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Best Baby Gear You Will Need for the First 6 Weeks

Being pregnant and expecting a child is the most beautiful time for a woman. However, despite the moment is magical, it can also be quite worrisome due to the preparation. Young parents need to buy all the necessary baby products for when the baby arrives.

No doubt, it can be a challenge because of all the offers on the market. Moreover, the first weeks of a child’s life can be overwhelming, so we recommend buying all the essential products for the baby in advance. In this perspective, here is the list of the gear essentials for the first 6 weeks you can use as a base.

Baby Bath Tub

The first piece of baby equipment you need to consider buying is a bathtub. It is true that many people do not see it as a necessity and simply bath a baby in a regular tub. However, it can be quite a challenge before a child can sit on its own. For this reason, we recommend buying a tub.

What is the best baby bath tub? Here are some tips for choosing one:

  • Go for a tub with a temperature gauge, it will notify you when it is too high for the baby.
  • Choose a tub with a non-skid surface so the child will not slip.
  • Get the proper size for a newborn: it should be mentioned on the tub.
  • A bathtub should be with smooth edges to avoid any possible traumas.
  • Make sure there is a drain plug so you can get rid of the water easily.

Baby Blankets

The next item on our list that you will definitely need in the first six weeks and even after is a baby blanket. This is a universal thing that can be used for many purposes. For example, you can simply use it to cover the baby in the crib while sleeping. It will keep the child nice and warm. Moreover, many parents now use blankets to swaddle a baby. It is a way of making the child feel safe and secure.

For a family, the period of waiting for a baby’s arrival is full of controversial feelings. Of course, this is the most beautiful time. However, there are lots of worries because of so many unknown events are waiting in the future. That is why it is so important to prepare for birth in advance. It is generally recommended to buy all the necessary baby products a month before the expected date of birth.

The matter of the best baby gear is important. First, it is necessary to get items that will be helpful in the first weeks after you bring your little newborn from the hospital. Undeniably, it should include not only newborn first outfits, but also furniture, linens, accessories for baby care, and many other must-haves for the first weeks. The list seems endless. How to buy what is needed and not to hoard stuff in your closets? Here, we have picked the most popular and discussed items that are regularly included in the newborn baby gear. So, let’s consider in detail if you really need them all.

1. Baby Car Seat

This is the most undeniable necessity that cannot be doubted. The moment you are released from the hospital with your baby, you will have to put it into a baby car seat and get home. First, legislation in force won’t let you carry a baby on the lap. Besides, if your baby is used to a seat from the very first days, there will be no problems when your little one grows. When a habit roots back to the first days, it won’t be objected.

When making a choice, it is crucial to find a reliable product from a trustworthy manufacturer. The quality and safety of your baby cannot be compromised. That is why this is a purchase that can require some investments. It is better to squeeze the budget on other categories, however, a car seat is not something you can afford saving on. The life of a baby is at stake.

2. Baby Stroller

One of the first and also most expensive purchases is a stroller. This is undeniably a must-have you will need for going out with your child. The choice is so rich that a person with any available budget and preferences will find a suitable baby stroller. Consider the following while picking a stroller:

  • The season when your baby will be born: Depending on it, you may select the necessary accessories like a rain cover or a special winter sack. If you are expecting a baby in spring, dark colors are not the best option as they will lose the color intensity.
  • Will you often travel by car? As in this case, it is better to pick a stroller and car seat in a combo. The frame should be suitable to accommodate the car seat. This will facilitate your life considerably.
  • Car trunk volume and elevator dimensions: If you are not driving a pickup or minivan, there can be not enough space for a stroller. Be sure to check this matter before buying one.

3. Newborn Baby Carrier

There are plenty of discussions about various carriers available nowadays. However, the decision should be made contingent on your lifestyle. If you are active and plant to go out a lot, the carrier is a very convenient solution. It is lightweight and compact to carry with.

Another important advantage of a newborn baby carrier is that a baby feels the warmth of the mother or father and this improves the bonding between them. No wonder, newborns and infants love sleeping in these carriers so peacefully and uninterruptedly.

There are plenty of varieties to pick from. A classic carrier, sling, or a wrap — they are all suitable for newborns. Before acquiring one, check the recommended age category and read carefully instructions so that to place a newborn properly without harming the tiny body.

4. Baby Crib

This is the most important piece of furniture in the nursery room. Therefore, this is an undeniable necessity on a baby registry. The material of the crib and the quality of paint should be verified before you acquire it. Supplement it with a mattress and bedsheets. That’s it.

