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Wonderful Greek Mythology Names for Babies

Hellenic mythology is a complete reflection of one of the oldest civilizations on Earth. Gods and titans, kings and legendary heroes — all these personalities are parts of the life and existence of Ancient Greece.

They personified the forces of nature that were incomprehensible and frightening for ancient people. However, the ancient Hellenic Gods were not only symbols of nature, but they were also considered the creators of all moral traits and owners of the beautiful and great powers.

That is why popular Greek mythology names are still relevant for many people around the world. In particular, these names are quite popular in the Western States, influenced by ancient myths and impressive stories. Today, we will talk about the most interesting name combinations and their meanings, which we hope will help you to make a final decision. Probably, you will decide and reveal the name of the child during the baby shower or prefer to keep it secret. All these decisions are up to you. Let’s start with the popular options for boys.

Ancient Greek Mythology Boy Names

At different times, there were various Gods in Hellas. The list of one antique author was different from another, but nevertheless, the first generation of Gods appeared with the first supreme deities — Chaos, Nikta (Night), Eros (Love) and Erebus (Gloom).

The myths and legends tell us that these Gods were defeated by the titans and universal catastrophes. The human-looking Gods called the Olympians appeared after them. The list of them is huge, and in this article, we will talk about the most significant and famous creatures of ancient times.


Cronus was the God and guardian of time. He was the youngest son of the Mother Earth Gaia and the Lord of heaven Uranus. Mother loved him very much, but Cronus grew up very ambitious and cruel. Once, Gaia heard a prediction that the death of Cronus would be caused by his son Zeus. Today, Cronus is one of the unique mythological baby boy names with sacred meaning and fame.


Helios was the God of the Sun and a son of titans Hyperion and Fey. He was an ancient pre-Olympic deity, who watched the affairs of Gods and people. Today, Helios is portrayed as a man with burning scary eyes, wearing a golden shining helmet and riding a golden chariot. He lived in a magnificent palace in a company of four seasons, sitting on a throne of precious stones. Helios rushed through the sky on a fiery four horses during the day, and at night swam across the sea in a golden bowl to the place of sunrise. His name symbolizes wealth and power, so if you want your baby to live in wealth — give him this strong name.


He is the greatest and the most powerful among Hellenic Gods, the Thunderer, a son of Rhea and Cronus. The Greeks considered Zeus a source of wealth and nobility. The Thunderer is a father of Ares, Lords of time, as well as the Muses, who gave people inspiration and joy. However, Zeus gained a bad reputation with his erotic adventures. Anyway, such famous people as Zeus Flores or Zeus de La Paz are empowered by this name.


Poseidon was the God of seas and oceans. He always remained in the shadow of his more powerful brother Zeus. The Greeks believed that Poseidon never was cruel and all the troubles and punishments that he sent to people were deserved. Poseidon was the patron saint of fishermen and sailors. According to the legend, Poseidon could be seen during a storm on the high seas. He came from the foam in a golden chariot drawn by horses. So, this powerful and unique name will be especially good for sailors.


Hades (“invisible” or “terrible”) was the God of Tartarus. Hades is an Olympic deity, although he was located in his underground premises. He was also a son of Cronus and Rhea, a brother of Zeus and Poseidon with whom he shared the legacy of the defeated father. This name brings fear and nightmares, so this is not the best option for babies.


Hephaestus was the God of fire and smithing. He created amazing jewelry from gold and silver and made even Achilles’ weapons and a magnificent shield. His name originally means “volcano”. He caused volcanic eruptions, which really frightened ancient people. Initially, he was considered only the God of the heavenly fire. Among other Greek mythology names, Hephaestus will be a good option for future craftsmen.


He was the last of the titans who managed to survive. Prometheus could not watch how people suffer, so he brought the sacred fire from the temple on the Earth. Prometheus could see the future. Thanks to the titan, the father of all Gods Zeus managed to survive. This character is an example of courage and kindness. So, if you want your baby boy to inherit these traits — Prometheus is a good option for you.

