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What You Need and When to Start Buying Baby Clothes

As soon as you find out that you are waiting for a baby, it turns out that there are numerous do’s and don’ts to follow. There are so many opinions on how to announce pregnancy ahead of time or when you need to prepare the nursery. Buying baby stuff and the best time for this are also matters of controversy. In this article, we are going to mention the most common approaches to shopping for a baby and list the main pros and cons.

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What Is the Best Time to Start Buying Clothes for a Baby?

If you have just discovered that you are waiting for a little one, it is better to relax and stop worrying. You may start buying a registry for your newborn a bit later. What you need now is to get used to the new state of your body and prepare for the changes. Here are the main approaches of parents to the period when they start buying baby stuff.

When They Discover About Pregnancy

Regardless of what is written above, of course, some moms and dads cannot wait to meet their newborn. Therefore, as soon as they discover the pregnancy, they are ready to announce it and share their joy with the world. For them, the time to start buying clothes and stuff for their newborn is right after they find out this amazing piece of news.

Benefits Flaws
  • There is enough time to read numerous blogs, forums, and books, as well as to analyze the information before making the list of must-buys.
  • There is a good chance to buy a lot of things on sale and save some money.
  • However, usually, such parents are overly emotional and tend to buy much more things than they really need — being informed does not help them.
  • Quite often, the seasons and baby clothes sizes do not match. Thus, a lot of them won’t even be put on.
  • There are many prejudices related to acquiring baby items in advance, so confrontations with relatives are often.

When They Know the Gender of Their Child

It seems one of the most rational approaches. Knowing the gender of your baby, you will already know if you need baby items and clothes for girls or for boys. Depending on how often you visit your gynecologist, gender will be known approximately in the middle of the pregnancy. It is also a good time to start collecting stuff for a baby registry if you plan to arrange a gender-reveal party.

Benefits Flaws
  • Being aware of gender, the variety of available clothes and accessories is not limited to unisex options only.
  • In the middle of the pregnancy, parents are already used to the fact that a baby will soon appear in their lives. So, they tend to be more rational and not so emotional.
  • If you throw a gender-reveal party, some baby clothes and other registry stuff can be put on a wish list to share the expenses with close people.
  • Knowing if it is a boy or a girl, parents usually start buying blue or pink accessories and clothes.
  • Under the influence of marketing campaigns, they still tend to think that they need to buy baby stuff that is not useful at all.

Right Before the Birth

Some parents start thinking about baby items right when they are preparing for the hospital or baby shower. To a certain extent, it can be a rational approach because they have finalized all the things they should have done before the appearance of a newborn in their life and can concentrate and start buying a registry for their little one.

Benefits Flaws
  • You already know the expected birth date (and are more sure about it). Thus, you definitely know the sizes you need and the number of warm clothes required.
  • You can ask relatives and friends to buy baby clothes and other items you need as a gift for a baby shower or the birth of a new family member.
  • If you start buying baby stuff right before birth, you can be nervous because of the upcoming labors and parenthood, which will distract you from rational thinking.
  • Last-minute purchases of baby items are not a budget-friendly approach.
  • If the labor starts earlier than predicted, parents are hectic and may forget to buy baby stuff that is really necessary.

As you can see, different approaches to when to buy baby clothes have pros and cons. Regardless of what you opt for, you will forget at least anything if it is your first baby. Nothing can help parents more than their own experience. Aside from thinking about when to start buying baby stuff, it is better to concentrate on what you need and how to properly select baby clothes not to spend a fortune. Here are some useful tips from experienced parents.

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Shopping for Baby: What You Need & How to Approach

Nowadays, the abundance of baby clothes, accessories, and other items is impressive. Marketers are working hard and effectively to persuade parents that they need literally everything specifically for their newborn. So, if you think to start buying a registry for your newborn, begin with blogs and forums with information that can help you define if a baby rocking chair is really a necessary thing for a little family member. Undeniably, you will need clothes in different sizes but is it wise to acquire all of them before your little one is born? Let us figure this out?

Buying Outfits for a Newborn in Advance: Pros and Cons

First of all, parents should not confuse the necessity and their own wish. The main rule (if it can be called in this way) to follow is your preferences and financial possibilities. If you earn well and have no reason to choose between real necessities and all the numerous accessories, then you are free to start buying everything you want for your little one.

However, in the majority of cases, people reading blogs are looking for ways to shop for their newborn reasonably. In this particular case, when to buy baby clothes may influence the total cost of the latter. If you begin too early, this may lead to additional expenses. Here is why:

  • The chances to buy outfits of the wrong size are high. Taking into account how fast children are growing, some of the clothes you buy in the middle of the pregnancy will never be worn.
  • It is impossible to predict weather conditions in advance. The climate is changing. A decade ago, you could not go out without a warm coat and a wool sweater, while recently, winters have become mild and not so cold, for example. Thus, you may not need too many warm clothes for a newborn.
  • Trends change fast. Even though you are looking for ways to save some money on shopping for a baby, it does not mean you do not want trendy clothes for your little one.

Thus, buying clothes in advance may not be the most efficient way to spend money reasonably. However, such an approach has also got some undeniable benefits. Having found a shop or website with reduced prices, it is possible to buy more for less money. Even if some sizes won’t fit, in the end, the total amount spent will be less. Besides, the earlier you start buying clothes for a newborn, the less likely you will forget something important.

All in all, the best period to start buying clothes depends on numerous factors, including the amount of free time you have got, the state of your and baby’s health, financial possibilities, as well as your own feeling of comfort. Regardless of what you decide, here are some final tips that will come in handy:

  1. If you are lucky to have a lot of supportive family members and friends, their recommendations can be ignored if you do not feel comfortable. As future parents, you should learn how to make essential decisions on your own. Start with such insignificant matters as buying stuff for a newborn registry.
  2. Make sure you enjoy the process. Shopping for newborns and toddlers is beloved by almost all the parents. Thus, do not deprive yourself of this satisfaction because of reasonable recommendations. Even though there is no need for a super-cute dress you have found because you do not even know if you are having a girl, buy it. If you turn out to have a boy, you will sell the dress. Positive emotions are much more essential for a future mom than hesitations and restrictions.
  3. No worries at all! Luckily, the number of shops and online stores has provided customers with the benefits of getting whatever they need within a day or even faster. So, even if you forget anything important, it is possible to purchase it fast. If the process of preparing the list of necessary items for a newborn registry is a tiresome process for you, do something pleasant instead and return to shopping later. Not everyone is fond of the process.

Final Words

For future parents, there is nothing more crucial than the health and well-being of their little one. Nowadays, there is everything you may need to ensure comfort and assistance in parenthood. So, no more worries. Enjoy the pregnancy because it is an unforgettable period, especially for the first time. Any time to start buying clothes for a newborn will be the best one if you enjoy it.

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