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Best Toys for 6-Month-Old Babies: How to Select Them

Which age is the best in the development and growth of your baby? Is this even possible to reply to this question? Every parent will admit that every phase of development has its positive and sometimes not so positive sides. The first year of your infant is, indeed, the most impressive and unforgettable. There are so many things your baby learns for the first smile. Just remember the first time it has smiled to you or the first sound it has made.

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While the joy of the first months can be obscured with sleepless nights and endless routines of changing diapers and outfits, the period from six to nine months is full of new capabilities your baby acquires. Almost every day, parents will notice new skills mastered by their children. Thus, at this age, the toys for 6-month-old are intended not just to entertain your baby (though, this is a very useful additional benefit) but also to help develop newly-acquired skills and improve the abilities of your baby.

infant toys

What is more, the importance of properly-selected playthings is emphasized by the fact that your baby sleeps only several hours per day, while the rest of the time is spent actively. The daytime is full of smiles, playing, and babbling. Thus, toys become an integral part of everyday routines. How to select the items your child will love entertaining with and that will be beneficial for the process of development. Let’s get to the matter in more detail.

Top of Priorities: Safety

When it comes to the choice of toys for 3 to 6-month-old babies and even for toddlers, the matter of safety is of paramount importance. First of all, parents should be sure that their child will be safe alone with the items they give it. Probably, now you will tell that in no way, you will leave your baby alone. However, believe it or not, the time to leave it alone on the floor of the nursery will come. Thus, be ready for this moment so that not to worry in the future. Thus, while selecting toys for a baby under 24 months, here are the rules that must be strictly followed:

No Components Less Than 4 Inches

In other words, you should make sure that your child won’t be able to disassemble a toy on smaller parts that can be swallowed. Babies take objects in the mouth not just because of the teething process. This is the natural way to investigate the world: to see, touch, smell, and place an object in the mouth. Remember: choking is one of the most dangerous hazards your baby faces until reaching the conscious age.

How to verify this? It is quite easy. Take an item and try applying some force. Be sure that a curious child can tear pieces or crash a toy against the wall or furniture. The more rigid the material of a toy is, the safer it is for your baby.

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Only High-Quality Certified Materials

Nowadays, the shops, especially online ones, are packed with toys. The choice is abundant. However, it is important to make sure that the quality of materials and components corresponds to the requirements of the bodies that control manufacturers of items for children.

It is understandable that online purchases are especially convenient for the parents of infants. Hence, we recommend making the first purchase in an offline shop to have the possibility to touch and attentively study the quality of toys. Then, you will be able to order toys of the same brands. What is more, one can trust to worldwide-known brands of wares for children. Their products are sold across the planet with different requirements, thus, their quality meets them.

Regular Washing of Toys Is Obligatory

Just like with clothes, before the first contact of your baby with a toy, you should thoroughly wash it with a baby detergent you have got. Also, develop the habit to wash all the toys at least twice per week. No need to explain in detail how much dirt and bacteria will collect on the surface of toys.

Selecting Toys for 3-6-Month-Old Babies’ Level of Development

We all know that the pace of development and growth are unique for every child. Thus, talking about the best toys for 3-6-month-old children, the first thing to pay attention to is what your child can already do and which skills you would like to develop at this age. So let’s identify what your baby has already achieved to select the relevant toys.

3 month old baby toys

Baby Development from 3 to 6 Months

  • A child can identify emotions of mother and duplicate them: you notice that it smiles in response to your smiling face and can get worried if your face is concerned or angry.
  • They still do not separate themselves from mother. That is why they love interacting with parents so much. Most often, they will be also pleased to play with strangers.
  • At this age, the kid gets easily overexcited which may lead to crying.
  • Physically, a child learns to roll from the belly to the back and vice versa. Also, it starts learning own body parts and plays with them.
  • It can grab an object and hold it in hands at around 3-4 months.
  • It is important that this is the age when a child starts learning to talk by listening to parents and repeating the sounds they can reproduce.

Which Toys Can Suit a Baby From 3 to 6 Months

Above are just the most important accomplishments of your baby. Approaching the age of six months, some children can even sit and stand. This will influence greatly the selection of toys. At the age of 4-5 months, the achievements of babies are more or less alike. So, let’s focus on this age range while making up the list of the best toys. Here are some suggestions.