Modern Greek Mythology Names: Male

The list of these Greek mythology boy names can be considered as modern ones. Many world-known celebrities, politicians, sportsmen and even businessmen are the bearers of Apollo, Heracles, Achilles or Odysseus. Most people know who these heroes are. If you don’t — we are here to remind you.


Apollo was the Hellenic God of Sun. According to the myth, Apollo lived in the far lands of the Hyperborean in winter, and returned to Hellas in spring, pouring life into nature. Apollo was also the God of music and singing because along with the revival of nature, he gave people the desire to sing and create. He was called the patron saint of arts. As music and poetry were considered a gift from Apollo, this name may bring your baby extra talents and creative thinking. Apollo Chen and Apollo Musin-Pushkin are the happy owners of this unique name.


Eros was the Hellenic God of love. He was a son of beautiful Aphrodite and her faithful assistant. Eros united the fates of all lovers. Besides, he was the God of spring, who fertilized the earth and brought a new life. He was portrayed as a little chubby boy with wings. A beautiful singer Eros Ramazzotti is empowered by this name.


Hercules was a demi-God, a son of Zeus and Alcmena, who possessed tremendous physical power. It helped him make twelve heroic feats: he killed the Nemean lion, the nine-headed hydra, cleaned the Avgius stables, brought the cows of Geryon to Mycenae, took the golden apples of Hesperides, brought a guardian of the underworld from the kingdom of Hades, etc. If you are looking for beautiful Greek mythology names male — this is exactly what you need. Hercules Kyvelos and Hercules De Miranda are the sportsmen, who have taken advantage of this name.


Achilles was one of the greatest heroes of the Trojan War and a son of the king Peleus and the sea deity Thetis. Achilles was taught by the wise centaur Chiron. The hero grew up a powerful man, learned to use weapons and sing. Achilles willingly agreed to take part in the Trojan War. During the long siege of Troy, Achilles showed real courage and valor. This name brings glory and fame to many owners. For example, Achilles Freedman, Achilles Statius, and Achilles Pirmin Gasser are good examples.


Odysseus was a king of Ithaca and an extremely intelligent and dexterous person. He took part in the Trojan War, and it was he who suggested the Greeks make a huge wooden horse, hide the best warriors in it and leave it at the walls of Troy. His name became the synonym of cunning and intelligence. So, if you think that these traits are exactly what you want for your child — give him this name.


Jason was a famous leader of the Argonauts, a son of king Eson and Polimeda. Jason was given to the centaur Chiron for studying. He mastered the skill of owning weapons and the art of healing. This name will bring your baby boy a willingness to travel and help people around him. So, this is probably one of the most beautiful mythological baby names for boys.


Perseus was a son of Dannay, who had been placed in a large wooden chest and thrown into the sea by her father. The waves nailed the chest to the island of Serifs, where the captives found shelter among the locals. Perseus was a slim young man with golden hair and Apollo’s beauty. He was a brave man, who defeated Gorgon Medusa and saved his future wife Andromeda.


Ajax was a participant of the Trojan War and Elena’s heart seeker. He was a son of Telamon and Periboea. In the Iliad, he was compared to the powerful lion, who was the second fastest man after his cousin Achilles. Ajax acted in battle as the God Ares, frightening his enemies. This powerful name will be a perfect option for future sportsmen.


Hector was a son of king Priam and the main Trojan hero in the Iliad. He participated in the Trojan War as Priam’s main successor. Hector engaged in a fight with Ajax Telamonius, the most powerful Achaean hero after Achilles. Hector also managed to defeat Patroclus just in front of the gates of Troy. In general, he was a decent man and a good warrior.

Ancient Greek Mythology Girl Names

Hellenic female names are a wonderful heritage of Ancient Greece that is a birthplace of European civilization. Ancient Hellas gave the world philosophy and science, great art and stunning mythology. Even the New Testament was written in Greek. Therefore, many beautiful women’s names are of ancient Hellenic origin.

Among the names of deities, there are plenty of rare examples that have come out of use. However, some of these female Greek mythology names will be popular for a long time. So, let’s look at their meanings.


