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9 Ideas How to Make Your Baby Registry List Cheaper

Nowadays, it is expensive to give birth: the “children's” budget includes not only expenses for visiting doctors, but also arranging the baby with necessary items such as a car seat, baby clothes, food, etc. However, some of these baby registry essentials can be easily excluded from the list. Moreover, some of them are not only useless but even dangerous for babies. Find out what would not be useful in the first year of the baby’s life and look at our 9 baby registry mistakes to avoid making.

What is a Baby Registry?

Baby registry — is the list of items that you need to purchase before the birth of the newborn, for mom and their life together. The order of purchases is different. It’s better not to postpone the purchase of furniture for the baby, strollers, and clothes for the baby at the last moment. It is better to do this at least a month before the expected birth so that parents have time to prepare a room for the child. By that time, mom and dad knew the gender of the unborn baby and could already choose things accordingly.

However, a basic list of what you need to purchase for a baby may be significantly overestimated. Children's furniture and household items are important, but some of them are absolutely unnecessary items for newborn care. What should be taken into consideration when deciding what to add to a baby registry? Let’s analyze each point step by step.

Baby crib

1. The Crib Bumpers

A crib is the most important purchase before having a baby. The choice must be approached responsibly to ensure the child’s safety. The baby's immune system is susceptible to various chemicals that may be contained in the materials of the crib (coatings, fabrics, bedding fillers). You need to choose a reliable manufacturer of children's furniture to be sure of the quality and safety of the crib.

Although the bumpers for the crib seems cute, they are not only useless but also dangerous. A mattress and a stretch sheet are completely enough for a baby. In some countries, people use the Finnish box system for children. A dream in a box saves babies life — there is nothing superfluous in it, and its size does not allow babies to spin and sleep on their stomach, which is also extremely undesirable in the first months.

So, if you are ready for experiments — think about the Finnish box, and after several months you will know for sure whether your baby requires a crib or it is more likely to sleep with a mommy until you’ll need to buy a toddler's bed.

2. The Bath Tub

Many moms would say that the bathtub may be immediately excluded from the baby shower registry list and here are some reasons why:

  • Children like a lot of water at a comfortable temperature, but not a rapidly cooling puddle.
  • Children like their parents not to be lazy and to “swim” them in the bath, and not be stuffed into some strange thing like a baby’s bathtub.
  • It is more convenient to bathe in an adult bath, and it does not require extra space.
  • Bathing a baby in a large bath is the best occupation. The baby moves very actively in its natural environment, while in a small bath he cannot even really turn around.

3. Changing Table is a Bad Baby Registry Idea

Kristy, 25 y.o.: “With the first child, a changing table stood in the middle of the apartment. At first, I used it. And later it became impossible: the son was close to falling on the side because he was already actively turning over. In general, I think that changing tables are good for clinics, but for the home, it is not really a necessary thing. Changing clothes, washing and looking for the child is much more convenient on the couch — you do not have to stand above it and there is more space around it. To change diapers, I laid a disposable wipe on it, and just do it.”

4. Baby Scales

Weighing a baby after each feeding is an additional stress for mom, it is completely unnecessary, especially while lactation is established. If a baby has full diapers and it is gaining weight normally, it is not necessary to measure his weight every 20 hours.

Sarah, 27 y.o: “Baby scales turned out to be absolutely useless for me. Children gained weight so that it was visible enough. I think that buying this item makes no sense. If the child has a problem with weight gain and constant monitoring is needed, then they can always be rented at companies specializing in the rental of children’s goods.

5. Hygiene Baby Registry Items

The baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned and moisturized. All hygiene products that come in contact with the baby’s skin should not contain aggressive ingredients or potential allergens.

The list of hygiene products for a child includes:

  • diapers (this is the main part of the budget for childcare for the first years), it is recommended to buy special ones for boys or girls;
  • cotton swabs for cleaning ears, cotton pads, sterile cotton wool;
  • baby wet wipes are used for one-time hygiene of the baby’s body;
  • solid or liquid baby soap;
  • powder or talcum powder;
  • phosphate-free baby detergent.

