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9 Ideas How to Make Your Baby Registry List Cheaper

After the joy from the big news of pregnancy has passed, future parents realize that it is quite costly to prepare for the birth of their child. Undeniably, each loving and caring parent will never sacrifice the health, safety, and comfort of their child. Unfortunately, the undeniable love for children is smartly used by marketers who have made us think that the baby registry list is almost endless and parents definitely need to purchase everything in advance.

Well, we have got good news for you. There are plenty of pieces of advice for new parents, however, take into account that the importance of many essentials is overestimated. Some of them can be substituted or are simply unnecessary. We have prepared for you the list of registry mistakes that thousands of parents have already made. Avoid buying these items and the budget you spend on essentials will be considerably lower.

Baby Registry: What It Is

It is the list of items that parents prepare for a newborn. It should contain everything that is needed for a new person, mom and baby clothes, as well as additional items for parents that will help them adapt to the new life with a baby. It is recommended to prepare these items at least one month before the birth of a child so that everything is ready if your little one decides to appear a bit earlier than planned.

Every parent will admit that there have been spontaneous impulsive purchases of things that have never been used. If you do not want to pile your closets with unnecessary stuff, read on to find out the most common mistakes, analyze them, and avoid spending too much money on unnecessary items.

Baby crib

1. The Crib Bumpers: Are They Safe?

When you begin arranging the night nursery for your baby, a crib is the most essential furniture to think about. However, parents should never forget about safe rules for kids and carefully study the SIDS risks. When your newborn is sleeping in its crib, there should be nothing in it. No pillow, blanket, and even bumpers. Even if you have a modern video baby monitor, these crib accessories are dangerous.

Besides, think about the dust collected in the bumpers. You have been looking for a crib made of natural materials, you have checked the quality of paint, and now you are going to place the crib bumpers that will collect dust and your baby will breathe it in. Aside from having no useful functionality, bumpers endanger the health and life of your newborn.

2. The Bath Tub: One of the Most Unnecessary Items

At first, it seems that a baby should have everything personal. Your baby will be in contact with you and your skin and there is nothing wrong with sharing the bathtub. However, this is not only your decision. Most often, newborns dislike that small tube. Here is why:

  • It is too small and they are permanently hitting the sides;
  • Water is a baby tub cools too fast;
  • Gymnastics and massage is the water is beloved by children and these can be hardly carried out in a small tub;
  • Bathing in a large tub is a great exercise that helps spend a lot of energy before the night’s sleep (this is a life hack for a long night’s sleep).

3. Changing Table is Another Dangerous Purchase

It seems very convenient to have a special table for changing your newborn. During the first two weeks, it is. However, when your baby learns to turn, it is the most dangerous thing. Parents who have purchased a changing table admit that after a month, they have used only to pile clothes and diapers on it.

As an alternative option, it is better to acquire a chest of drawers with the top adapted for a changing table. Therefore, you will be able to use a convenient piece of furniture in the first weeks and have the drawers for all the clothes and care items of your baby. However, never leave your baby on the table and even do not turn your head away. Falling from it may cause serious traumas.

4. Baby Scales Are Just the Source of Stress

If you breastfeed your baby, the most crucial question is if there is enough milk. Some blogs may recommend weighing your baby after each feeding so that to know the amount of milk that has been consumed. This is the wrong approach as moms only got worried when they think that a baby does not gain enough weight.

The only exception when baby scales are really needed is the preterm delivery of a child. In this situation, it is crucially important to track weight gain. Otherwise, wait for your routine appointment with a pediatrician and have no worries about the weight. There is an alternative way that foresees counting the number of diapers per day instead of weighing your baby eight times per day.

5. Hygiene Baby Registry Items: Buy Only Necessities

The skin of a newborn is tender and soft. Numerous marketing campaigns claim that parents need to buy special shampoos and soaps for bathing, creams, oils, and balms, etc. However, nature has already taken care of everything. If because of some environmental impact, the skin is a bit dry or irritated, it is possible to use some care cosmetics. That’s it. So, everything except for the below list should be marked as unnecessary:

  • Diapers: no need to explain; do not buy too many of them in advance — your child will grow too fast out of them or can be allergic to a particular brand.
  • Cotton swabs and pads for cleaning ears and other hygiene procedures.
  • Wet wipes to quickly clean your baby and for emergencies.
  • Baby soap or special foam.
  • Talcum powder.