Hera was a wife of Zeus and the Mistress of atmosphere, as well as a keeper of the hearth and home. Hera patronized all the women, who were faithful to their husbands. She facilitated the birth process and was an example of a strong woman, who respects family values. So, if you want your girl to grow up with such values, this name will come in handy.


Favorite Hellenic deity Athena was a child of the Thunderer Zeus. She was a symbol of victorious energy. The Greeks portrayed Athena as a powerful warrior with a shield and a spear. In Ancient Greece, Athena was a defender of fortresses and cities. She gave people fair and correct legislation. Athena personified wisdom, calmness, and intelligence.


Apollo’s sister Artemis was the Mistress of the moon and hunting. It was believed that at night she walked through the forest with her companions and irrigated the land with dew. She was also called the patroness of animals and brides. Artemis even became a symbol of fertility and procreation. This is a nice option for those, who are looking for unique mythological baby girl names.


Beautiful Aphrodite was the deity of all lovers. She is a favorite muse for all poets, sculptors, and artists of that time. The Mistress was portrayed as a young pretty woman emerging naked from the sea foam. The soul of Aphrodite was always full of pure love. Legends tell that she contained two personalities — Asher and Astarte. She was Asher when she enjoyed the singing of nature and the love of young Adonis. Astarte appeared when she was a stern warrior, who protected marital morality. The ancient Greeks combined these two personalities in their Mistress and created the image of ideal femininity and beauty.


Demeter personified nature, which bears fruit under the sunlight and rains. She was portrayed as a “blond” woman, giving people harvest and bread. It is believed, that Demeter taught people farming and sowing. She was also called the “mother earth.” It seems that girls with this name will be good housekeepers and wives.


The eldest child of Rhea and Cronus, Hestia personified eternal purity, happiness, and justice. In ancient times, she was the patroness of the eternal flame, which should never go out. Hestia was a symbol of both the home hearth and the unity of the Greeks. Even Poseidon tried to gain her favor, but finally, he failed.


Europe was a child of the Phoenician king Agenor. Eventually, Zeus fell in love with Europe and kidnapped her, turning himself into a bull. On the back of this bull, Europe swam across the sea and came to Crete, where Zeus shared a bed with her. She gave birth to Minos, Sarpedon, and Radamanf. Then she became the wife of the childless Cretan king Asterius, who raised her children from Zeus.

Fascinating Myths: Girl Names

There are quite a lot of modern names that came in use from ancient times. These names appear in films, series, TV shows and of course among the ordinary women. However, they sound quite unique and help their owners to stand out in a crowd. Look at these beautiful myth girl names with us.


The name Moira in Greek means the “fate”, which every person receives at birth. In ancient Hellas mythology, Moira was the Mistress of destiny. Initially, it was believed that each person had his own destiny. However, with the development of Olympic mythology, the concept of one, two, and then three Moirés became widespread. According to Plato, Moirés created the present, past and future. Plato called them the daughters of Ananke, who rotated the world spindle.


Cassandra was a famous prophetess. It was Apollo who endowed Cassandra with the gift of providence. When Cassandra refused his love, Apollo made people not to believe her predictions. However, this is brilliant among Greek mythology girl names that worth your attention.


Cleo was the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne and one of the nine Olympic muses. From Hellenic times, it was considered a muse of history and was depicted with a scroll and a slate stick in her hand. Nowadays, this name is popular in many countries including the US. For example, Cleo Madison and Cleo Ridgely were famous American actresses empowered by this name.


Ariadne was a child of the Cretan king Minos and Pasiphae, a granddaughter of the sun-deity Helios. When her beloved Theseus was enclosed in a Crete Labyrinth by monstrous Minotaur, Ariadne saved him with a ball of thread (“Ariadne’s thread”). Finally, he found a way out of the maze. So, Ariadne symbolizes the willingness to help and pure love.


Gaia was the mother of Earth and the oldest pre-Olympic deity. Gaia gave birth to six titans, among which were Cronus and Rhea, the parents of Zeus. She created the Pont-Sea, mountains, three Cyclopes and three hundred-armed creatures. She advised Zeus to start the Trojan War and gave Golden apples to Hera. In general, Gaia is a nice name for a girl with creative thinking and approach.