However, there is a considerable list of things, that could be easily replaced:

  • shampoo for a child is not necessary, as you can use the baby soap;
  • special nail scissors with rounded tips — is obviously a waste of money since you can use ordinary manicure scissors;
  • baby cream or skin oil after bathing is a marketing trend, which has nothing special;
  • sterilizers and disinfectors — it doesn’t worth buying tons of bottles in advance. At first, you can just sprinkle them with boiling water. Many do not use sterilizers and live normally. It is not a matter of prime necessity, at least in the first months of a baby’s life.

6. The Clothing to Put Into Universal Baby Registry

Children's clothing — in an extremely expensive story. It will occur in each universal baby registry. Caps, sliders, bodies — these cute little things always appear in a shortlist, but when it comes to practice — the clothes must be easily worn, simply removed and washed without any problems.

Clothing should be selected from 100% cotton according to size or a 1-2 size bigger. The baby will need such items of clothing:

  • diapers;
  • 3-4 undershirts;
  • 2-3 light cotton blouses;
  • 2-3 panties or sliders;
  • 1-2 caps;
  • a bodysuit with buttons between the legs;
  • a jumpsuit.

Besides, babies grow very fast and get bigger, and the small-sized clothes are only suitable for the first week. Do not buy a lot of clothes for newborns: the baby will need only a couple of interchangeable bodysuits and slips.

Additionally, do not reject to accept the worn baby clothes, because it will save you a lot of money, as well as these essential baby registry items will be softer than new ones due to dozens of washing.

7. Baby Food

The best food for the newborn is the mother's breast milk. If the mother feels good and there is something to feed the baby, then nothing else is required to buy. Various infant formulas are needed only if the mother cannot breastfeed for any reason. The most popular infant formulas today are Nan, Nestogen, and others that are well known in the world market. They only need clean filtered water. However, if you have no reasons to stop feeding your baby yourself — do not waste your time and money for considering them.

8. What to Put on Baby Registry for Moms

The convenience and comfort of a young mother are also important after having a baby. The first six months after birth go to the restoration of the body, in which at the same time there are serious changes. The main task after birth is the producing of milk for feeding the baby. Therefore, priority purchases for mom include:

  • breast pump — it will be required to express breast milk;
  • a nursing bra with special holes;
  • special pads for breasts against milk leakage;
  • postpartum bandage.

The gynecologist may insist on stockings and a bandage. However, they may occur expensive and unnecessary. Some moms replace stockings with compressive socks. In summer, you may even avoid wearing any of them. They are really hard to put on when you have a big belly.

Otherwise, purchasing a bandage is not a bad baby registry idea. From week 20, the load on the woman’s body is rapidly increasing. Although it is not necessary to wear a bandage, it is recommended: it reduces the load on the spine and is prevention of prolapse of the pelvic organs. However, it must be worn at home in lying position to work correctly. When you sit, the bandage is just useless.

9. What Not to Put on Baby Registry

There are three reasons why so many devices, gadgets, and toys appear in the first year of a baby's life:

  • these are not useful gifts from relatives and friends;
  • the children grow faster and often things bought or donated in advance simply do not have time to be used;
  • in 80% of cases at the birth of the first baby, unnecessary accessories are bought under the influence of advertising or the advice of friends. For the first time, you always want to buy the best.

Crowd sharing service “Share!” appeared as the community of mothers to exchange or donate babies staff. However, not everyone is ready to take clothes from strangers: there are strong prejudices to being-in-use things in some countries, but in Western Europe and North America it is okay. Unlike used clothes for babies, expensive and wear-resistant accessories (strollers, car seats, swings, walkers, playpens) are always in demand: young parents are happy to take them for free. Moreover, used goods are taken not only by people with a limited budget but also by well-to-do representatives of the middle class. This illustrates the trend of reasonable consumption and economy.


Following the baby registry etiquette is not always a good idea when it comes to additional expenditures. Some of them are just inappropriate baby onesies which are more likely to be removed or donated. When making a shortlist, do not worry to miss something — you can do it later if you really require it. Follow the advice of experienced moms and wisely consider the recommendations of your doctor. Let your motherhood be successful.

Have you already made your baby registry list? What items have you included there? Share your ideas with us in comments and get responses.

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