Think about hygiene baby items, it is crucial to pay attention to how to wash baby clothes and choose a proper non-allergic detergent. Scissors and sterilizers are somewhere between being necessary and redundant. If you manage cutting nails with your manicure scissors and can sprinkle bottles with boiling water, delete them from the list.

Another important item is the sunscreen. If your baby will be born in spring or summer, it should be included on the list of must-haves. Even if you won’t go out in midday, it is better to be cautious and protect the skin against the sun’s impact.

As for shampoos, creams to be applied under diapers, special oils, these all are just marketing campaigns. If something is wrong with the skin, follow the recommendations of the pediatrician. The solution can be found in a pharmacy, not in a regular store of kids’ wares.

6. The Clothing You will Need on Your Baby Registry

Cute outfits for newborns are not only adorable but will be also worn once or twice. Therefore, when you are defining the clothing to be included on the list, follow the below rules:

  1. Only natural fabrics;
  2. Items should withstand multiple washing cycles;
  3. No dangerous accessories;
  4. Easy to put on and off.

Undeniably, you can buy cute dresses and suits for a newborn, however, this is only your decision, not a necessary thing for your child. Your newborn will need:

  • at least 5-7 bodysuits with panties or sliders;
  • 3 onesies for sleeping;
  • 2 sleeping sacks;
  • a jumpsuit for strolls (or an overall for winter);
  • a couple of caps or hats;
  • 5 pairs of socks.

Depending on the season when your baby will be born, this list can be a bit supplemented. Remember, your baby will grow very fast, that is why there is no need to buy too many outfits of the newborn size. If you are selecting something trendy and adorable, give preference to the size 1-3 or even 3-6.

7. Baby Food

All the pediatricians will confirm that there is nothing better for a newborn than breastmilk. If you plan to feed your baby yourself, nothing needs to be bought from the baby food category. A breastfeeding mom requires no special additives or vitamins. The only requirement is to make sure that nutrition is rich in useful elements and diverse.

If for some reason, the future mother cannot breastfeed a baby, the formula will be required. However, you should not acquire it in advance. A baby can be allergic to a certain brand. The selection of a proper formula should be carried out with the pediatrician.

8. What to Put on a Baby Registry for Moms

After the birth of a child, the transformation of the mom’s body does not stop. First of all, breastfeeding has an impact on how the organism works. In the meanwhile, the body is restoring from carrying a baby and labors. That is why some useful and essential items for moms should be included on the list:

  • Special bras for breastfeeding and pads;
  • Postpartum bandage;
  • Baby carriers to reduce the load on the spine.

The matter can be subject to changes as what to put on a baby registry for moms depends on how she feels and how quickly her body restores. Of course, it is better to follow the recommendations of a gynecologist so that not to harm your body.

Breast pumps are not necessary even if you have got excessive milk. Check out breastfeeding recommendations and avoid using the pump unless you plan to return to work soon after the birth of a baby.

9. What Not to Put on Baby Registry

There are plenty of gadgets and devices that can greatly facilitate the life of parents. Video monitors, rocking chairs with soothing music, white noise toys, etc. These are costly widely-advertised items that most parents think they need. The truth is that we are all influenced by commercials and ads. If you have decided to save some money and consider what not to put on a baby registry, these gadgets should not be included. After all, you can ask your relatives and friends to present to you some of them as they will definitely want to congratulate you on the grande event and won’t mind spending some money.

Final Say

Having an abundant choice is an advantage of the contemporary world. The downside exists, however. Marketers and advertisers are overactive and influence people’s opinions and wishes. If you are trying to squeeze a bit the budget, it is better to look for blogs and forums where parents of grown children share their experience. If you have got doubts about a particular item, do not buy it now. If it is needed in the future, you can order its delivery and get it the next day. With a smart approach, your baby registry can be quite affordable.

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