Themis was the deity of justice, a child of Uranus and Gaia, a mother of mountains and Moirs. She received the Delphic oracle from Gaia’s mother. Themis was the great Mistress, who ruled the 13-month year, divided into two seasons by the summer and winter solstices. Themis is depicted with a blindfold, which symbolizes impartiality. Nowadays, she signifies the rule of law and justice.


Helena (Elena) was the Spartan queen and the most beautiful woman of her time. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leda. A rumor about her beauty spread so widely throughout Greece that dozens of the most famous heroes of Hellas wanted to marry her (Menelaus, Odysseus, Diomedes, Ajax, Philoctetes, Patroclus, Protesilaus, and others). After some time, Helena was carried away by a young handsome man called Paris. Today, Helena Bonham Carter, Helene Fischer, Elena Rusconi are examples of pure beauty and attractiveness.


Cora was the Persephone’s name before becoming a wife of Hades and a queen of the underworld. In Greek, Cora means the “girl”. This name is quite popular nowadays, so many girls in the US have it. You may be also inspired by the romantic books written by Cora Reilly or the delicious recipes by Cat Cora.


Medea was a daughter of king Eeth and Idia, a granddaughter of Helios. When the Argonauts arrived in Colchis, Medea fell in love with their leader Jason. Medea helped him overcome the trials. Having lulled a guardian dragon of a golden fleece, Medea helped Jason take the treasure. This name symbolizes how strong may be the love of a girl called Medea.


Penelope was a child of the Spartan Icarus and the nymph Peribea. Having appeared in Sparta among the applicants for Elena’s hand, Odysseus chose to marry her cousin Penelope. Penelope was a faithful wife waiting for the return of her husband. During his twenty-year absence, Penelope avoided the choice of a new husband in every possible way. Eventually, he came back and made her a happy woman.


Selena was a personification of the moon (“light”, “shining”), a daughter of titans Hyperion and Theia, a sister of Helios and Eos. The famous myth of Selena’s love for the handsome Endymion tells that she visited him at night in the Latvian cave in Caria. Selena was semi-deity, therefore many people turned the words of spells to her aiming to attract their lovers. Probably, that is why Selena Gomez attracts so many people with her voice.

Greek Mythology Baby Names for Twins

The selection of a name for twins may be a comprehensive task, especially when you are choosing among the names of Hellenic origin. There are several main tips for future parents on how to do it:

  1. Try not to make their names sound ridiculous because your children will have to live with them.
  2. Think about the combination of the first and the last names.
  3. You can select the names based on their meaning.
  4. Names should be equivalent. It is better to choose either two simple or two beautiful, majestic names.
  5. You should be guided not only by your wishes but primarily by the interests of your children.

So, to choose the similar Greek mythology baby names for newborns, you can use the following combinations.

For two boys:

  • Perseus — Odysseus;
  • Achilles — Atlas;
  • Eneas — Theseus;
  • Eros — Morpheus;
  • Hermes –Hector.

For two girls:

  • Thalia — Hera;
  • Melaina — Athena;
  • Callisto — Cassandra;
  • Iris — Rhea;
  • Selene — Helene.

For a boy and a girl:

  • Apollo — Artemis;
  • Atlant — Aphrodite;
  • Helios — Gela;
  • Paris — Pandora;
  • Fenix — Themis.

If you still haven’t chosen any of the above options, do not worry. Just move forward to the Greek mythology names list below.

Ancient Greek Mythology Names List for Parents

We believe that these beautiful female names may be useful for you when selecting a proper option for your beloved girl. Let’s find out their meanings:

