over a toilet because of the morning sickness, her husband is joyfully (or fearfully) holds the positive pregnancy test pointing at it or his wife. Adding a hilarious phrase on the burger you have suspected or something alike can make this pic really fun.

5. Practicing for a Baby Coming

If you have got a pet, this is a good idea to include it in the picture, of course, if it won’t mind. It is also possible to make use of a home plant you have got. If you want to create a baby announcement with your cat but it won’t let you put a baby hat on it, take a plant instead. Prepare some accessories for the picture such as a bodysuit, hat, pacifier, diaper, bottle, a book about pregnancy and parenthood, etc.

6. For Sale Poster

Undoubtedly, getting ready for the baby birth, there will be lots of things parents will have to change in their lives. Think of what you won’t be able to do in the nearest couple of years. This can be:

  • the bar you have collected at home;
  • high heels and cocktail dresses;
  • bikini, probably;
  • loud music instruments;
  • accessories for parties, etc.

Collect all the things you have found in a box, write the sign “For Sale”, and that’s it. This is a baby announcement idea that does not require buying newborn stuff.

7. Unpacking a Gift from Santa

If you expect your child to be born around Christmas and New Year holidays and look for Christmas baby announcement ideas, be sure that you are ready to decorate your tree that early. If you have discovered about your pregnancy, around these holidays, it is easier as the tree is already in the living room. Place a pregnancy test in a gift box and thank Santa for such a gift.

create a baby announcement

Second Baby Announcement Ideas

When you are looking for a way to notify your relatives that one more child is going to appear in your family soon, the feelings can be a bit controversial depending on the experience you have already had with the first child. If you are a bit messed up with the news, first, get used to this thought, then it will be easier to choose an appropriate way to announce. Here are several suggestions.

8. Eviction Notice

If this is not the first pregnancy, include your first baby in the picture. Choosing one of the second baby announcement ideas should be based on the age of your first baby. If the difference between kids will be small, quite probably the older one will be presented with a new bigger bed, while a crib will be used for the second child. Writing a sign “Eviction notice” and taking a picture with your first child and his/her toys can be a fun idea. Though you should be sure that you won’t hurt the feeling of your baby who may start feeling jealous because of the news he/she has recently got to know.

9. To-do List for an Elder Sibling

If you think that your child won’t appreciate being evicted, think of making a list of cute habits or tasks your baby has got and also, add the bullet point of becoming an older brother or sister for the new member to arrive. This is one of sibling baby announcement ideas that may help you deal with the feelings of the first child. Thinking of how to share your joy with the world, do not forget about the feelings of the vulnerable little boy or girl. Become an older sister or brother can become a great motivation and the step on friendly treatment from the first one.

10. The Next One Is Coming

When you are expecting the third, fourth, or the next child in your family, include every family member in the picture. Most 3rd baby announcement ideas have the same concept: you are either tired or get ready for the next round. You may look also surprised, feared, or messy. This depends on the previous experience you have got. Making fun of the situation is the best way to tell the world and people around that you are ok and not afraid of the way your life is going to change again.

Notify Your Parents in a Special Manner

Undeniably, your parents are going to be in seventh heaven due to the news you are going to announce. They will be touched even more if you tell them first and make a special announcement for future grant-parents. Here are some baby announcement ideas for grandparents:

  • Order special T-shirts saying that these are the best grandmother and grandfather;
  • Make special cups with alike prints;
  • Buy some toys they can play with their grandchild when it appears and they are to babysit.

Baby Gender Announcement Ideas

Announcing pregnancy can be handled by the future parents themselves, however, getting used to a gender reveal party or ceremony, it is better to ask someone to help. Why? Despite which of baby gender announcement ideas you are going to choose, your real emotion from this news matter most of all.

The most popular ways are to order a cake that will be designed accordingly. To find out who you are expecting, it will be necessary to cut it. Another option is a balloon filled with confetti or other balloons of pink or blue color. Make a video that will become not only a great way to let the world know who you are waiting for but will become part of a precious family collection.

However, if you are not fond of the idea to throw a party or ask someone to get involved in the process of preparation, most baby boy or baby girl announcement ideas foresee that you take a picture of yourself with the bump and hold something that can be definitely attributed to a son or daughter. You may hold ribbons, balloons, toys, or shoes. The choice may vary contingent on what you have already acquired for your future baby.

If you have an intention to have a professional photoshoot with a bump, this is a perfect chance to add accessories in the pictures. The most original baby girl or baby boy announcement ideas include taking photos with blue or pink paint or smoke bomb. If you have chosen one of these ideas, make sure that you are not allergic to the paint components and carefully study what is included. As for a smoke bomb, take all the safety precautions so that not to get injured.

How to Create Baby Announcement After the Birth

If you have decided that you want to celebrate your soon meeting with a child, there is nothing better than a cozy baby shower with your beloved friends and relatives. Even though it may require efforts to arrange it, the memories will be forever with you. There are a lot of aspects to consider while getting ready for this event:

  1. Begin with the guest list.
  2. Choose a theme of the party (options are huge from a superhero to princess and dinosaurs).
  3. Find a location according to the list of attendees and theme.
  4. Think of invitations and baby shower announcement ideas. Here is a tip for you: if you have already made a picture or poster to announce the pregnancy, reuse it stating that the day X is approaching and you need the support of the closest people.
  5. Select snacks or meals and drinks.
  6. If you are going to invite guests who have already got children, think of the team of professional animators so that they could enjoy this party.
  7. Consider the list of gifts of there is still a lot of baby stuff you need to buy. Help your guests to make the right choice.

Getting ready for the birth of a baby is a responsible period for both parents. It is necessary to foresee as much as possible beginning with the choice of the clinic to preparing the nursery and buying all the must-haves for your newborn. However, in all these routines and preparations, parents should not forget to relax and have fun. Funny pregnancy announcement ideas will help you spend a good time preparing to notify your close people of the big news. Besides, they can be also used for the birth announcement. If you have already got a template, it will be fast and easy to add the date and time of the childbirth. Be creative and enjoy parenthood!

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