1. Tummy-time Mats

Their choice is wide nowadays: from simple with several toys and mirrors to ones with music and sound effects, the possibility to connect your phone, as well as create the shield across the perimeter to protect your crawling child from getting in trouble. Here are some of the most top-rated playmats:

Baby Tummy-time Mat
Image Source: Amazon
Baby Einstein 5-in-1 World of Discovery Gym

It has everything you may want for your baby: toys to develop tactile feeling, safe mirror, a prop pillow. It is also possible to fold up the sides of the mat. There are ten multi-colored balls your baby will love playing with. Besides, 20 minutes of music will keep your child entertained.

Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop and Play Mat

The mat is completed with a rattle, teether, safe mirror, as well as plenty of other toys attached to it. The advantage of this playmat is the compact size that allows you to take it while going to visit friends or to take it outside in summer. Besides, it will not take too much space in the nursery. Though, it will stop being useful when your baby learns to crawl at least on its tummy.

Sassy Floor Mirror

At this age, kids love investigating themselves in the mirror. With this safe soft mirror mat, your baby can keep busy for quite a long time. The Sassy Floor Mirror has a frame, it is soft and completely safe even if your child pulls it on itself. There is also a ladybug that rotates, as well as a bee to click on. This is a cost-effective, simple and, at the same time, entertaining mat for your baby.

Thus, a playmat can become a nice addition to your nursery. It is possible to start using even from the first days after coming home from the hospital. Remember not to leave your baby unsupervised and try keeping the mat clean.

2. Rattles

As your baby is learning how to hold objects and, at the same time, reacts to the sounds around, rattles are must-haves. These days, they are much more sophisticated than used to be a decade ago. Here are some picks to consider:

SmartNoggin NogginStik
Image Source: Amazon
SmartNoggin NogginStik

It has been designed by the specialist working in the field of kids’ development and a mom. Hence, the rattle is delivered with a leaflet that contains info on the milestones your child should generally achieve at a certain age along with the suggestions on how to help your baby develop some skills with the help of the NogginStik.

Most parents admit that this one has been loved by their children up to the age of 12 months. It will encourage your baby to track objects with eyes, grab and hold items, as well as react to the sounds produced by ears. With the recommendations in the leaflet, parents may entertain and develop the skills of their baby for hours.

Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy by Manhattan Toy

This is a multifunctional toy that is composed of safe and soft tubes for teething. The one in the middle produces rattling sound, while the side tubes encourage the development of gross motor skills.

Above are just a few suggestions for the age of up to six months. It does not make sense to buy plenty of toys as your baby grows so fast. Learning to sit and stand, they may become interested in other great toys for 6-month-old kids.

Suggested Toys for 6-Month-Old Baby Girl and Boy

After the first six months are behind, your infant changes considerably. It starts realizing the world around and separates the mother from itself. This child is physically, emotionally, and psychologically different from the preceding months. Thus, the selection of the best baby toys for a 6-month-old should be based on the capabilities it has already mastered and those that parents try to develop. Here are the skills your child should have mastered (these are just the general indicative data, abilities and skills, as well as the pace of development, of every child are different):

  1. Socially and emotionally, your baby can recognize the faces of people it already knows, while it can get disappointed seeing someone it does not know. Your child identifies the emotions of people around and responds to them accordingly. It likes playing and interacting with other people. Hence, the mirror you have been using before can still be beneficial to learn your baby of different facial expressions.
  2. Your child starts mastering communicational skills: it will make sounds in response to the other sounds it hears and tries to repeat vowels while babbling. There may be certain sounds to express excitement, joy or frustration. Your baby will react when he/she is called by name. To further develop language skills, parents and other people should keep talking and singing while being with a baby. Of course, this is impossible to talk all day long. This is when different songs and sound learning toys for 6-month-old baby communication skills’ development will come in handy. Tip: upload kids’ songs and switch this playlist on for your baby during certain routines. For example, calm lullabies before going to bed will serve as the signal for your baby that it is time to sleep.
  3. Mastering new cognitive skills encourages your child to reach and grab remote objects. This stimulates the development of new movement skills. Your child is curious about the world around us. Placing everything in the mouth and chewing is one of the ways to learn the world around. Thus, teethers are still needed to fulfill this need to chew anything that your child can grab and get.
  4. Physical development goes right after the wish to investigate the world around. Your child can roll in both directions and stand with support. Some can already sit without support and get ready for crawling rocking back and forth. Further physical development can be encouraged thanks to playing mats and activity gyms acquired at an earlier age.