  • Aglaia signifies “brilliance, beauty, joy”. She was a child of Zeus and Eurinoma;
  • Ananke signifies “inevitability”. She was the deity of fate;
  • Asteria was a deity of the starry sky, symbolizing stars;
  • Harmony was a child of Ares and Aphrodite, the deity symbolizing a “union”, “consent”;
  • Heba was the Mistress of youth, a child of Zeus and Hera. Her name signifies “young”;
  • Daphne was a river nymph;
  • Irina was a Mistress of peace, symbolizing “calmness”;
  • Irida was the deity of the rainbow;
  • Calliope was a deity of lyrics, symbolizing the “beauty”;
  • Callisto was a nymph, whose name means “beautiful”;
  • Maya was the Pleiades, whose name means a “nurse, mother”;
  • Melpomene was a muse of tragedy;
  • Mnemosyne was a Mistress of memory;
  • Nemesis was a deity of revenge;
  • Nika was a Mistress of victory;
  • Thalia was a comedy deity, whose name means “blossom”;
  • Urania was a muse of astronomy, symbolizing “heaven”;
  • Euterpe was a muse of lyric poetry, meaning “pleasure”.

Among the names of these ladies, there are rare names that have come out of use as well as modern and even popular ones. As for Greek mythology names male, the list of possible options is quite huge as well.

  • Narcissus was a handsome young man, who fell in love with his reflection in the spring water;
  • Minos was a king of Crete, a child of Zeus and Europe and a legislator;
  • Minotaur was a man with a bull’s head, living in a Crete Maze and eating people;
  • Orpheus was a singer, who tamed the wild animals and weather by singing;
  • Pan was a Lord of forests and herds, a child of Hermes, a patron saint of shepherds;
  • Paris was a child of the Trojan king Priam, who awarded a golden apple to Aphrodite at the “beauty contest”;
  • Pegasus was a winged horse, serving to muses and poets;
  • Pluto was a Lord of the underworld and the judge of the souls in hell;
  • Charon was a carrier of the shadows across the river to the underworld;
  • Aeneas was a hero of the Trojan War, who arrived after long wanderings to Latsium, where he became the ancestor of the Latins and Romans.

Mythological Baby Names in Everyday Usage

From the mythical essence of the name creates the mission of the person who bears it. Knowledge of the myth helps to foresee the fate scenarios associated with a certain name. Therefore, when selecting a mythical name for a child, it is preferable to know the essence of the myth.

It is also advisable to suggest at least the basic character traits of the child according to horoscope to correspond the name of a mythical hero. If a child is very calm by nature, and his parents have given him a name Ares (the God of war), then the name will bring a strong irrelevance to the fate of the child. On the contrary, if a girl with a strong Mars in the horoscope will be given the name Lada or Selena (the moon) it may cause unpredictable consequences.

The name Heraclius is widespread among Georgians and means “the glory of Hera”. The female name Elena has become one of the most popular European names with many variations. The names Ariadne, Selena, Hera or Penelope are also quite popular far away from Greece. The female name Maya came from the name of the nymph, a child of Athlant. Siren (Serena) is widespread in Italy, Spain, and America. It belongs to the names of mythical creatures, which captivated sailors with their pleasant singing.

There is also an increasing demand for myth names in the USA. According to the recent data provided by the US Social Security Administration, the list of popular female names of mythological origin is huge. Have a look at the number of girls born in 2018 called by the Hellenic names:

  • Ariana — 6672 girls;
  • Penelope — 6474 children;
  • Elena (Helen, Helena, Ellen) — 5537 children;
  • Cora — 3574 babies;
  • Athena — 2582 children;
  • Iris — 2109 girls;
  • Harmony- 2021 babies;
  • Selena — 1306 girls;
  • Phoenix — 893 children;
  • Serena — 777 kids;
  • Cassandra — 443 children;
  • Livia — 430 kids;
  • Rhea — 357 babies;
  • Thalia — 356 girls.

Meanwhile, the list of boys named after Hellenic myth characters is also more than impressive:

  • Atlas — 1204 boys;
  • Hector — 1006 children;
  • Adonis — 892 kids;
  • Apollo — 543 boys;
  • Ares — 486 kids;
  • Titan — 367 children;
  • Achilles — 254 boys;
  • Zeus — 143 kids;
  • Perseus — 93 children.

As you see, many ancient Hellenic names continue living around us. If you are searching for a beautiful name for your beloved baby girl or a powerful name for your baby boy, there are plenty of chances to find it in ancient legends. This is also a perfect way to pay tribute to your family traditions. Reed the myths, select the name with a favorable meaning and give it to your newborn. Good luck!

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