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How to Get Slime out of Clothes: Several Techniques to Save Outfits

In recent years, so many various toys and activities have appeared in stores. Among the most beloved ones, every parent will mention the slime. They are widely popular for the reason of keeping the attention of toddlers and even preschoolers for the amount of time sufficient for parents to finalize their chores. While being so popular, slimes are quite tricky to get out of outfits. So, if you are searching for effective ways to remove slime from clothes, you are in the right place. The Trendy Toddlers have collected effective tips from experienced parents.

There are different ways to get slime out of clothes. You may need to use white vinegar, baking soda, or an ice cube. It does not matter which of the options you are about to choose. If you want to preserve clothes, make sure you treat fabrics gently and check out the recommendations for washing before you start. You should work on a flat surface. Start with scraping fabrics gently with your thumb. If you cannot remove slime in this way, use a brush to gently scrub the area with slime. Read on to find out useful tips that will save your nerves and budget.

get slime out of clothes

How to Get Slime out of Clothes With Ice

The first and most important rule of removing any kind of stain from fabrics is to do this as early as possible. Thus, work out a habit to carefully check the clothes of your little one every time you change them. Regardless of the nature of the stain, you will have more chances to succeed when you are going to remove poop, slime, or whatever else if the blot is detected before you wash clothes.

However, if you have not noticed it on time, here is a way to get dry slime out of clothes:

  • to remove slime that is already dry, get an ice cube;
  • try to pick as much slime from the material as possible;
  • then run a cube of ice to get rid of the remaining slime;
  • if you cannot get dry slime out of clothes completely, place an outfit in a freezer bag and put it in the freezer;
  • wait for an hour or a bit more until a piece of clothes is frozen;
  • once frozen, you will get slime out of clothes quite easily;
  • afterward, wash the outfits with warm water as you usually do.

It is one of the ways to get slime out of clothes without vinegar.

Another Way to Get Dry Slime out of Clothes

If you have taken the above steps and tried to get slime out of clothes with ice but haven’t succeeded, here is another option to try.

You need some baking soda, a spoon, and some water. As usual, you should try to remove slime mechanically. You can use a spoon for this purpose. This method is preferable for gentle fabrics because the spoon will not damage them. If you have been searching for a way to remove slime from clothes without white vinegar, proceed to the next approach. So, here are your next steps:

  • You will need a paste made of baking soda, white vinegar, and water; the latter two should be mixed in equal quantities. The amount of soda should suffice to make this paste thick.
  • Apply the paste to the stain of slime. You may need to cover slime several times until you can no longer see the blot through the paste.
  • Leave the paste to dry.
  • Then, remove the paste with a paper towel.
  • Wash with warm water as usual.

Make Use of Vinegar

If the color of clothes with slime stain is not bright, you can try applying white vinegar on it. The procedure is quite easy. You only need to remove slime mechanically. Use a toothbrush and gently scrub the surface. Make sure not to damage it. Then, pour some vinegar on the stain and leave for some time. But do not let the vinegar dry. Afterward, wash an outfit as you usually do. If necessary, you can repeat the same procedure. However, if the stain is still there, try other alternative ways to remove slime from clothes without the use of vinegar.

How to Get Slime out of Clothes Without Vinegar

If you dislike the idea of using vinegar, or this method is simply not efficient for your stain, it is possible to utilize other approaches. For example, you can try to remove slime with the help of dish soap or laundry detergent:

  • take non-concentrated dish soap and apply on the stain;
  • rub an outfit under running water (if the material is not too soft, rub actively);
  • repeat the above steps several times until the stain is gone;
  • wash an outfit.

Another possibility is to use a detergent you usually wash clothes of your child with. Apply some on the stain and rub the stained textile under running warm water.

Get Black Slime out of Clothes (Glue-based Slime)

If the slime your child has been playing with is based on glue, it might be more complicated, especially if you want to know how to get slime out of clothes fast. In general, it is recommended to try one of the above methods before proceeding to this one. If you haven’t succeeded, you may need to use one of the below substances:

  • acetone,
  • rubbing alcohol, or
  • nail polish remover.

Before using them, test how the textile will react to a chosen substance. Apply a bit of acetone, for example, to a small area out of sight to make sure that you will not spoil a favorite T-shirt of your baby.

If the test is successful, take a cotton wool ball with a bit of nail polish remover (or another chosen liquid) and gently scrub the stain to get black slime out of the clothes. It may take some time, however, do not be in a hurry. Otherwise, you will waste all the effort and spoil an outfit. You may also use a paper towel to remove slime.

Prevent a Problem

In general, slime stains are not the most complicated ones, and parents manage to remove them. However, to avoid such a problem in the future, here are some tips that may help you save outfits without the need to look for how to get slime out of clothes fast:

  1. Dress your kid accordingly: If it is too complicated to explain to a toddler how to behave with slime, it is better to change this persistent baby. If you cannot do this, at least cover the clothes. If you are not at home, a paper towel can save you from the stress of removing stains.
  2. If you make slime on your own, do not use food coloring and other dyes. If you want to add some, give preference to water-based dye of a food grade.
  3. Younger kids should be allowed to play only with a soap flake and water slime. It is safer for their health and has no risk of stains that will bother you too much.

To conclude, it is possible to say that slimes can be saviors when you need at least half an hour to finish work or any other chore. However, if your little one is not listening to your recommendations, think if it is really saving your time. Getting rid of slime stains is sometimes a painstaking process. Is it really worth it? There are plenty of other activities to suggest to your kid. Think twice before buying or preparing slime at home. Alternatively, make sure that your little one is playing with it under supervision.

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