Based on the above, it is possible to understand why it is crucial to select age-appropriate toys for 6-month-old children – they should help your baby develop new skills and brush up those abilities they have already achieved. Here, we will suggest some of the most popular and high-rated toys for children of this age.

Learning Toys for 6-Month-Old Baby Development

Looking for playthings for your 6-month-old kid, it is crucial to remember that it will still the involvement of parents in most cases. Of course, it learns to spend time on its own with the toys, though, to ensure that the toys develop the skills and encourage your baby for more new achievements, parents should actively participate, not just piling the nursery with everything one could just imagine.

Learning toys for baby
Image Source: Amazon

1. Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo

This is quite an innovatively-designed item resembling a piece of modern art. The potential for creativity development cannot be underestimated. Each piece of this toy is balanced in its unique way. Place the items one on each other with your baby. Learn colors and let your baby master spacial and coordination skills with you and this amazing toy.

2. Stacking Rings

This is one of the best toys for a 6-month-old baby girl and boy. Probably, for this reason, every manufacturer of children items has got it in the range of products it offers. The materials of rings and bases vary from textiles to wood and plastic. The number of rings, their colors, the presence of sound and visual effects, and many more additional functions are available. The benefits of this toy are undeniable: your baby will learn to hold these rings in both hands, master how to place them back to the base.

Later, you will teach your baby how to place the rings in order from the biggest to the smallest one. You may also count them together, learn the colors, and create many more activities together with your baby and these stacking rings.

3. Baby Einstein Creative Composer Musical Toy Gift Set

The age of six months is the time when your baby will fall in love with musical toys. The suggested set by Baby Einstein has been specially designed for an early age. Most of the music toys are recommended for use from 24 or 36 months. First, their size corresponds to age. The handles can be easily grabbed by a 6-month-old baby. It has also got flashing lights that will delight your baby and the possibility to adjust the volume that will delight its parents. The set includes a music player, mini piano and rattle.

4. Green Toys My First Tug Boat

This is a great idea for children who love bathing. Honestly, do you know children who dislike this? This floating boat can accompany your baby in the bathtub or the swimming pool. You can collect and splash some water to entertain your baby and have fun when it laughs. It has a lightweight body and is produced from recycled plastic that is safe for your baby and can be even dish-washed. Simple, cheap, and entertaining, what can be better?

5. B. Toys – One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks

This is the set of multi-colored blocks. These 10 blocks are manufactured from soft squeezable material that your child can chew and use as teethers. Free from BPA, the set is safe for your baby. Besides, there are different numbers and animals on different sides of the blocks, thus, when you manage to catch the attention of your child, you can teach it something new.

6. Vtech Drop & Go Dump Truck

This is a small truck complemented with multi-colored balls that should be collected and dropped in it. Thanks to the spring mechanism that should be pressed to drop the balls inside. It has also got three buttons that produce various sounds and phrases. On the market, there two color options to choose from. Thanks to its push-along design, children quickly develop fine motor skills.

baby toy with stacking rings
Image Source: Amazon

7. Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack And Baby’s First Blocks Bundle

This is a great idea for those looking for the best toys for 6-month-old as a gift. This set includes a toy with stacking rings and a toy with blocks bundle. In total, there are 10 multi-colored blocks in a lightweight carry bucket and 5 rings. Teach your baby to recognize colors, as well as to improve the coordination of hands by placing rings on the toy and dropping blocks in the bucket.

8. Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Activity Station

Starting with the age of 3-4 months, this toy can entertain your baby during tummy times. Growing up, it will be a beloved toy for the sitting time of your child. It produces diverse sounds and has got visual effects to catch and hold the attention of an active baby. There are three modes of sounds, namely animals, xylophone, and colors, as well as three languages are spoken – English, Spanish, and French. It is lightweight, compact, and safe for a child from 3 months.

9. VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

A cute puppy that can be pulled producing diverse sounds and playing music. It is placed on wheels, thus, your child can easily take it anywhere he or she wants. It has got three buttons of different colors to entertain your baby. While the nose is also a glowing button that produces sounds as it is pressed. You can be sure that your baby will love this puppy. It is important for parents that it has got the function of automatic shut-off and has control of the volume level.

Octopus baby toy
Image Source: Amazon

10. Baby Einstein Octopus Orchestra Musical Toy

If your baby is fond of music toys, this one can become his or her top pick. This blue octopus provides your baby with the possibility to produce diverse sounds by pressing the buttons on it. Every colored button with flashlights produces the sound of a different musical instrument. There are two modes called Composer and Discovery. It helps to develop the motor and listening skills of your baby.