Another aspect to consider is the possible co-sleeping with a newborn. Babies wake up too often during the night time and exhausted parents may simply give up on the decision that a newborn will sleep in a nursery room. That is why it makes sense to select a baby crib that can be transformed into an attachment to an adult bed. Therefore, your baby will sleep close to you, while there will be no worries of hitting your newborn with hand while sleeping in one bed.

5. Sleep Sacks

Continuing the subject of sleeping, it is necessary to mention sleeping sacks. These are special cotton, usually, zippered sacks in which a newborn placed for sleeping. The most important factor is that this is a great substitute for blankets. The latter imposes danger as are recognized as the factor that may lead to the SIDS. That is why it is dangerous to cover your baby with a blanket while it sleeps at night. Here are the other advantages of sleep sacks:

  • The movements of a baby are restricted in it so, your child won’t be awakened due to sudden moves of hands and legs. Earlier, parents had to wrap children in swaddling clothes, while nowadays, they are replaced with sacks.
  • It is warm to sleep in it.
  • For parents, it is fast to unzip a sack, change a baby, and zip it back.

The last point is significant. No matter what you are choosing, be it a dress for newborn baby or sleeping sack, imagine how you are going to use it. If it is convenient to change, then go for it. If not, think if you are ready to create an additional obstacle.

6. Newborn Baby Blankets

Summing up the above points, it is clear that covering your baby in the crib during the night’s sleep is dangerous. However, it does not mean that it is unnecessary. First, it can be used to wrap a baby when you are holding it outside or in a stroller. A good warm blanket can even substitute a winter overall. Later, when your child grows up a bit, you will use it for the night’s sleep also. That is why it is better to opt for the material that will last and withstand multiple washing cycles. Material wise, the best would be fleece and cotton. The soft material is often beloved by children who then use these blankets for soothing.

Also, selecting among newborn baby blankets, pay attention to their sizes. It is better to opt for a bigger one to get a more universal item that will serve you longer. You may also check accessories sold together with a stroller and select a blanket from them to have a matching combo.

7. Baby Monitor

Contemporary gadgets have facilitated parenthood considerably. A baby monitor is one of them. It does not matter if you live in a large private house or an apartment, this device will come in handy, especially in the first weeks. First, you will be able to quickly and calmly adapt to a new family member sleeping in the nursery. Lots of new parents admit that in the first days after arrival from the hospital, they could not do anything without the fear that something is wrong with their tiny newborn. If you can get the video monitor, this is the best option.

Based on the experience of other parents, we have collected the most useful recommendations to choose a good baby monitor:

  • The frequency of the device should be 900 MHz and higher;
  • Give preference to a wireless version;
  • The monitor should be activated when movement is detected;
  • Make sure that the device installed in the nursery won’t have lights or produce sounds.

8. Baby Diapers

Diapers are going to become the most frequent purchase in the next two years, at least. Why considering them here? The reason is that buying items for a baby registry, it is crucial not to overdo the task when it comes to diapers. There are lots of manufacturers, and you won’t know if the skin of your baby will react to a certain brand and how. To avoid having a pile of diapers you cannot use, do not buy them in advance in large quantities.

Before the birth of a baby, one medium package of newborn size is enough. During the first weeks, your baby will gain weight extremely fast and you will soon need to buy the next size of baby diapers. Therefore, buy them smartly and do not fall for the most popular brands.

Additional tip: what you will need for sure is a baby diaper bag. Usually, it is not included on a baby registry list, however, it will come in handy even when you get ready to go to the hospital.

baby bottles

9. Baby Bottles

Of course, you won’t handle feeding a baby without bottles irrespective of the type of feeding you opt for a newborn. For breastfeeding moms, the only possibility to go somewhere in private matters without a baby is to pump some milk and leave it in the bottle for a baby. However, it is unlikely that you will need or want to leave a baby even for half an hour in the first weeks. Therefore, adding baby bottles on a baby registry list is unnecessary.

For newborns that are fed with formula, of course, several bottles and a sterilizer are required. You will also need a special thermos bottle to keep formula when you go out. It is hard to define the type of feeding before the birth of your baby, therefore, purchasing one bottle won’t harm and won’t require considerable expenses.

10. Baby Bath Tub

Some parents may think that it is better for hygiene consideration to buy a separate newborn baby bathtub. Though after several tries, most of them hide it in the closet. Most babies dislike the limited space in it, as well as the fact that water in it cools down really fast. How can this small tub be compared with a big pool where a newborn can move without hitting the sidewalls. That is why it is not an item to be placed on the list of necessities.

Final Words

Nowadays, there are so many things we can buy for newborns. Nevertheless, do not forget that marketing aims to sell you stuff you don’t even need. Before purchasing anything, think and analyze, as well as ask someone for a piece of advice. With a smart approach, a baby registry list won’t cost you a fortune.

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