11. VTech Crinkle & Roar Lion

This soft lion can become the first teacher of letters and numbers for your baby. There are over 50 phrases, melodies, and songs that can be played by this toy. Just shake it and hear some other sounds. There is also an attached safe mirror. Its crinkly feet, ribbon tags, and textured rings contribute to the stimulation of tactile and motor skills. This toy is lightweight and can be attached to a stroller or crib.

Some Other Great Toys for 6-Month-Old Babies

Above, we have suggested some compact items that you could buy for everyday entertainment and easily taking them wherever you go. Just like there is a wide selection of playing mats for 3-month-old kids, there are also chairs and other more stationary items to be purchased. Here is what we can suggest considering.

12. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

This is a seat suspending on elastic ropes that makes it possible for an active curious 6-month-old baby to jump and turn in it. How does it work? When your baby jumps, it produces sounds with visual light effects. Thus, it encourages your baby to move and jump in it. What is more, there are also several toys attached to the chair supports to entertain your baby when it is tired of jumping. The seat can rotate at 360 degrees, as well as can be adjusted at three levels to ensure that you can use it when your baby grows up. The sitting pad is machine washable so, you may have no worries about keeping it clean.

13. Skip Hop Explore & More 3-Stage Activity Center

Activity centers are what children love a lot. They are usually packed with multiple features and functions that fascinate your baby. The Skip Hop Center has got a flashing music piano, peek-a-boo owl, colorfully beaded cloud, trees and hedgehog chaser with spinner. Another great benefit is the possibility to remove toys leaving just a table. Thus, when your baby grows up, it can be turned in a playing table for diverse activities like drawing.

14. Summer Infant Pop 'N Jump Activity Center

This is one of the greatest outdoor toys for 6-month-old babies. The activity center has been designed to entertain a baby inside, as well as to quickly reassemble it outside whenever needed. There is a special hood to cover your baby from the sun. The frame is compact and lightweight, once again proving that it has been designed for outdoor use. It has a jumping feature so much beloved by infants, rattle, teether, the book with mirror, and a spinner. The set of toys is sufficient to entertain your baby for some time without even your involvement.

Several Pieces of Advice for New Parents: Cards

In every company, employees appear in the situation when they need to gift something for a colleague who has recently become a parent. If there is someone who has got children, you have found your savior. Though, what should you do if you have got no idea how to congratulate your colleague with this amazing event in his or her life?

Gift Card as the Best and Easiest Idea

Undeniably, this is a win-win idea. Just find the shop, online or offline, get a card, and that is it. In such a way, you will stop worrying if your present will be liked, while new parents will have the possibility to acquire whatever they need or want.

However, some people give preference to buying presents instead of gift cards or simply giving money. Such an approach makes sense because using something every day, these people will remember those who have presented an item and will feel pleased. So, how to meet the needs of the new parents?

First of all, avoid buying stuff for newborns. They will get plenty of gifts like this, thus, the probability to buy something that their relatives have already presented is quite high. So, you can focus on something they will need later, at the age of 6 or 9 months. Thus, it is possible to consider books or toys for a 6-month-old baby girl or boy. Thus, it is possible to consider something from the above suggestions we have listed. Here are a few more pieces of advice for new parents cards and gifts to continue the list of toys and items for 6-month-olds.

100 First Words: A Speech-Starting Book

This is a great book with bright pictures that you can show to your baby and name for it to learn new objects. Complementing the objects in the book with everything you see around and your child will quickly know how the items around are called.

Making Faces First Book Emotions
Image Source: Amazon

Baby Faces: A Book About Feelings

This one will have the pictures that will help a baby understand emotions and facial expressions. You can also imitate these impressions to practice with a child. Quite an interesting and captivating pastime for children and parents alike.

HABA Snug-up Doll Luis

This is a soft toy to sleep and hug with. It is 100%-safe as has no small accessories and items. What is more, it can be washed in the machine to keep it clean no matter what may have been spilled on it.

Final Words

The age of 6 to 9 months is the period of active development and growth of your child. The selection of toys is important. Luckily, the choice nowadays is abundant offering something for any preferences and budget. Even without paying a fortune on toys, it is possible to equip your baby with playthings to entertain and develop new skills. The above suggestions are diverse and can meet any budget and space requirements.

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